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Different world dungeon life Chapter 02

While Tia is thinking about something, I also think about what I can do and I look at the screen of the smartphone.

There are four people? They have fluffy ear's on their head and can see a tail like a fox grows behind them.

"That is... It is a race called a beast-man"

"Do you know Lumidora-san?"

"Yes, of course."

"I know!"

When talking with Mr. Lumidora, Tia shouts with unimpaired appearance.

"Oi, what's wrong Tia?"

"I cannot help you directly, so let me pass you my protection."

"What is a protection?"

"Never mind just see the status on your smartphone."

"I understand."

Just as I was told, I operate the smartphone to see the status.

Aoba Kyousuke
LV 1
HP 100/100
Magical power 25/25

Attack power 5 + 50
Defense power 2 + 50
Power 15 + 50
Endurance 10 + 50
Dexterity 7 + 50
Quickness 6 + 50
Intellect 4 + 50
Luck 8 + 50

Skill Dungeon, Protection of Creation Goddess

"Well, is this the status of a muscle
brain is because of the work, the one with low defense is... Ah~ mapper."

"Dress up quickly! Do not show me such a thing!"

"Such a thing? You were licking happily at latter part."

"Ttsutsu! Just put on pants!"

Scoulded by Tia, for the time being I wear pant and a shirt.

"I can't believe you."

"I Know."


For the time being in order to calm her down closed her lips.

"Should be fine."

"I cannot believe you..."

"So, what kind of skill is goddess protection?"

"I think you have noticed, but saying +50 later part of the status is the protection of the goddess. "

"Wow~ is such a terrible skill."

"Well, that protection given to those who were loved by the goddess"


"Ru Lumidora!"

"Ara ara, Tia-sama please calm down, is not it good now?"

"What do you mean?"

"In fact, it is that Kyosuke's death was decided."


"It is because Tia-sama made demand, In this world in the form of incarnation greeted you."

"What do you mean?"

"Before once Tia-sama saw Kyosuke-sama, was fascinated by your figure and fell in love. Since then, she went to Earth many times to see Kyousuke-sama."



Tia made her face red and dives on to the bed.

"Just the other day when I went to a friend, I was told that Kyosuke was destined to die. From the thought of wanting to help, by asking and it turned out to be a reincarnation to this world. "

"Somehow, the story is different..."

"Well, by the way Goddess's protection originally attached."

"Don't say that yo~."

Tia push her face against the pillow is cute, but now is not that time.

"Well, to put it briefly, Tia-sama who likes Kyosuke-sama in order live with Kyosuke-sama forced you to reincarnate in this world."

"It's a lie?"

I did unforgivable, I pushed over Tia who likes me and raped her.

"Sorry, Tia."

"Uoo~ Lumidora, talk too much~."

"Is it not good anymore, please be honest?"


"Uoo~ Kyosuke, I really like you."

At that moment, [dotadota] with a loud voice four adventurers come in.

"Well - It's a straight line to the dungeon master, it's a warm dungeon."

"Oh, absolutely, Hey, look at that those girls, they are good girls and they look delicious."

"Well, after killing that fellow, let's put together those two people and love them."

The adventurers who stepped into the important stage called Tia's confession, three men come forward looking at Tia's body like licking and the fox girl was left behind.

"How dare you disturb me..."

"Oh? You mean to put it in early?"


"I'll put it in immediately, so get wet!"

I can see something behind Tia...

"Get lost..."



"Gya ~a~a~a~a!"

"Na~tsuu gya~a~a~a!"

When Tear muttered something, the beasts were wrapped in light and were erased away without a trace. The fox girl who was in a little away place seemed to have fainted

"Scum bags......"



Remembered my existence, Tia frightened like a child whose mischief was found out. But, I was alive with the opponent who can do such things...

"Are you okay?"


"Tia-sama, follow up..."

"I do not dislike tia. At first, I certainly have feelings because of you, I've done something terrible, but now I am in love."

"Kyosuke, are you not angry?"


When spreading both hands and welcoming Tiar, Tia hugs with tremendous momentum.


"Yoshi, yoshi"

"Kyousuke - I love you~."

"I understand, I also love you."

"Kyousuke-sama, Tia-sama, please do something sooner about the dungeon. If it is done so slowly, the next adventurer will come and also about that intruder do something. "

"Righ... right,"

"Oh, I do want to do it slowly."

Patting the Tia's head. I look towards the smartphone and start the operation

Thank you for staying with us this time too

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