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Different World Dungeon Life Chapter 10


With Tia who destroyed the intruder, I take Kuon back to the room.
I made Lumidora wait at the front, so she joined us on the way.

"Thanks for your good work, Kyosuke-sama and Kuon-san also are you hurt anywhere?"


"It was pretty dangerous this time for us."

"It was dangerous for Kuon(me)..."

"Totally, it was okay because I came here, if it goes that way both of you may have dead by now, right?"

"Thank you very much Tia, It was really helped."

"Very well, it's fine! By the way Lumidora, what was up with that intruder?"

"Yes, it seems, by chance he lost his way, a high ranked adventurer."

"Oh, he was certainly strong, is there many such high ranks in the city?"

"I think, the previous one is probably B-rank adventurer, if it is an A-rank adventurer, even Kyosuke-sama might..."

"Is there such a difference?"

"It is hard to say, but, B rank to A rank gap..."

"I see, if I do not become strong, it would be dangerous..." (Kyos)

"That's right, so what happened to the point?" (Kyos)

"A~, wait a moment."

Check the smartphone to see the points, because I removed all the equipment and carried it.
It should have only the point of the intruder himself, but when I looked into the screen and I was surprised.

"What's wrong, Kyosuke?"

"Oh Tia, I have 7000 points..."

"Your master is amazing!"

"He~e, It's not a points you get normally."

"I should say, as expected of a B-rank adventurer?"

"B-rank great."

"He was strong."(Kuon)

"By the way, Lumidora, What about casualties? What happened to the orcs?"

"About that, except for one orc, one orc knight and 2 goblins on the farm, there are none left."

"Ua~ there are a lot of casualties..."

"So, what about the points?"

"So, what about that point?"

"Let's see..."

I want a weapon, but I also want a demon to protect the dungeon.
But when a strong adventurer comes just like this time, it worries me with a weak monsters, it would not be a talk.

"Tia, what do you think?"

"Is it equipment or a familiar?"

"Yes, yes."

"Let me see, Lumidora, tell me the low point of the demon that can handle C rank adventurers."

"Certainly, it is Orc General 2500 points, Blue Lizardman 3000 points, Hellhound 3000 points, etc."

"Hmm, what do you recommend?"

"As you know, the orc species have that fertility, Blue Lizardman has Swordsmanship 2.
They can use swordsmanship, Hellhound can fight enemies with their agility. "

"That's it."

"Do not worry..."

"You just buy a cheap orc general for the time being, and should increase it's numbers?"

"Oh yeah, okay... Luomida, please summon one orc General."


Immediately the lumidora summoned orc General and orc General kneels before me.
I asked the orc General to seed the nursery, and turn the orc to the dungeon's patrol. Goblins will continue to cultivate crops in the field

"Next equipment..."

"Although, it is the equipment of the previous adventurer."

"Ah~ if you say that, there was that!"

The equipment of the previous adventurer was carried to the room and spread them around.
There is a sword in which the blade is slightly missing, armor whose body is lost and Gauntlet. In addition there was a Gleeve.

"Can I use it?"


"No, ano..."

"Tia made mistake in adjusting..."


"Oh well, it cannot be helped, can this sword be useful?"

"Well, I'll repair it with 100 points."

"Is it worth the fix?"

"I think that it is, this sword is made of mythril silver so it is an expensive thing.
Other equipments are of black iron, so I am selling them and they do not suit the size either."

"Then sell armor, then repair the sword, please."


"then, what about Kuon's clothes?"

"Ha~, wa hi~i!"

Did she think that I may get angry because the clothes I bought got torn?
Kuon begins to trembling 'bikubiku' while watching at my face.

"It's alright, show it to me because I am not angry."


I patted her head and made her calm down.
And look at the Kuon's Miko-fuku, in the previous fight must have torn and skin is exposing at some places.
It seems that there was barely not even a scar from injuries left on the skin.

"These clothes are useless ..."

"No way~."

"It seems, It'd be better to buy new ones."

"Wait a minute."

"Tia-sama, what happened?"

"certainly, it is possible to make from materials, right?"


"Then, let's make the same clothes with this."

"Certainly, let me take them."

Lumidora receives the cloth and the cloth disappears to the sky.
At the same time points were decreased by 2000 points.
In addition, my equipment also had Tia giving up the material and 2000 points were decreased.

"Thank you, Tia"

"Beside, just because I do not want Kyosuke to get hurt..."

"But if the material is the same clothing as Tia, it seems to be quite strong."

"Not really?"


"Because this material, it becomes stronger in proportion to your strength."


"Well, Kuon will also be more durable clothing than black iron material."


As expected of the material Tia brought, with this Kuon also safe.
But, what should I do with500 points...

"Next 500 points..."

"You do not have to use by force, you know?"

"That's right."

I decided to leave the points as a result after thinking a lot, I asked Kuon for dinner for the time being.
Start talking with Tia...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+.

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