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Different world dungeon life Chapter 04

Eventually points are reduced to zero, so I decided to go to bed, Tia on the right and Kuon on the left slept on both sides till morning greeting.
By the way, Lumidora-san put a bed by herself and was sleeping on the other side of the room.

Since I am wide awake, lift my body and check the surroundings.

"Um, nothing has changed from yesterday?"

"What are you saying? Isn't it obvious."

"What are you talking about, are not you?"

"Goo~ good morning." "o fu ~ayougozaimashu."

"Good morning Kuon."

"Why are you ignoring me!"
I pull Tia forcefully and stole her lips.


"Good morning Tia"

"Good morning Kyosuke."

"Good morning."

"Good morning Lumidora-san."

"Ara, points are increased."

I confirmed the smartphone in a hurry, the points surely increased. Other than that, the number of goblins become 11 and the number of orcs become 14.

"Somehow orcs increased."

"It seems some animals lost their way into the dungeon and may have been killed by goblins."

"I see, why is there a difference in the number between orcs and goblins? "

"Is not it that the few goblins were killed by animals?"

I do not have a memory, but a silent prayer for the dead goblins.

"Then, how many points are increased?"
I checked the screen and it was increased by 500 points.

"Hey~「へぇ~」 4000 points of adventurers were many, was not it?"

"That's right~."

"Thanks to me."

"Kuon, were those adventurers strong?"

"I do not know the details, but if they can afford a slave, they may be skilled adventurers."

"I see……"
I did not get much information, but it would be fine.

"For the time being, what is missing in this room?"

"I want a kitchen."

"Kuon, can you cook?"

"Yes, I am good at cooking."


"I... I can also cook!"

"Well, I'm looking forward to Tia's dishes."
That's the reason, I increased the kitchen room by spending 500 points.

"By the way, Tia is it fine to stay here?"

"Well, if I do not return soon, I will be scolded."

"Do not overdo it?"


"When you have time come back here, at that time again... okay?"

With red face Tia hugs me, I embrace her and stroke her head.

"It cannot be helped, then I will return to work."

"Ah, see you later."

"Tia-sama, we are waiting for you to come again."

"Tia-oneechan, see you later."

"Lumidora, Kuon take care of Kyosuke."


Tia fades aways and disappears while waving her hands.

"Well then, shall we have our meals, Kuon can I leave it to you?"

"Hai, I'll do my best!"
Kuon went into the new kitchen, made food using ingredients I bought yesterday.
The dishes I had never seen before were lined up. Perhaps these are this world's dishes.

"Un, it's delicious."

"That's right, it's delicious."

"Thank you."
After finishing the meal as it is, when relaxing, the alarm of the smartphone sets off.

"what is it?!"

"Kyaa!" (kuon)

"Oh, it seems an intruder. For an intruder to come everyday aren't we popular~."

"Why an alarm?"

"Ah, I set it when an intruder comes in."

"There was such an useful function, is not it?"
While saying that, I check the screen of the smartphone, apparently there were five intruders and they were men.
The intruders did not put goblins in their eyes and enters the line where the orcs are living.

"Woah~ goblins decreased..."

"It seems 12 goblins reduced to 3."
Similarly orcs are killed without resisting and heir numbers are reduced.

"This is bad, they might come this far."

"It seems they are skilled opponents, it may be tough for ordinary orcs."

"I'm scared"

"Kuon, what magic can you do?"

"Well, light magic and support magic."

"I see."

"Lumidora-san can you fight?"

"Although I can fight, it was not included in the contract..."

"I see."

"What should we do? Master."

"Un... How do you see Lumidora-san?"

"Well, 1vs5, it would be unfavourable circumstance for us."

"There are no points left!"

"There is no other choice but to reduce the numbers first..."

"Indeed... Kuon, Lumidora-san I came up with a plan lend me your ears."
I told them the plan I come up with and move on to execution.

"But, I never would have thought a dungeon only with goblins and orcs."

"Totally, is it really this neighborhood that he went missing?"

"By the guilds rumour, I heard it was around here."

"Oi, I can see the door. Well, what kind of treasures are waiting for us?"

When he opened the door, he saw a fox girl who seemed to be a dungeon master and a maid woman beside her.

"Wow~ A woman dungeon master, let's fuck before robbing the treasure."

"Well, that maid looks delicious."

"Aaa, I will get that fox girl."
I heard a sound of falling something behind me, when I look back two of my friends are collapsed.

"Ah, you!"[teme~e]

"Oi, are you OK?"


"Whose woman are trying to put your hands on?"
Jump over the intruder's head, landed in front of Kuon and Lumidora and faced the remaining intruders.

"You, I will kill you!"

"Damn brat!"


"Hai, flash!"
When Kuon casts magic, the whole room is engulfed by bright light.


"My eyes!"

"It hurts!"
While inruders are blinded by the magic and cannot move. I moved around behind them and cut their necks.

"Fui~ operation success, Kuon good work."

"I did it!"

"As expected of you two."
With this, points are accumulated again.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+

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