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I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power chapter 03


The boy named Dee. This boy, who is he?
... Yes, it does not matter, who he is?
I do not care!

"Here ♪ Dee. Also eat ♪ a~nn ♪ how is it?
Is it delicious?"

"Yeah! It's delicious Shakti♪ I want more
Give me more?"

"Aa~, eat a lot more ♪ I bought a lot!
See here aa~n♪."

"Please stop it already! How long are you both keep on flirting?"

Right, Dee is now on Shakti's lap pillow.
And Shakti is feeding fruits to Dee.
Which she brought for Dee.

U~n ♪ ♪ I like it! It is a beautiful girls knee pillow ♪ It is not enough.
It seems like a dream to eat while being asked Aah ♪.
It is not sideways but upfront where I can see the sky.
I can feel the entire thigh of Shakti on the back of my head.
Moreover, since I am watching the top normally, in front of my eyes
A big tits are swinging ♪ How wonderful.
What a wonderful thing!

"Shakti! Shall we talk about!"

I wonder why I am so irritated?
I do not have troubles by men! It is easy to get a man.
I will! But... I never felt before that happy aside from that boy...

"Oh sorry! Lina... what do you want to talk about?"

"Yeah! The talk about is about that boy? Who on earth is he?
And why did he do such a thing to me.
How does the scars on the abdomen be repaired without any trace?
Please tell me that. "

"Oh that's it, to mention it briefly...
... and that's how it is, did you understand? "

"Yeah I understand, but... but really healed with semen.
I wonder? Nevertheless certainly the wounds are healed and physical strength and Magical power is also recovered and Shakti said.
Maybe, it seems that the basic ability is raised a little?

"I understand, that I only have to convince, if I see that on that.
Even so?"

Then Lina looks ahead, there are more than fifty goblins.
Yes, they were all corpses of the goblins. Yes, at first there are only three goblins, but later appeared one after another and before she noticed they become like this.
Shaktie alone killed all the goblins. Normally, this number cannot be afford by us two people. Because Shakti did it herself, I had no choice but to believe what she said.

"Do you really marry that boy?"

"Aa~ that's what I said that I will take responsibility.
Because it became a form of dedicating my first time to him.
That can not be helped! Besides, I can not do without Dee.
I feel like! Somehow the body asks for it.
That's it! "

Right! That's it! What I feel is also.
Looking at that child, I feel somewhat loving and doing anything.
I want to give anything. Besides, I am into younger boys.
I am interested.

"I see, I understand! I will also dedicate everything to Dee.
"I knew it was enough! I also dedicated everything to Dee.
If not for Dee, I would have dead.
So from now on, I will be Die's wife as well!"

"What? That's no good! Dee is my husband!"

"No, for Dee, I would be better♪. He even do such a thing because I was compatible with his body♪. I am sure, he would choose me!"

By seeing that two beautiful girls are fighting themselves for him.
Dee who was looking at them on Shakti's knee pillow.

What is this? No way! Two beautiful girls are fighting for me.
It is! Exactly my time arrived ♪ It's good ♪ ......... No, in reality.
Let's go back! Whatever I think, what factors will I have? Short height?
Cute face? Weakling? ......... By saying myself and getting depressed... There was only one thing big penis. That is!... ???... They are after my body♪... Well my thing is stiff... yeah! Well I do not understand ♪ Well now
Because I am motivated to live in this world using it.
I have to go! Naming and fight strength fighting strategy! Yes, I do not have the power of a battle system to live! So I can not live unless I keep them  and protected by these two girls. So, my trump cards are those who are around me, there must be someone who always protects me, so I say!

"I come to love both of you, so I want to make you two my brides. I know that it is unforgivable! But... I will make you both my brides!"

"Un! I understand, I'll accept if my husband says so! I will accept Lina as a bride!"

"Well it certainly can not be helped if Dee says so!
Shakti and I, two of us will become your brides! "

Good! I've done it well ♪ The thing are progressing as I thought♪. It is even better if we are able to leave the forest safely as it is♪.

(Read this in
Dee still did not understand yet! That his ability is manipulating these 2 people! Yes before, Dee said, "I will make you both my brides!" he said that. That is what it is the power of semen's brainwashing ability in Dee! But there is only little of his semen entered the two, it is inevitable that has half-baked effect is unavoidable, but I do not know how it will change, if entered more! However, Dee cannot survive in this world unless he use it. From now on adventures of Dee cannot have future without semen! Goodluck Dee! Do not not lose! You can do it! I believe in you!


By God

Hmm? Did I hear something now? Well don't mind! For the time being.

"Thank you! Both of you ♪ listen to my selfishness!"

"That's not it, it what Dee decided!
And I will only follow!"

"That's right! Dee can do anything to us♪.
Please do not hesitate to tell me♪"

"Eh! Is that so? I will take up on your offer, Shakti can you carry me on your back through the forest? Is it useless? As you can see, I am short and weak, so get through the forest I may get in youy way? That's why Shakti, please carry me!"

"What is such a thing! Good, I will carry you on my back! come ride on!"

Dee got up from Shakti's knee and kissed Shakti and got on her back.

"Thank you Shakti ♪ Chu ♪."

"Wow! Au~n♪ huh ha♪ Dee♪."

"A~, it's cheating! Shaktie alone! I want it!"

"Well then I'll do it for you later, so protect me."

