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IUSAP10 Part2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power.
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Is my elixir due to brainwashing effect? I wander in a different world Chapter: 10 [Part 2] 

10 [Part2]

"Before you said that they will come again. By any chance, are you talking about goblins? "

Dee asked while eating breakfast, three women looked at each other and nodded. Karen took the lead.

"Ah! That's right, probably they will come again."

"Why, do you think so?"

Dee asked Karen curiously.

"Well, I think probably that those goblins attacked under the leadership of higher species."

"Higher species? Is not that a race above Goblins?"

"That's right! We have not confirmed yet, but from our view point, we think it might be a Hobgoblin or an Auger if unlucky..."

That's right, if it comes to different world: Hobgoblin is on top of goblin and Auger is on top of hobgoblin that looks like an Oni, is not it?

"I see... then, what do you want to do Karen-san?"

Dee asked Karen, Karen made a complex face and answered Dee.

"Oh... I want to save this village! Because I have lived here until now and there are memories of Arth... So, I will stay here! Actually I want to go with Dee... So Dee quickly leave this village as soon as possible! "

Karen says it like blowing something to Dee. Dee smiles towards Karen.

"No! It is not approved♪, Karen-san is already my wife, so you have no choice but to listen to me your husband♪."

While smiling Dee said to Karen, Karen saw Dee with surprised eyes.

"Then? Are you saying to me to abandon this village?"

"That's not it, we will also stay here too. Because this is another hometown of my wife, What will you do without your husband to protect it?"

Dee said that with a smile, Karen embraced Dee while crying.

"Dee! Thank you..."

"That's natural, Anego! We will remain and beat them!"

"That's right! If we stay here, an auger or two augers is easy to handle!"

Karen separated from Dee and thanked Shakti and Lina while wiping her tears and turned towards Dee.

"Thank you both... And Dee are you really okay with it, maybe you might die?"

Karen asked Dee with a serious face, Dee silently nodded and stared at Karen's face.

"Is that so! Well then Dee! I as a wife will not loose my husband 2nd time definitely protect you!"

Karen stretched her hand and made a handshake with Dee by saying so.

"Well, Dee, you ate everything after all♪♪."

When Shakti said that he looked at the table. Dee had eaten all without knowing it.

"A~re? That's right, I ate it all, hahahawa?"

By any chance, is it possibly of that side effect? If so as we expected. Well we should check it!(Three women)

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