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Different World Dungeon Life Chapter 06

"Excuse me"

"That's Kuon-san is pretty, but you two enter into your own world and also show that to me. What kind of torture is it? "

"I am truly sorry."

Now I am apologizing to Lumidora-san with full power, for some reason
When I wake up after the incident with Kuon, Lumidora-san was sitting at the corner of the room.
When I asked her, if something happened? Even with Lumidora-san present, It seems for 3days against Tia and Kuon having fierce battle was the cause.
I am a girl too! I was in trouble when she said that.

"Rather Kyosuke-sama!"

Listening to complaints from Lumidora-san regularly, when looking at the bed, Kuon was still sleeping.

"Are you listening properly!"

"of course!"
I feel like being preached for about an hour. My legs also became numb.

"Haa~ I hope you understand. I am sorry for a long time."

"No, I am also sorry."


Because of numbness in my legs, when I got up, I lost my balance and pushed down Lumidora-san.
Furthermore, my right hand grips her chest and I massaged with Funyafunya.
My face is in front of Lumidora-san's face and was kissing.

"Ah! I'm sorry..."

"Ki~ya~a nffu~u."
Lumidora-san about to scream, so I hurriedly closed her lips. Of course with my lips, with the service to put the tongue further in her mouth. It is so called deep kiss.



"I want to make you mine."


"Is it good?"

"Please donot ask me..."
When I bring my face closer to Lumidora again, a voice is heard from behind.


In a hurry seperated from each other and sit down in seiza.

"Oh, Good morning"

"Good morning Kuon, did you sleep well?"

"Fu~ hai."

"Both of you, why do not take a bath? Because the smell of yesterday still remains."

"that's right, Kuon should we take a bath together?"

In this way I took Kuon into the bath, We wash each other's body and sorc in the hot water.


"I feel good!"

"Oh, the tail of Kuon's also is cute."


"Did it hurt?"

"Ano, it's opposite, it felt good."

I heard a good thing, let's attack the tail next time by taking time.
Thinking so, I got up from the bath and return to the room.


"Hi ~ya~i!"
I do not know what she was doing, but Lumidora voice was little...

"I request Current status report."

"Yes, there are five goblins, six orcs and four orc nights."

"Really reproductivity is high and also in a day they grown to adults."

"For these two races it is their selling point more than their strength."
I feel fear in the high reproductive rate of goblins and orcs and their high growth speed.
It would be something like G...(G= cockroach)

It seems that the points did not increase.

"Because the two adventurer groups were annihilated, this dungeon is likely to be targeted as well."

"Well, this dungeon is likely to be recognized soon."

"The information of adventurers is also wanted."

"Your master, should I look it up in the city?"

"Can you do it?"

"Maybe, it's okay..."
I certainly want information, but considering the risk that Kuon will not come back by any chance.
Come to think of that, it was only minus.

"No, Kuon is more important, I want Kuon stay here."

I patted Kuon's head and I started thinking about the next plan.

"Then, how about using a familiar such as a birds?"

"Oh, that's good as well."

"Then, what shall I summon?"

"Oh, but I do not have any points?"

"Well, this time it's just a service from me."


"Instead, next time do it properly."
Lumidora moves next to me, whispers in my ear.

"So, what do you want?"

"Well, what will you recommend?"

"If it's only for daytime pigeons and sparrows. And at night owls would be fine."

"Ah ~ In the daytime it is an inconspicuous bird. And at night it is a bird that looks good at night."


"Well then, I'd like a sparrow."

Summoned by Lumidora and a sparrow appears.

"Okay, you go to the town to explore the trends of adventurers."

By uttering a single sparrow fluttered away.

"You can watch the live video at once, what do you do?"

"That's right, Kuon prepare meal, I will be watching sparrow's information."

Operate the smartphone, through the sparrow's eyes, I can confirmed with sparrow vision.
At the place just out of the dungeon, I can see the trees of the forest with floating feeling.

"He~e~  That's how it seen?"

"It is hard to see a little, is not it?"

"Because the screen is small."

"I can prepare a slightly bigger screen too?"

"Is that so?"

"Yes, need points, but please leave it to me!"

"Oh, I will ask you next time."
When I check the screen again, I can see five adventurers in the forest at the edge of the sparrow's field of vision.
Immediately I instructed the sparrow and let it land on a tree near the adventurers.
A young adventurer party that is not well equipped, was resting in the forest.
Two of five people are girls, one is most likely an elf.

"I have seen the elf for the first time."

"I heard that number of adventurers are relatively larger than elves."

"He~e~  even then, they often do come..."

"It seems to be able to get points today, is not it?"

"Is this dungeon known to the city already?"

"I do not think so, but..."
When I am worrying about, what to do with these adventurers? I hear the voice of Kuon.

"I prepared the meals~."

"For the time being, let's think about it after the meal."

"I agree"
Three of us surround the table and taste the dishes that Kuon made.

"Yeah, Kuon cooking is delicious."

"I totally agree."

"Thank you."
When I check the screen of the smartphone while eating, the previous adventurers have come near by.

"Are they heading towards here?"

"No, I think probably, they are looking into this area."

"I see, let's make points by fishing with a goblin."

"I see."
We will lure the adventurers with one goblin as a bait on purpose and bring them into the dungeon.

"It was funny, they were lured easily."

"I agree."

"What happened?"

"Kuon do not have to worry about, I ask for soup seconds."

For starters goblin will lure them to a dead end and there Orc knight and I close off the exit is the strategy.

"Wait, you goblin!"

"Takkun, you are getting ahead of us~."

"Totally, don't cause us trouble."
Following the goblin, go down the road, get to the dead end room.

"I finally caught up, die!"

By cornering the goblin cut it and cut out the subjugation proof parts.

"Yoshi, this is todays good hunt."

"Takkun, you are too obsessed with single goblin~."

"Brother, please think about everyone."

"Oh~ my bad."

"Well it's Takkun for you."

"That's right."

"Ah~ sorry but, this is my dungeon, so I will have you dead."
Just as I planned, after luring them to a dead end. I closed the exit.


"The exit is closed!"


"We will deal with them and return to the city!"

4 orc knights and I come forward to face them. It is first real war, but there is Tia's protection, I just do not feel like losing!
First I cut a man who is a wizard and knocked out a girl to unconscious.



"Remaining 3 people."
When turned backwards, orc Knight keeps in control the rest of the two and the last one killed 2 orc Knights and remaining 1 orc knight is fighting.

"He~e~  stronger than orc knight?"

"You, I will never forgive you!"
By avoiding the attacks of young man, I put my leg to make him fall and cut his legs.
Avoid attacks of young people who come up, hang their legs, roll them and cut their feet





"You too are noisy."
I cut off the neck of a man whose orc knight is holding.
The neck separates from the torso and falls to the floor with a 'gototo' sound.


"Raisu! Youu~."

"Noisy, you cannot even walk with those legs."

Put the sword on the leg of the fallen young man.

"Oh no, please, please help."


"Please, like this Takkun will..."

"No, I have no other choice but his death."

"I will do anything!"

"He~e~ Anything?"

"Hah hai!"(yes)
I head towards the girl who is slowly falling down.



I approached the iris silently and torn her clothes.


"Anything is okay?"

"Ah, noooo!"

"Stop it!"
Two people screamed in the dungeon.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

Next time 18+

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