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Different world dungeon life Chapter 08

I managed somehow about Lumidora-san. I asked dinner to Kuon who just returned and finished it.
After dinner, I look into the new room for nursery.

"Stop it!"
A scream of a man was heard from inside the room and when I peeked into. I saw the oak knight shake his waist.
Un... I did not see anything... I will never see it.
Lastly, I returned to my own room and asked Lumidora about what I was concerned?

"By the way, do they have a female gender in goblins race and oaks race?"

"There, but why do you ask?"

"No, I casually bought goblins and oaks, so what happens to their sexual desires?"

"I see, all the remaining goblins and oaks are male."

"Hmm? Even though they are males, why are they increasing?"

"Because goblins and oaks can breed even with male partners. That's why I advised the previous man to be send to the nursery."

"U-ghh, let's not think about it."

"That would be better. Well then, I will take a day off for today."

"Good work, I will ask you again tomorrow."


"Kuon, let's go to sleep soon."

Separated from Lumidora, I entered bed together with Kuon.
Eventually, I must be tired after taking 2 people as partners, until morning I slept in good spirit.
And in the morning I wake up with something touching my lips.

"Nn~... chu..."


"Good morning, my master."

"Good Morning, Kuon."
When I woke up, there is Kuon's face in front of my face.
Apparently it seems I woke up with a kiss from Kuon.

"Good morning, Kyosuke-sama"

"Good morning, Lumidora."

"I will start this morning report, goblins= 0, oaks= 3 and oak knights become 4."

"Somehow, they  decreased or is it increased?"

"Yes, yesterday a demon called Graig Bear got lost, goblins and oaks were sacrificed, but four oak knight together killed it. The points become 500 points."

"He~e, It was a fairly strong monster, is not it?"

"Right now Kyosuke-sama may win with ease, but it might have been dangerous if when you first arrived to this world."

"He~e~ did I get that strong?"

"Yes, LV also gone up."

Aoba Kyosuke
LV 5
HP 200/200
Magical power 60/60

Attack power 18 + 50
Defense power 10 + 50
Power 21 + 50
Endurance 19 + 50
Dexterity 11 + 50
Quickness 14 + 50
Intelligence 10 + 50
Luck 8 + 50

Skill Dungeon Maker, Goddess's protection, Sword art LV 1.

"Oh, LV went up."

"Your master, it is amazing!"

"Can I see the status of Kuon too?"

"Yes, you could be able to see it."

"Kuon, can you show me the status a little?"


LV 9
HP 180/180
Magical power 50/50

Attack power 18
Defense force 24
Power 22
Endurance 20
Dexterity 17
Quickness 16
Intelligence 14
Luck 5

Skill: Sword art Lv 2, Light Magic LV 2.

"He~e~, is this high?"

"Well, I think it's excellent."

"Certainly, If not for +50 I am weaker..."

"Master's LV is still lower than me."

"Aa~ maybe so."

"Kyosuke-sama also seems to be high enough status."

"I see."

"Well 500 points, what can I use it for?"


"What's wrong? Kuon."

"I want a field."

"Oh, it is certainly better to grow in a field..."

"Lumidora, how many points do we need for a large room to turn into field and many kinds of vegetable seeds as a set?"

"Well, even if it is too narrow it's meaningless. It is 450 points to make a room of about 70meters square as a farm field and with seeds of different plant species, etc. How about 500 points with two goblins added as a bonus?"

"Somewhat, it become quite cheap?"

"It's service only for Kyosuke-sama."
I give points to Lumidora, made a field and to the 2 goblins which cannot become fighting force gave instructions as a field managers.

"We made farm fields. Kuon, are you ok with this?"


"Kyosuke-sama, the yesterday's elf is awake, what will you do?"

"I see, I will try to talk."

Went to prison and talk to the elf girl whose name I don't even know.

"Nice to meet you."

"You! Where's my brother and Iris!?"

"Oi oi, calm down."


"That man and Iris are safe."

"Thank goodness..."

"One consultation, will you listen?"

"Do not be silly!"

"He~e ~... you should know if you refuse?"

"Ku! I know, what should I do?"

"Go to the town and explore the trends of adventurers and lead adventurers to this dungeon and offer me with information."

"So, then will you spare those two?"

"Aa, as long as you do not betray me."

"I understand..."

"I see, for now please attach it at once."
Take a slave-collar and put it.

"You, what is your name?"


"If you betray me, you should know, what will happen?"

"I will not betray you!"

"Well then, come back every once in 3 days."

"I understood."
Ellis leaves the prison and steps towards the city.

"Kyosuke, is it alright?"

"Aa~ I will put on a sparrow to know first if betrayed."

"That seems so, it would be nice if she could rope well few adventurers..."
I peep at the Iris prison, which is in different position from the Ellis prison.

"You are! What happened to Tak-kun?"

"It's alright, still alive, it depends on you."

"No way... Maybe Ellis-chan too?"

"It's up to you."

"I don't care about myself, at least save Ellis-chan."

"I see, good resolve!"

Push down the iris in the prison and attacked her.

"ku~u... Nn~tsu..."

"Do you understand?"

Thanks to the man who was made it to the nursery, I succeeded in successfully manipulating the two girls.
It is good to leave a man occasionally.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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