Saturday, 8 April 2017


Different World Dungeon Life: Prologue

"I am tired, this time of the year is very hard, I should be careful with heat strokes"

"Good work"

"I am exhausted"

I finish greeting to the senpai and leave the rest station.

"After all it's hot, let's go home soon and relax?"

On the way home, I went to the supermarket and bought a boxed lunch. While walking home I played a game on my smartphone. Its a defence type game, where you have to defend from intruders by means of tower defence.

"Oh, did someone come up with attack? Uaa, seems like pretty much loosing."

When I check the screen, it seems that NPC has been attacking, so the used placed charecters are pretty much done for, after that NPC also ran away.

"I guess it's a bit stronger, I guess it's time to place them."

"Paaa! It is!"

"Uh ee na"

I heard that car horn rings, and when I look forward to whether it is a dispute.

A girl was caught in the roadway, and in a place a little far away I can see the light of a car sounding a horn at her.


I don’t know whether the girl heard the horn or not but the car driver isn’t trying to avoid her either. I ran in and pushed the girl away but at that moment I was given a awful shock and my consciousness faded away.

"Oi, wake up."

Sense of being shaken by someone, When my sister woke me up when I was in my old parents house long ago. I wonder if it was such a feeling?

"wake up."


I wake up sleepy body.

"Oh, finally got up."

Looking at the direction of the voice, a girl I didn’t recognize was sitting next to me.

"Well, who are you?"

"My name is... well... call it Tia."

"So where is a? Where am I?"

"Frankly, you are dead?"


"I am at a loss of words, thinking that? What are you thinking about..."

"Why do you know what I thought..."

"There is no helping it, I am a goddess... Please think about a little different thing."

"No, if you get hurt you can not afford to leave the scene."

"dead also get into scene or leaving... even here... your death is unexpected and I am troubled"

"What do you mean?"

"Originally my figure is invisible."

"But I saw it and the car was running a horn too?"

"It was there, by the way the horn just pushed by the body of the dozing driving"


"In translation, you are supposed to be a suicider who jumped out in front of a truck?"

"Oh, do not nonsense!"

"What are you getting angry? I am troubled by it, because you died on your own, I was scolded by Nami and do you know how hard it is?

The girl I saved turned out to be a goddess, in fact it turned out to be no help.

Further many more complaints are made, I want to cry......... 

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