Friday, 24 November 2017

IUSAP10 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 10 [Part 1]


When Dee woke up, the three women sat at the table and were chatting.

"Anego... What do you think? As I thought this is not the end, right?"

"That's right... probably will come again..."

Hmm? Is not it the end? Will come again? Did they mean? Goblins?

"Hey! By any chance, is it about the goblins might attack this village again?"

Dee sat up on the sofa and interrupted the story of Shakti and Karen, By his words the three women turned around and ran towards Dee all at once and hugged him.



Dee was surrounded and was buried in the boobs of 3 women in a circular formation.

"I cannot breath, I..."


Three people noticed and stopped hugging Dee. Then Dee took a breath, turned towards them and made a greeting.

"Good morning everyone♪."

"""Good morning♪ Dee♪."""

"Dee, is your body alright?"

Karen asked with worried face and Dee said

"Un~, it is already fine♪... But I am hungry...."

While embarrassing, Dee tells her with his hungry stomach "Kuu ~" sound.

"Hahaha♪♪. I thought it would be, so I made it♪."

Karen said to Dee while laughing, Dee replied with his stomach


"Ahaha♪, it seems like Dee♪. So let's eat breakfast made by Anego soon♪."

"That's right, let's eat♪. Before that Dee, quickly dress up♪♪. I do not mind you being as it is♪."

By Lina's word, Dee looked at his appearance, he noticed that he was naked and looked around, he had a change of clothes on the sofa and noticed that those are not his.

"Uwa! Wa wa! My clothes?... there! What are these...?" (TL: This line belong to above sentence.)

"Ah, they belong to Arth, wear it for the time being! I will resize them later."

Karen brought breakfast from the kitchen while saying so.

"Thank you Karen-san."

Dee was surprised to see the breakfast on the table after sitting at the table with a little big sized clothes on him.

"Karen-san? Is not it too much for breakfast? Even..."

On the table in front of Dee was placed breakfast looked like a dinner set. Steaks, stew, stir-fried meat, vegetable salad, soup and bread slices, these are too much even for dinner.

"N~? Is that so? I thought that Dee might be able to eat this much."

That's what Karen said, but Dee thought that it was impossible and thought about eating as much as possible.

This is impossible(laugh). But, since Karen made it for me after all, let's eat as much as possible! then!



Thank you for reading.

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