"Yes♪m I will definitely protect Dee!"

The three people at front Lina and Shakti carrying Dee at the back was walking. And they arrived at a place a little closer to the village.

"Dee, we will arrive at the village a little more!"

"That's right. If we come this far, it's a little more! "

"That's right♪ Shakti? Am I not heavy? Shall I go down? "

"It's all right, I am fine because I am not tired at all!
Is not Dee tired? "

"Yeah, I am totally fine♪."

It certainly is comfortable and easy! I am free! Now, what to do? ... even so! It is amazing to see Shakti's tits from the shoulder of the back! Occasionally I feel the touch that hits my thighs... ♪ That's right ♪.


"N? What's wrong? Shaktie? Did you find any enemies?"

"I just caught by a little, Lina! Sorry Worried you!"

Lina started walking and went through the forest again.

(Hey! Dee! Where are you touching?)

(Where is not Shakti's tits?)

Yes, Dee is free. Because he is idle, he started to tease Shakti's tits.

(Uun~n, don't ♪ kora! Lina will notice us ~un♪ an♪ Aa~nn♪.)

(By saying such things, your tits end nipples are getting hard, is not it? I know that! It means you are feeling it. Is not it right? )

A~un ♪ Aa~, don't Nn~, I am sorry♪ Aan♪

(You know, I will stop it unless you confess. See♪ here.)

(Aun ♪ Hey ~ do me more ♪ Aun ♪)

(Then how about with this?)

Dee with his right foot heel on the crotch of Shakti rubs it as it is. Shakti bent down her knees and sat down while leaking a moaned voice.

"A~u~un ♪♪"

"Both of you thought that I do not notice, what are you doing? I heard it properly!"

"Oh, is that so? Ah! Sorry Lina?
But, as Shaktie says more,
I cannot stop it♪."

"Mou~! it cannot be helped! Even if we proceed like this towards the village, it would become night. So, for today, let's rest here. "

"Where? Here! In a place like this, don't we will be attacked by demons?"

"That will be fine! Earthwall!"

When Lina puts her hand on ground and chants. A 5m wide and 3m high wall was made out of soil. And there are many small air holes on the wall.

(This novel was translated by Novel 44 group

"And light!"

When she said that, the inside of the dome became bright.

"Wow! Amazing! Is this magic or the magic of Lina?"

"Right, I am a magician! This is easy! Even so, Shakti was like that, too! My magical power is also gotten stronger! Even though this Earth wall was a narrow place by two people before! But now, even with three people it's still wide! "

"E~ is that so? After all this must be because of my sperms deed, is not it?"

"No, It is not like the deeds of your sperm! Dee! I return would like to thank you for that!"

"Sounds good♪".

"Before that, how long are you going to make me wait! Dee quickly♪."

By saying that Shakti had already become naked and hugged Dee and began to take off Dee's clothes as she started kissing.

"Aan~♪ hurry up♪ a~un♪ i ~ya ~ n♪."

"Mou~, there is no helping for Shakti! Then Shakti go there and kneel on four and raise your butt."

When Dee says that, Shakti crawls on 4 and raised her butt and waited. There Dee used his big penis and inside her and started shaking his back.

"An big♪... feeling good~ I~ Nn~ Aan~n."

Dee used rampant speed and was attacking Shakti, then the love juice overflowed from Shankti's pussy and it was as if she was leaking.

"Aa~n aa~n, a kimochi ~i."

Dee speeded up the speed of his waist and hit his thing to Shakti.

Supan! Supan! Supan! Supan!

"A , a, a, a, a~an."

Supan! Supan! Supan!

"Aa~n  don't ♪ iku iku itchau." (cumming)

"I too, I will also cum, cumming! Ha~a haf fuu~!"

Dee made Shakti cum and sits on the ground.
And Shakti crouched all round and she was shining a little, only a little.

Oh, my semen drooped from Shaktie's pussy. When I was watching that. My big penis got bigger little by little and I decided to put it in Shakti again, suddenly the decamara(big penis) felt something wrapped in something.

"Oh, Lina! Oh! Oon~♪."

"N nn nn nn ppuha~."

Lina is doing fellatio.

"Oh Linna feels good."

"Nnn nn~ a~an big♪ un~."

"Lina! Crawl on four!"

When Dee said that, Lina crawled on all fours after kissing Dee.

"Lina! I will put it in!... Ahh, inside of Lina is amazing ♪ It feels too good."

Dee was drooling in the anal of Lina and dropping in with his fingers, the state of Lina was supposed to be amazing.

"Ahe~e~ fu~e~ ahe~e."

Oh, this is a Ahegao♪ Beauty's Aha face is so good♪. Anal is also getting soft, should I put it in this way♪.

"Ahe~e~an-al ~don't~ chi ~iga~u ~ya~n ya, ya, a, a, a aa~n♪."

Dee puts his decamara in the anal of Lina and moves his waist.

supan! supan! supan! supan!

"A~a fierce aa~ii~ya ahe~e."

"Iku iku itchau I will, mou~ iku iku!"

"Aa~a ahi ~I am also! Cum~."

Dee injected semen deeply into Lina's anal.

"Aa~, just as I thought, even anal also just like vaginal cum shot! The body will shine with light."

Dee pulled out pulled out his thing from Lina's anal and fall on his back and fell asleep.


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