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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 16: 13-yrs Old (1)

13-yrs Old

2 more years passed.
I am already 13-yrs old and Giselle is now 11-yrs old.

Maybe because I am spending unchanged life style by practicing magic, I feel that time passes quickly
If this goes on like this, before noticing I may get older than my previous life. 

By exhaling air, I started scraping the wood on the Otem.
Today also I am carving Otem in the garden.

What I am making now is a 4 armed Otem.
It is a type of Otem that has spherical joints and moves it's arms with 'gachan gachan'.
When it was finished, probably it could win against a medium sized monster with it's arm force alone.
I believe that there are unlimited possibilities in Otem.

As usual, Giselle is beside me.

A few months ago, Giselle started making Otems earnestly.
As an elder brother, I am worried about whether she might cut her hand with a knife.
Of course, I am little happy about my sister's growth.

Recently, I am thinking that it's a little bit bad.
Maybe it's because of that I was always closed door practice without interacting with other villagers.
I only talked with chief's family outside my family.

Somehow, I recalled the memory of my previous life.
At that time because I was absorbed in black magic, but I did not think that I would do the same in this magic world.

Even I say that, I do not mind how the world look at me since I like to practice magic.
What makes me worry is that Giselle who cannot play with other children of the same age because she always stayed beside me.

Giselle still cannot sleep fully unless I fall asleep.
If this situation continued forever, it might get troublesome.

I stopped the hands that carving the Otem and looked at Giselle.

If Giselle was in Japan, she is at the right age to be graduated from the elementary school.
Is not it time for her to graduate from her brother?
No, it's too late.

"What happened, Nii-sama? Suddenly... When you look at my face, I will be a little shy."

"Oh, I am sorry, I was thinking that it been a while, should I carve an Otem modeled after you..."

Let's mislead her with light tone.
It is not something that should tell her.
I will keep it in mind and lead Giselle like that.

"Well, that is kinda..."

Giselle brought her eyebrows and made a bitter smile.

She used to be pleased in the past, but now she do not like being made a model of Otem.
That's to be right.
Otem often has fairly ugly faces.
What should I say? It seems like that kind of culture.
Well, if you make this cylindrical doll into a beauty, it will become even creepier.

"Before, you would have excited happily when I said the same thing."

When I teased her like that, Giselle laughed 'kusuri'.
At that time Giselle was 2-yrs old, I thought that she would not have remembered it, but by looking at her it seems like it was in her memory.

"That's not it, Nii-sama."


Giselle stood up from the chair like Otem and looks at my face like peeping into it.

"... If I were to be model, I thought that Nii-sama would watch me. For sure, I am in those days."

She took one point from me.
I never thought, I was overtaken by a 2-yrs old younger girl.
Giselle is a smart child. I am looking forward to her future.

"At that time Nii-sama, honestly you do not have eyes except for Otem."

"Have I become better now?"

Giselle tilted her neck by placing a hand on her mouth, after showing a state of thinking for about few seconds, returned to normal.

"It's getting worse, but you started to look at me, for me it is enough as it is."

Due to incarnation or because I could not build a decent family relationship in my previous life, I feel like I have drawn a line to my parents and sister.
Just because I have many opportunities to contact with Giselle, I could deeply opened to her... from my father and mother I am still hiding and in some cases I am avoiding them.
... Well, it is mostly because of magic.

"... After a long time, should I follow father for hunting tomorrow."

I should not keep avoiding.
There is no doubt in this world, because Zererotto is my biological father.

A man who does not go hunting at the age of 13-yrs and only eats meal that was served is except me there is no other in this village.
However, I am helping farm work with the use of Otem... If they allowed the use of Otem for hunting, I think that I can contribute quite a bit, but... well, I will not say that.
I don't know it just maybe whimsy, I will go hunt tomorrow.

"Eh?... finally, father-sama also finally started giving up... Such a thing, it is not like Nii-sama."

Giselle puffs her cheeks.
She do not want to be left behind and may be sulking a little.
She is a cute little sister.

"Isn't it nice, leaving hunting... I like my older brother who is absorbed in magic and before I used to be jealous of Otem."

Giselle while saying, she grabs the half carved Otem holds it and stabs with the knife's tip.
Kora Kora, if you say such a thing, the feelings will be shaken.
Do not disturb my determination.

The knife of Giselle stabbed it straight in the eyes part, which it stabbed into Otem.
By making a noise, it's eyes peeled off.
She was jealous of Otem before a long time ago, right?

"Nii-sama, when we measured your muscle strength was 4 right? Now if you start hunting it cannot be helped, right? But it's fine, because nii-sama does not have to do such savage things. I am saying this, so there is no mistake."

While saying Giselle comes closer to my face.
The tip of our noses slightly touched.
'Perori' Giselle give out her tongue like a mischief.

"Oh, oh... un, it may be so."

When I gave her a half baked answer, Giselle gets back with a satisfied face.

"I dug a little too much, it's difficult right. I should scrape it again and make a face."

Giselle while saying, rub the part of Otem's eye with her thumb.

... As I thought, Giselle need to get mature from older brother.
I strongly recognized it now.
For the time being, I will go hunt tomorrow and let Giselle take care of the house after a long time.

I put the Otem that I had on the ground, pick up a small wand instead.

I will waved the small wand towards the red Otem at the end of the garden.
The red Otem glowed lightly and fell down on to the ground.
At the same time, the surrounding space shakes a little.

That red Otem is a special Otem for the barrier.
During training I put the Otem for the barrier to the four corners of the garden and developed the barrier of recognition inhibition.
My father gave up on me, because the existence of this barrier of recognition perception is great.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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