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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 18: 13-yrs Old (3)

13-yrs Old 3

"Hugo! Fugo!" 

A black wild boar rushes towards us. 
It seems to be a monster called Nigumu Boar. 

"Shoot it, Abel!" 

My father yells, but my fingertips are trembling and cannot aim properly.

"Even if you say that to shoot it! Even if you told!" 

To shoot a boar that rushes towards me. Are these barbarians?
It's obvious that it's impossible.
Because, my fingertips are trembling with fear.
 In the first place, I do not feel like hitting it even in a normal state. 

If I missed, my body will receive the tackle of that boar. 
If I got hit with my current body, it is over with a single blow.  

If I cannot attract it a bit more, I cannot hit it with my power.
However, if it gets close, I will lose my cool and my fingers will start trembling. Since the fingers shake, I cannot air properly.
It was truly the worst circle.
I want to go home already.

"Oi, draw it more!" 

Gallia-san, if you have time to say such things, please shoot. 
I cannot draw any more. 
I do not have the power. 
It is a magical power swing constitution. 


I released my hand from the arrow with a burning sensation.
The arrow hits the boar's ear and fly backwards. 

"Hurry up and ready next one! Do not waste time!"

Damn it! Damn it!
As I thought, I will never come to hunt anymore! 

I took another arrow from the quiver carrying on the shoulder and hook it on the bow string. I turned the arrow towards wild boar.
I tried my best and pulled the arrow.
It hurt as if my muscle became numb.
I really want to go home already. 

I shoot the arrow at the moment my hand stop shaking.
The arrow flew straight and stuck in the boar's nose. 
I did it, I hit it! 

"Fugo, Fugou!" 

The wild boar does not stop at all. 
What is that, a monsters? 

"Uuu, Uwoah!" 

At the same moment when I showed my back to the wild boar, my father went forward and released an arrow. 
The arrow pierced the eyes of a wild boar. 


When the wild boar gave an opening, my father stands in front of the boar. And he pushes the arrow stuck in the eyes with his bare hands.
The wild boar fell down on the scene after series of convulsion of the body. 

... No, I think it was a good move, but if you use bare hands, I can use magic. 
If I do not use magic now, when should I use?
To make a fire? Or at the time of ceremony? 
If I am in such a condition, chieftain will cry.

"Hmm, it seems to be too early for Abel." 

... It seems to be too soon, you should not say that.
I hit it but it did not stop. Obviously, it is not something I should face at my level.

My father was not thinking of letting me to take down wild boar from the start.
He must have thought about placing me in my place who 
 My father was not thinking of letting me down the wild boar from the edge. 
 I must have thought about taking little revenge on me who was doing as I please. 

My father makes a proud face and swings his head to the left and right. 

Patience, patience. 
I have decided so that I should set my father. 

"Strange, pitiful guy." 

Shibi said in a low voice. 
This brat, he said it with a low voice so that I could barely hear it.
You, can you hunt that?
I cannot imagine Shibi hunting Nigumu Boar. 
No, I have to be patience. 

I touched the arms that swollen. 
My muscles are screaming because I pulled strings a little while ago. 
My legs are about to get tired. 

"Excuse me, can I go home?"

"It's been an hour since we started hunting."

"I kept walking for an hour. When I think about way home, I am already reaching my limits. If I keep walking anymore than this. It will interfere with the growth of the growing season " 

"Please do not say something that hard to understand, so let's move forward."

"The matter of post-acceptance of hunting this time, I will tell Giselle that father-sama was fault in a bad way."

"Stop it. Really stop it."

Looking at my and father's interaction, Shibi laughs with his nose.

"You are older than I am, I am still fine, so if you go home, you can return home alone, weakling."

Although I responded with a smiley face, I pledged to my heart that someday to do revenge as much as possible within the range where my position will not get worse. 

"Oi Shibi, do not show your childish side and make me shame... Look, see that grown-up attitude of Abel nii-chan."

"What, what's going on, father from a while ago!" 

Gallia shook his head sideways as if he was amazed.
It's fine, tell him more. 

"But, Nii-chan also it would be better for you to put on your physical strength a bit even if it is somewhat impossible." 

Right... I am, until now a close in.
I will worry about what to do from tomorrow on, if it is done hard from the first day. 
Even though it is just here that Morale has halved by Shibi's hostility and my father's proud face. (Doyagao= proud face) 

After a while we went through the forest, we heard the sound of rustling leaves. 
"Hmm, Shimuparrot? It is quite smart and pretentious, but it has a lot of fat and it's quite delicious."

When I looked up, there are yellow birds on the high branches. 
It was quite a plentiful bird. I am sorry to say it, but it looks a bit like Shibi. 
That's why the sounds of branch gets broken and the leaves sound.

Only in the vicinity of it's eyes are black and few red line patterns are on the body.
It has a bit curved beak and gaudy appearance, it was a fat impression...
I wonder if such a bird is really militant. 

Shibi raises his hand. 

"Oh me, I will do it!"

"Ho, do it!" 

Shibi who got permission from Gallia looks at me like he triumphant after holding a bow over his head.
Look at Shimuparrot instead of me.
I do not know if it runs away because of that. 

