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Different world dungeon life chapter 07 18+

"Noo! Stop it!"

"You said anything, aren't you?"

"No, anything but that!"

"you... stop it!"
There is a guy shouting something, but I thought of ignore it and commit iris, but I decided to silence him because it is way too noisy.

"You are too noisy!"

By walking I approach him and kicked his chin. By sound of gokitto his jaw bone was broken. he lost his consciousness and stopped moving. I return to commit Iris once again.

"Tak-kun! I told you to stop, why?"

"You too also stop resisting..."

"Oh noo... nnn... chu..."
Hidding the torn part of clothes, Iris put her both hands in front of the bare chest.
I push and press down her body and stole her lips.

"Awful... I am saying you to stop... that place..."
By holding Iris down, I lick her chest.

"Stop it... ku~un... Noo..."

"What are you turned on? Is it only your mouth saying no?"

"No... different... a~a~..."
I will bring my face down as it is, it was moist already there.

"Well, then what is this?"
I thrust my fingers and stir it, honey comes from the deep, from the back everytime I stir it.

"Wow, it's already this wet."


"Well then, what is this?"
Take wet bisho-basho hands in front of her face and show them.

"It's a lie..."

"If it gets wet this much, it's already good."

"Gu~tsu... stop it..."

"That's an adventurer for you, have you regained consciousness?"

"Takkun... it... it hurts..."

"Oh, I got in deep."

"Noo... it hurts... pull out..."

"Iris! Stop it!"

"Oh, it feels good"

"Nooo... a~... nn~... ha~ha~..."

"Ah, it's tight, really tight, you are turned on. It is immoral to feel when being fucked."

"Different... Kuu... different..."


"Noo... Tukkun... do not look..."
I kept fucking Iris in front of the man who just awoke. Is she getting excited about being seen? Honey begins to overflow rapidly. I keep shaking my hips without any resistance.

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"Ah... Noo... something coming..."

"That's nympho for you, are you going to cum already? Then, I'll put it inside."

"Noo... Stop it, atleast not inside..."

"Cu... cumming!"

"Ah...don't... cumming..."

I thrust my hips and spit out semen at the deepest place, even though I should have put out yesterday and this morning.
Where have all this accumulated? All of it was put inside Iris.

"Fu~ It was quite good."


"Ah ah..."
The iris loses consciousness, the man stares at the empty space and mutters something.
Is he broken?

"Does Lumidora have any use for this man?"

"Well, man can also be a nursery?"

"Well then, let him make as orc knights nursery."

"I understand, what will you do about the captured Elf woman?"

"Right, how many points are accumulated this time?"

"Well, with equipment it was roughly 1200 points."

"Alright, can you make a prison?"

"Well, it should be fine."

"Then make a prison and put her there."

Put the elf in the newly made prison, take the iris who is fainted and returned to the room.

"Good work, master."

"I'm home, Kuon."

"Your master, who is that person?"

"She is this time's one of the intruders."

"What are you going to do, about her?"

"Let her sleep there, for the time being."

have Kuon carry her to the bed and check my smartphone. Points were over 600 points, I made a room for Lumidora-san as it is. Remaining 300 points and furthermore 200 points disappeared to make a ranch like a wide hall for nursery floor.
In the room of Lumidora-san, there is no bath but the bed and the desk are equipped
At the last 100 points I bought a little larger table and four chairs and the points become zero.

"But two of the orc knights to be killed."

"Well, if we kill that man, may have had about 500 points."

"Oh well, let's work hard for now on nursery."


Called by Kuon and headed to the bedroom, there was Iris who caught Kuon from behing and a small sword was placed around her neck and glaring at me.

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"If you do not want to kill this child, get back!"

"Master, forget about Kuon!"

"oioi, you cannot see the thing around her neck? I do not think anything about a slave's death, but the moment you killed her, guess that all your living friends will die?"
I threaten Iris with murderous aura. I absolutely dislike to lose Kuon, but in this situation I thought that this was the best hand.

"No way..."



The moment by surprise loosing her strength, I called to Kuon and Kuon also responded to it and came to me.


"Are you all right?"


"Well then, you need a punishment." towards Iris

"Your master, Kuno may do it?"

"Can Kuon do?"


"Well then good, is not it?"

"Yes, I will do my best!"
Kuno ran to the iris and made her faint, tied her to the bed so that she could not move.
Licking the iris's chest and other place.

"Because, I remembered it from master."

"Ku~...What?... Eh? Kiyaa."

"how is it?"

"No, that... nn~..."

"Nn~... ha~... ha~..."
Kuon also turned on and starts comforting herself.

"Ha~ ha~a... It feels good..."

"Ah... nn~... hah~..."
I was excited when I was watching, so I took off my trousers and placed before Kuon.

"Your master?"

"let's go."

"Ha... it feels good... ...."

"Ah ... don't..."


"Master-sama... Kuon... cumming...."

"Cum Kuon!"


"Aa~ no good, cumming!"
Kuno and Iris are at the same time cum and I ended up cumming at the same time, pour the semen from the back of Kuon.


"Kuon, good work."

"I worked hard."

"Is iris fainted again?"

"It seems so."

Apologizing to Lumidora-san who can see a dragon from her back, Iris was brought to the prison by Kuon.
I kept on apologizing to Lumidora-san until Kuon returned.
Well, there is no regret because inside Kyon it is so pleasant!

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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