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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 17: 13-yrs Old (2)

13-yrs Old (2)

When I asked my father to take me to the hunting for the 1st time in a long while, he was overjoyed.

"I can't believe, you get so full of yourself. Well, that's fine. From now on you put magic training aside and put more effort on hunting."

Tone is a little strict , but voice is delited.
He is an easy-to-understand person. 

With Giselle's crying and my magic barrier double combo, my father seemed to have given up on me, but looking at him now he seemed to not given up yet.

Incidentally, the matter of hunting this time is secret from Giselle. 
Now Giselle went to village square shopping with my mother. 
If she knows that I am going to hunt, I'm sure she will throw tantrum saying that she want to go with me.
Regarding that point, I talked over with my father about various points, but I finally settled down by saying it will be fine. 
In my previous life there is a saying that lid to smelly things. 
This word seems scary, but just follow the flow. 

My father takes out a bow from the storeroom and sweeps dust.
He replaced the string with new one and hand it over to me. 
Apparently the string seemed to be out of date. 
That's to be expected.
Last time I used the bow was a few years ago.

"This bow is something that I made when you were born, thinking that it woould be useful in the future."

It seems that he want me to walk the hunting path as well, my father said to me as he replacing string.
As says that, a little guilt wells up in my heart.

After all this person is my father of this world. 
From now on I will change my heart and practice Archery and Martial arts.

In my previous life I failed by focusing magic alone.
It's my second life. Let's use the reflection points of the previous life. 
Besides that, as I am now my sister Gisele can beat me easily. 
We have never actually fought with each other, but it is clear from our status of muscle strength values. 
That's totally pathetic. The dignity as an older brother is bad. 

I will graduated from magic madness and live life earnestly. 
I resolute myself as do not know how many times I did it in the past.

This time hunting will be conducted jointly with the family of Father's acquaintance Ardy's family. 
Muscular and shiny man, Gallia Ardy. 
Then his son, Shibi Ardy. 
Shibi is a small-sized man who seems to be weak, he is below one year twelve years old. 

From my point of view, they are an acquaintances of the extent to which the faces was matched several times when the ritual ceremonies. 

"It seems that Abel will also come to hunt in a long time, as you know Abel was not hunting lately and there is a blank, so he may drag us down, but take care of him." 

By saying that my father said to Gallia and bows his head.
As he says that, I feel sorry to him somehow.
Because, now my muscle strength is 4. 

I tried to target an Otem and shot the arrow after a long time, but it surprised me to the extent none hit the target.
I've been making otems since I was young, so I'm pretty confident about my hands dexterity, but my muscle strength is lacking. 
Without muscular strength not to mention flight distance, I cannot even fly the arrow straight.

"I think that it will cause you inconvenience, but thank you for your guidance, please take care of me." 

I also lined up with my father and lower my head to Gallia. 

"Ha ha, if I look at you like this, you are a level headed child! Because Zere always held his head, I thought you would be more like a grasshopper, but you seem much more decent than I was young!" 

 Gallia laughed and rubbed his beard, while saying so. 
 Then I look to Shibi. 

"...... Heng, why should I with someone like him?" 

 Shibi by saying that he clicked his tongue. 
I thought he was weak with his unreliable looks with his short size, but hhe said it now. 
I want to hit him by spin my head with both hands right away, but I beared it with my own standpoint. (TL nore: Here comes Ippo.)
Shibi is just a cheeky 12-yrs old child.
I should just laugh at this and forgive him. 
To be honest I will drag them down and for Shibi point of view it will not be fun as it is.

 ...... Moreover, it is expected that I will lose by a great margin by muscle strength, so it would be better not bashfully throw fight from my side. 
 If I try to spin my head there is a danger of being beaten down on the ground. (TL: Counter on demsyroll.)

"What, what is it, do you have any complaints?" 

 While saying Shibi, he deflects his eyes when our meet eyes.
 Oh, is this intimidation? 
Due to his appearance many will look down on him, so he may have got the habit of showing strongself.

"No, please take care of me Shibi." 

By saying that, I showed my hands to seek a handshake.
Shibi might have thought that I would beat him, he shook his shoulder sharply and nervously.
When he noticed it was a handshake, his face went bright red and made an angry face, he turned other side.
I made a wry smile while expressively showing my expression and then pulled out my hand. 
Shibi looks at my face and gnaws his teeth all the way. 
Well, that's a nice face. 
Boy, do not look down on me. 

"Kora, Shibi! Do not take that kind of attitude! ... Sorry, Abel."

Gallia apologizes to me by scratching his head.

Alright, I won. I won psycologically.
Even though I look like this, I do not like loosing.

Father, I, Gallia and Shibi, four of us leave the settlement and proceed to the forest. 

"Abel, you should already know, you should not use magic, this is also to train archery and physical fitness." 

I do not have much meaning to train archery, but this time I will swallow these words.
If it is in front of Gallia, it also leads to crushing my father's face. 
And also I want to train my physical strength. 

"Yes, I know father-sama. That's why see, I have left my cane behind?" 

"Good, as I always say it archery is our pride of Maren-tribe."

Come to think of it by chief-sama sayings, it seems that the Maren tribe were proud of doing hunting by magic, Father-sama! 
 Those that cannot use magic were using the bow, but the ratio changed rapidly starting from the end of the big war and that number was reversed in the last few decades ago, it seems! 
 Please absolutely do not say that archery is proud in front of the chief-sama! He get angry! 

No matter what I cannot say that, even if my mouth is torn. 

I have a desire to say a bit but I cannot say it absolutely.
Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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