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IUSAP10 Part3

Is my elixir due to brainwashing effect? I wander in a different world Chapter: 10 [Part 3]

10 [Part 3]


"If it's like that! Goblins will immediately kill you!"

"Take this!"

Kang! Kang! Kang! Van!


Right now, Dee and Shakti are doing a simulated training using wooden swords. The reason is because of a talk after Dee said that he would help Karen. 

{The day when Dee said he will help Karen.}

"Dee, I have something I want to ask, is it okay?"

Lina had absolutely something she wanted to ask Dee. That was the magic of water attribute used by Dee last night. It was because he had 3 attributes of Fire, Earth and Light when tested previously. Even so, he had used water attribute, there is a possibility of the thing that I(Lina) had thought before.

"N~? What is it? It's fine."

"Well then, if it's fine. Please let me know about last night, why Dee was able to use water attribute magic?"

"Un~ just as I thought you would think like that, but I do not know why myself either... But when I thought it would be nice if I could use water attribute magic at that time, then I was able to use it like that."

"Then that means you used emission magic without 'trigger' magic activation word... I did not expect you can cast magic without chanting... I understand, let think about it after we checked your attributes once again."

No chant? Surely at that time when I was just thinking the tentacles were activated, was not it?

Lina by saying that she prepared the items(crystals) like before on a table. Then like before red, yellow and white but this time black also shined this time. (TL: I thought water attribute will be blue but some reason author chose black.)

"As expected, the black water attribute also glows!"

"Oh it is true! When I saw it before, it was three attributes but now it has become four attributes! It is my first time seeing this!"

"This is surprising! But why did it become possible to use the water attribute all of a sudden?"

"That's probably... I guess Dee's reproductive activity with us was the cause. As proof before having relationship with Karen, the 3 attributes are Fire, Earth and Light they are my and Shakti's attributes. And it's proof that the water attribute has increased in connected with Karen!"

Un~ certainly I think so too. But why? I can do something like that I do not know. I think it is probably the ability that Kami-sama gave me, but this does not work unless I have sex with someone, so if I did not have sex with anyone it's has no use! That Baka(stupid) Kami-sama!

"That's right Lina, earlier you were surprised by me casting magic without chanting, why was that?"

"That was because to cast emission type magic need 'trigger' magic activation word is needed! To cast magic power directly from the body is really difficult. Currently Shakti cannot use emission system magic, even I did a considerable training. Trigger is something that makes it easier to release magic power from the body. To remember the emission system for the first time need to remember trigger of your own attribute to cast magic. And Dee used No-chant was a lost magic!"

"Eh~! That's such an amazing thing."

For me, I thought that no-chanting is normal in different world, but in this world it's a lost magic that is something amazing.


When Dee was thinking, Shakti noticed something. Dee responded to her.

"What's wrong, Shakti?"

"The amount of magic power of Dee increased! You see, it's glowing better than before?"

As Shakti said, Dee and Lina looked at the shining crystals.

"Oh! It's true! Shine is different!"

Dee was pleased, but Lina was making a face as she predicted rather than a surprise. Karen who was watching that face also noticed.

"I see! Is that what about?"

She said.

"Anego is that hypothesis?"

Shakti asked Karen by thinking by any chance.

"Oh probably so, is not Lina thinking so?"

"That's right... I think so too, and I think that appetite is exactly as we thought."

Dee only did not know what three women talking about, Dee asked them.

"What are you talking about? Please tell me too?"

"Ah! That was about, even if we got fatal wounds, we will be healed with Dee's semen! We still do not know to be honest why it heals, but we understand Dee's semen contains magic powers, I think that it will recover by putting that magical power into our bodies."

"Hey is that so. But is not it normal?"

"Yes, normally it's impossible! It is only Dee to recover magic power and also heal to others! And by using semen and using magic, Dee's own magic power decreases and I think its price that sleep is the most surprising ... The appetite after sleeping and the amount of magic power increase! Although it is necessary for many years of training to increase the amount of magical power ordinarily, I think that it is increasing with the use up! In addition to sleeping to recover magical power, I think that it is meal. This is also basically similar by restoring naturally by taking an MP potion or taking a rest for a while!"

I see, the effect of semen to the extent that it is of same opinion as me, how to increase the amount of magical power means that the maximum value will increase by using magical power? That means that it will increase considerably every time it runs out. Amazing! Then I can use Bang Bang even in battle... No! I will sleep if I run out of magic power. If I run out during a battle and cannot defeat the enemy, I will die! that is! Dangerous!

"Un~... I understood thank you! Thanks Lina for telling me honestly, there are so many things I do not know about myself, so I thought of it as a matter of fact! I fall asleep if I use up magical power, That will be fatal! So, I need to increase the amount of magical power for the future! And to learn the battle of close combat! So I ask you three! Please teach me how to fight! And at night be my partners until I run out of magical power."

When Dee resolved himself and said to them, three women were surprised and the three women agreed that it would be for Dee's sake.

"Aa~ I understand, Dee! I will teach you about melee! Instead I will be strict."

"Thank you, Shakti!"

"Yes, I will reach you about magic."

"That's right, teach me the basic things about magic, Lina."

"Well then, I will teach you how to work at night, I will give you a thorough lesson."

"That's not allowed Anego! We will also join in that!"

"That's right! I will not forgive you for being Karen alone!"

"Hahaha then let's do our best at night."

Dee said with a smile, the three ladies who were fighting saw each other's face and giggle laughed.

"Well then shall we train after eating breakfast!"

"No, first of all it is magic study with me!"

"What did you say!"


When Shakti and Lina competed, Karen hugged Dee as a princess and took him away.

"Huh! Karen-san?"

Those 2 who had been fighting for Dee. Looked at Dee and Karen leaving immediately Shakti and Lina grabbed both shoulders of Karen.

"Anego? What are you doing?"

"Karen? What are you doing?"

"No, well... it seemed like you two were busy, so I thought I wonder if should teach Dee before?"

"My sister!"


Although at first I had a lot of troubles. For the time being in the morning after breakfast with Karen melee practice and proximity training. After lunch studying magic with Lina. And at night was to be enjoyed by everyone.


Thank you for reading.
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