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Different World Dungeon Life Chapter 05 [18+]

Thanks to the Kuon, who stood at the brunt end of the intruders this time and attracted the enemy's attention.
I stroked her head as a reward.


"Good work, that was a wonderful response in unfavorable situation."

"Thank you Lumidora-san, what has become of the damage here?"

"Hai[Yes], three goblins and five orcs are remaining."

"Was more than half have been killed?"

"It seems, it was unexpected that number of orcs were reduced to this point."

"My points..."

"That's right, how about converting intruders equipment to the points?"

"Is it possible to do that?"

"Yes, I will exchange it here."

"Ah! Master-sama."

"What? What's wrong Kuon?"

"I also want to be useful."

"You are cooking. So you are plenty useful."

"Well, I'd like to be useful in battle!"

"I see."
Truely, that Kuon who can use magic will fight together with me, surely would be helpful. 

"Was there any magician's among previous intruders?"

"Although there was, I do not see any equipment which would fit Kuon-san."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, from what I see, Kuon-san is not a magician, but a magical swordsman."

"Is that so?"

"I can use magic, but I also learned sword in the village~."

"Well then, let's convert their equipments to points and buy Kuon's equipment with that."


"First of all, what shall we do with those corpses...?"

"Let's bring them to a vacant room and use as a demons feed."

"Ah~, that's good."
I ordered orcs and goblins to carry the corpses of adventurers to a vacant room. Leaving only equipment.

"Hey, by looks they are good equipment, is not it?"

"Well, but they are a bit bigger for Kuon-san to equip and Kyosuke-sama already have new ones."

"That's right, then please exchange for point."
By exchanging 5 intruders and their equipments to points, it become 2,800 points.

"2,800 is much less than last time."

"Last time's 2,000 points out of 4,000 points are Tia-sama's service."

"What? Was not there no point?"

"By saying she wants to take a bath and payed for the bath's points."
"Tell me that you want to take a bath and spend your own bath with yourself"

"Oh, I see..."
That bath was built in order to Tia and I enter bath together when she comes here.
I confirmed the smartphone and searched for the Kuon's equipment. After seeing various equipment result I bought a Kodachi which even Kuon can handle with single hand and Miko(shrine maiden) clothes for 1,500 points and handed it over to Kuon.

"Thank you!"
As it is Kuon enter the bath. I wait for her to change clothes and come out. They shuold definitely look good on her.

"Kyosuke-sama, your face looks malicious."

"Hahaha, it's just your imagination."
Kuon changes into a Miko-Fuku(shrine maiden clothes), the figure of her put Kodachi(a sword little bigger than a knife and smaller than a short sword) was stabbed behind her waist clothes. Runs out from the dressing room.
Which caught my eyes, I stroked her head again.

"Kuon you are cute."

"Thank you."
Yeah, Even though expensive Miko clothes were right decision, fox child goes with Miko clothes.
Looking at happily moving ears and tail of Kuon, I relax by stroking them.


"Eh! Yes"
Suddenly called by the Lumidora-san, I was surprised and replied.

"That's right, let's increase demons."

"I understand, the demons that can be summoned at 1000 points would be here."

Demons and animals that have never been heard. Superior species of goblins and orcs. There are various types of demons are present which make me confused.

"Is the upper species of this Orc also like an Orc reproductive ability?"

"Yes, children born will also be of the same upper species."

"I see, then summon 2 of them."

By the hands of Lumidora 2 orc knights are summoned immediately.

"Yoshi, you will handle the intruders separately at the entrance and middle of the dungeon."
Orc Knights nod their heads and left to take their positions. It will be good if the defense is hardened a little by this.
But, again the points become zero.
Present situation, this dungeon is a single layer with a room at the end of a simple maze and the back room is this room.

"I want to increase another floor soon... Also a room for Lumidora-san and Kuon's room too."

"I agree, I am worried if this floor has only this room. It would be helpful if I get a separate room."

"Kuon will protect master! I do not need a room. Kuon is better to sleep with the master..."
Miko-fuku(Fuku= clothes) Kuon is too cute. Hugging and carried her to the bed.

"Kuon, if you do not want it, say it."

"If it's master, I am fine."

"That ~ I am also there~."

"I see, I will make it as gentle as possible."

On top of bed, I took off Kuon's Miko-fuku (shrine maiden's clothes) and look at her beautiful body.

"Kuon, cute."

"I am embarrassed."


I kiss Kuon and proceed to her chest.

"Iyaa, it is embarrassing, because I am small."
Without saying anything, I put Kuon's chest in my mouth and roll her nipple.

"Ahh, master."
With Kuon's cute panting voice, I move down to kiss her important part.

"Hii~ya! Master not that place, it is dirty."

"It's all right, Kuon's that place is not dirty."

"No... no way, a tongue has entered!"
"Sorrowfully, a tongue has entered!"
When I lick Kuon's that place, Kuon holds my head while panting.

"Kuon [lick], it is tasty."

"Master, master's tongue feels good."
After licking Kuon' that place and raised my head to see her face. Kuon looks at me with lustful eyes.

"Master, I cannot take it."

"Kuon, here I come."

While listening to Kuon's muzzled voice, I advance my waist little by little.


"Kuon, I will put all."

"Ann fu~aa...!!"
My thing reaches Kuon's most deepest part and everything is swallowed by her.

"Haa~, Kuon all of it entered."

"Ha~a ha~a,I understand that you have."

"are you okay?"

"Yes master, please do not hold back and please feel comfortable with Kuon's..."
With the words of Kuon, I could not hold back any longer.

"Ann! Ku~u aa!"

"Kuon, I am cumming!"

On Kuon's deepest part and pour semen into uterus.

"Ahh, master's warmth goes inside."

After releasing everything inside Kuon. I collapse next to Kuon.

"Master, did Kuon done well?"

"Ah, you did well."

By holding Kuon as it is, we slept.

"I am saying, I am there too!"
Leave only the sad cry of Lumidora-san.
Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.
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