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Different world dungeon life chapter: 12

I introduced Iris to Tia and let Kuon take care of her. With the Kuon's current strength, even if by chance something happened there is no way she would lose to Iris.
Even Ellis for now did not betrayed and as scheduled, she will return here tomorrow. I wonder what will happen if Ellis looks at the current appearance of Iris.

"Master-sama, Iris-san is ready."

"Sorry to make you wait."

"He~e, although made them in a hurry, but I guess it really suits you well."(clothes)

"That's right, it's looks good."

"It suits you."

"Thank you, everyone."

"Is it Iris, even if by any chance you betrayed Kyosuke, I will kill you..."

"Yes, of course, all of mine belongs to Kyosuke-sama."

"If so, that's fine."

"What's wrong, Tia?"

"It's nothing, Kyosuke I will soon return, I will come back when I can make some time again"

"Oh, I'll love you at that time."

"What are you talking... It is natural..."

"Did you say something?"


"If so, it's fine, come back quickly."

"I will."

She waved her hand to me, Tia's appearance disappeared.
Those that are left behind, Kuon embraces me, Iris and Lumidora stands next to me. It is as if flowers on both hands, it would be even better if there is Tia...

"Lumidora, how about the dungeon?"

"Yes, for now there are few monsters that entered, but there are no signs of any adventurers entering."

"Is it fine with monsters?"

"Yes, because it was an orubear and gray Dog. Orc general already went and dealt with them."

"I see, by the way, what about the points?"

"Obtained 400 points."

"What is the situation of vegetables?"

"If there are 2 days, I think, we can get harvestable vegetables that are ripe."

"He~e, growth rates are fast, let's Kuon make delicious cooking."

"Yes, I'll do my best!"

"I will also help."

"Can Iris also cook?"

"Yes, in the party, I and Ellis always cooked."

"I will look forward to it, then I leave it to both of you."


As it is, I let those 2 make dinner and 4 of us ate it. Just as she said, the things that Iris made were as delicious as Kuon's cooking. My future enjoyment has increased by one. And then tonight as it is on the floor I partnered with Iris and slept like that.

"Nn~... chu... ha~a..."

"Juu~... ji~yubo... ji~yuru~..."

I get a soft feeling on my lips and I shallowly wake up.
And there is a warm feeling on the lower body, it made me wide awake.
Iris kissed and Kuon was moving her head violently with my son in her mouth.

"Ku~, Kuon I am cumming..."

"Fua, please give me a lot."


"Nn~ ji~yubu... gehogeho..."

In the morning, I put my semen into the mouth of Kuon, after swallowing it, she looks at me with ecstatic expression, I gently stroke the head of Kuon.
I will answer Iris's kiss.

"Good morning"

"Good morning, master-sama"

"Good morning, msater-sama."

"Kuon, you did well in drinking everything."(yoku zenbu nonda na)


"Then, let's have breakfast."

"I will go and prepare it."


I asked Kyon and Iris for breakfast, arrived at the table and confirmed the smartphone, Lumidora also comes to the room.

"Good morning, Kyosuke-sama."

"Good morning Lumidora, I ask you today's report."

"Yes, last night was peaceful without any monsters and intruders, at present we have 4 orc generals, 3 orc knights, 1 orc and 2 goblins."

"If this is the case, against ordinary intruders can be affordable."

"Yes, and I have a post report."


"About intruders, five of them are currently headed towards this place."

"What? isn't that bad?"

"No, because the rank of the intruders are equivalent to C rank, let 4 orc generals face them."

"I understood."

I confirmed immediately from the smartphone, that it was a 5 membered party with 4 men and 1 woman. The woman is also not cute and equipment is also subtle. I immediately gave orders to orc generals.

"Spare woman and move her to the nursery and kill all men."

"Certainly, I will make men into points."


"Master-sama, preparations are ready."

"Yoshi, let's go for a meal."

4 of us arrived at the table and started eating.
By the end of our meal, the other end of intruders are done for, the woman was moved to the nursery and the men and the equipments are converted to the points.

"Kyosuke-sama, Ellis has come back."

"Okay, let her through."


I called Ellis to the room, who came back and let her meet with Iris. Iris leaned on me and stared at Ellis.
Call Ellis back to the room and meet with the iris
Iris lowered on me and stared at Ellis

"Is that! Iris?"

"Welcome back, Ellis-chan."

"You returned well, how about the city?"

"Before that, why is iris here?"

"Why, because Iris wished for it."

"It can't be! Iris has my brother!"

"Is that so?"

"No, right now Kyosuke-sama is here now."

"She says."

"Something like that ..."

"Ellis-chan also, let's enjoy with Kyosuke-sama."

"Iris, stop this at once!"

Iris starts to take off Elise's clothes, I controlled Ellis's movements with the slave collar that I put on her, without resistance her clothes are taken off. As I have instructed the iris, it will become a Lesbian play as it is. I while watching that I took a cup of tea. In the mean time should I play with Kuon?

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+.

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