Shibi aims and shoots an arrow towards Shimuparrot.
The arrow scratched the wing and stuck into the tree. 
He missed. 
I made a guts pose secretly. 

Shimuparrot twisted it's neck a lot, turned it's eyes towards the direction of the arrow and found Shibi.

"Damn it! It's because I never targeted at this angle! I can get used to it!"

Shibi took another arrow and aim at the Shimuparrot.


Shimuparrot kicked the branch and descended straight down.
It is obviously aiming for Shibi in front of it. 

It is fast despite it's figure. And it is militant. 
Despite being targeted by arrows, never thought that there are birds which would rush without running away.

"Take this! Take this!" 

Shibi releases a second and third arrow. 
Shimuparrot dodges that with a hair's breath and closes the distance. 
It predicted the 4th shot and dealt with by kicking off the tree branch and accelerated again.

That bird, is strong. 
It's fine, do it more Shimuparrot. 

"Aaa Uaaa Woah!" 

Fifth and sixth shots will fly in wrong directions.
Shibi is useless. He is completely collapsed. 

"Shimuparrot is tough to take down if you miss the first shot. Remember it well, even I also got hurt by my arms." 

By saying that Gallia, took out a knife and tackles shivering Shibi and confronts Shimuparrot.

"But... this guy is pretty quick among Shimuparrot. Since it comes to this far, it is easy to hit it with knife. Also, if you make a mistake your meat will be scooped out, so be careful if you mimic it!"

In this way, Shimuparrot which was rewarded a lot for Shibi will be made dinner for today. 
I gently raised my hand and turn my hand towards Shimuparrot. 

「প্রেত光よ আঁকা描け」 (Draw a light)

I casted magic circle in the air and turns my finger towards Shimuparrot

「ঘুম眠りを」 (sleep)

With a glow Shimuparrot loses it's momentum which opened it's large mouth and closes in towards Gallia-san with fast speed. 

"Here it is! ...Ah?" 

Gallia who swung his knife widely pierced the knife to the tree nearby.
I walked to the Gallia-san's side and picked up the Shimuparrot that fell down on the ground.
Shimuparrot opens it's beak bluntly and is sleeping deeply. Magic seems to work very well.

"You, you... did you learned such a magic?"

"The mental interference system is the fastest way to deal with opponents who are not tolerant to magical power, was what chief-sama said."

I thought that my father could use about this much, but by looking at his reaction maybe he cannot use it.
The mental interference system is said to be somewhat difficult to control, it is said to be a magic that makes it difficult for you to get bad at the discretion of yourself.
Rather than manipulating the fire and moving the Otem, it becomes a magic of several steps above.

Gallia puts his feet on the tree trunk and pulls out the knife. 
Then scratching his head, he made a bitter smile. 

"It's nice that you support me... but the timing is not a bit mean. Even so, I never thought that one could put the sleeping magic exactly on the fast moving target in such high speed... Naa, Zere, as I thought don't you think Abel needs archery? "

"But, magic is something that depends on mental state! I cannot let him depend on something that unstable!"

To stabilize that there is magic training, father-sama.
Besides, Archery also influenced by feelings. Current Shibi is the good example.

"Besides, the magic a moment ago, it do not have long range."

With a proper cane, the distance and accuracy are much higher than the bow.

"More than anything, archery is a pride of the Maren tribe, it is not good for something that you cannot afford to face!"

Please do not absolutely say it in front of chieftain.

This is probably due to feelings and values ​​rather than logic.
The child does not correct the parent's values.
Even if poorly pointing out, my father will not be satisfied just because I will be scolded.
It's my mind just for a moment. It is also important, but only to keep it silent.

"In the first place, hunting this time is to train Abel's physical strength."

It is reasonable.
There is no refutation.

My father turns toward me and pushes the index finger.

"Mattaku, I said so much that not to use magic! Listen, Gallia and Shibi are not accompanying you for your magic training!"

At first it was my father who was stunned watching my magic, but the tongue has come around, the voice grows steadily.
I recent feels that my father is most lively when he scolds me.
Just as I thought, I will tell Giselle this and that and make his heart broken at least once.

"I'm sorry, I do not want to kill this Shimuparrot because I really liked it, so I want to keep it... Is it okay to keep it?"

"Then in order to miss my knife did you aim and slow it down?"

Gallia opens his eyes and says so while looking at his own knife.

I have made the Otems three days and three nights. I intend to concentrate more than anyone else.
Because muscle strength is poor, it is not reflected in archery but magic depends on spirit rather than physical body, I can demonstrate my concentration abilities as it is.

"No, no, it is a coincidence."

"No, coincidence, a while ago..."

I will look away from Gallia and turn to my father.

"So, is it useless?"

"But the meat of Shimuparrot... Muu, well, I do not care... you should take care of it yourself."

My father seemed to want to say that he wanted to eat Shimuparrot, but for the time being he gave me permission.

I wanted to keep this Shimuparrot by all means.
It's movements are cool and weak, but I can feel the magic power in it.

Beyond pets, it may be useful for something.
I wanted to make a practical chimera, not just a mouse with a lot of neck or a chicken that could fly.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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