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Different world dungeon life Chapter 09

I push down Iris and suck her breasts.
I can feel her body stiffens, but I lick her nipples without caring about that. I gradually gotten harder, I can see Iris's face rises(feeling joy) and I put my hand on her lower abdomen.


"What's wrong, Lumidora?"

"I am sorry, it become a little troubled situation."


"Iris, let's do it later..."

"Uu... Hai..."(Uu~... yes...)

I left the Iris in the prison, I went outside and returned to the room. As soon as I entered the room, I noticed that there is no Kuon present.
I immediately entered the room and decided to ask what happened to Lumidora, who was in the room.

"Lumidora, what happened?"

"Yes, an intruder entered."

"Un? By any chance did Ellis has betrayed already?"

"No, she did not."

"No way, Kuon!"

"It's not that, it seems an intruded just by chance. Even orc Knights cannot do anything against them and Kuon went to buy time for now.

"I understood, I will also go."


"I wish Tia would be here at a time like this."

"That's right, Tia-sama would just win even without fighting."

"Well, I cannot say such things, I will head there right away."

I jumped out of the room and hurried to the Kuon.
Kuon is fighting intruders at a place where across 3 halls away from me.

"ke fu~..."

"Ho~ you do pretty well, If I remembered currectly were not you a slave to the kid's party?"

"There is no need to answer..."

I decided to make the orc as a bait and cut them from the blind spot. But they are faster than I slash, a sword slashed without looking behind. I was blown off without being able to prevent it and there was a part where the Miko-fuku(Shrine maiden's cloth) was also torn.

"Clothes that bought by my master... I will not forgive..."


Cooperate with two orc Knights, I attacked.
Until now the adventurers, even if 2 orc knights cannot defeat them. With my current strength gain, I could have won.
But this time it is different, he parried 2 orc knights sword attacks with a single hand and wards off my Kuodachi with the empty other hand.


"It's a good move, but!"


Beaten with strength and blown to the wall.
When I was blown away the orc knights who I stayed together were cut in two.
I can not move because I was hit by a wall against my back.
The intruder came closer to me, and raised the sword in front of me.

"I am sorry, but die..."

"Noo... my master!"

When the sword was swung down, I closed my eyes in fear.
And called for master, I decided to protect.
When I closed my eyes the sword that should have been swung down did not reach me.


"Ho~, you can stop this...?"


Master stopped the sword that swung at me with his sword.
Master stands infront of me, he parried the swung sword with his sword.

"Are you alright, Kuon?"


"Get back, I'll do it here."

"Hah hai!"(Ye... yes)

"Sounds good, you seem strong, please entertain me?"

Let Kuon fall behind and I faced the intruder.
Both of us hold swords and see the gap, this intruder is the strongest I have ever seen. It was such a feeling, probably I would lose if I showed a gap.



Swords of each other hit each other, a sharp metal sound echoed.
Both of our strength is equal, I can put force but can not push back.

"Good, really good, but that weapon."


The competing forces of each other, my sword begins to scream.
My iron sword was defeated by our strength and a crack gradually entered.

"I thought I could enjoy it a little more, well it's something like this?"


"Not yet!"


Escape the power to the side and kick the intruder who lost the balance.
I entered the blind spot successfully, made a momentary gap and took a distance to behind.
But in my hand the iron sword with cracks, if it parried 2 or 3 times. It is visible that it would break.

"It is a good kick, but that sword."

"Even if there is no sword..."

"I see."


I took my distance, if there is no sword which can be used in infight. It's boxing style, with my strength I can make a clean hit, there should be damage.

"Naive! with such movements you will not hit."




Although I tried challenging infight, it seems that the other person is accustomed to infighting. I parried with my sword with counterattacks. At that moment my sword crumbles

"It's a shame."


I was thinking with broken sword and an opponent infight has no effect.
I can still fight, if I borrow Kuon's Kodachi...
What should I do? Even now to use the same hand as before, there is no Kuon's Kodachi...

"Are you done already? Then die."

"Kuon run away!"


"What are you doing?"

In order for Kuon to escape, I need to buy some time for that I moved forward and hold my fist. At that time, I heard an unforgettable voice echoed from behind.


"Tia Onee-chan..."

"Finally I got time, so I come to see it. What are you doing Kyosuke?"

"Do not you see it?"

"Yeah, I guess you lost to this guy."

"It is frustrating, from now on I decided to buy proper equipment."

"Oi, you have great courage to ignore me."

"What are you anyway!?"

I naturally fall back to the murderous aura that comes from Tia.
It looks like the intruder also effected by it and had sweat spreading on his forehead.

"For you to hurt Kyosuke and Kuon before me, it seems you want to die."


It became impossible to tolerate the Tia's murderous aura, with his sword started swinging towards Tia.
That movement is faster than the fight with me and with my strength, I guess at best I can prevent without retaliating.
But, Tia stood there without moving a bit.


"What happened?"

"No way!"

The blade that attacked the Tia was being hit without hurting the Tia.
Rather than to hurt her, even her clothes were not cut.

"Why, why cannot I cut you!"

"In the way"



At the same time with the sound, the body of the intruder falls upside down and falls down.
By one swing of Tia's arm, the adventurer who will be stronger than me.
I could not do anything and was turned into a corpse.

"Totally, clothes will get dirty?"


"Kyosuke! Do you have any injuries?"

"Aa~, I am fine. Kuon how about you?"

"Master-sama, Tia onee-chan!"

"Kuon, there are no injuries?"

"Yes, I am fine."

"I see, that is good."

Tia pats Kuon head, returning to the room as the intruder also taken down.
I did not check the points in the smartphone, I knew that weapons are also important this time.
I wonder if the LV of Kuon and I went up too?

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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