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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 19: 13-yrs Old (4) [Part 1]

13-yrs Old 4 [Part 1]

3 hrs have passed since hunting started.

I am already, my feet shaking.
My knees are aching. I cannot hold it. I want to go home.
I am sweating a lot.
Absolutely I do not have physical strength to go home.
I am sure, I will die on the way back.

Giselle, I was wrong.
I do not need muscle strength. There was absolutely no need for archery.
I am good enough only with magic.

"Father-sama... cannot turn back already?"

I asked my father while wiping my sweat on my forehead.

"Leaving affordable monsters to you two. We have little game(prey) today. We will return after hunting next prey."


If you say that we have little results, I would like you to let me use magic.
After luring monsters with magic, I can take them down with a single trap magic. This three hour work ends in an instant.

It is impossible.
On the way, I do not have enough physical strength to return home.
I surely will die.
If I was able to return home safely, I will erase the muscle strength stat from the status of magic circle.

"If you let me roast that Shimuparrot we can return right now."

"No way, I already gave it a name."

In the near unconsciousness, I answered.

"Hou, why?"

"Do not you think this Shimuparrot resembles Shibi? There..."

"Y, you! Now, what did you say!? I will kill you!"

Shibi grabs my collar.
It's useless, my consciousness is getting thin, I just talked about what I was thinking.

"Kora kora, Shibi, keep it around that, but it's true."

"I hate it because it's true!"

Gallia-san laughed while taking the side spear, but Shibi keeps mumbling but not stopping.
As I thought he was conscious of that.

At the same time, 'Don' a loud noise was heard.
The sound did not stop and was continuing with 'Don, Don' and the interval between sounds became shorter.

Gallia breaks the smile and holds his bow.

"Hey, this, isn't a Greater Bear?"

"Un.. it's bad. The footsteps are big. I never have heard of such big footsteps. Abel take Shibi and run away. I and Gallia will stop it in it's track, run at full speed."

"What?" "What?"

I and Shibi's voiced at the same time.

"It's not funny father-sama, I cannot run anymore, rather than I take Shibi away, Shibi needs to carry me..."

"Father! I, I will fight! Do not lump me with this guy!"

This guy, at a time like this...!
Is he had any grudge against me?
That's right, since I compared him with Shimuparrot earlier and made an indirect resentment.

"If you have time to talk about something like that, hurry up and get away from here!"

When the Gallia shouted at the same time the tree collapsed in front of us.
A huge bear appeared with a physique close to 4 meters from behind the tree.
That bear knocked down the tree.

It has no black eyes instead white eyes. It's mouth was big and as if it's mouth is melting it's saliva was drooling down.
It has a smiling face but there is nothing cute.
Rather than being a beast, it seemed to be a category of youkai.

"Gua-ha ha ha!"

It's roar sounded like a laugh.
Oh, this is a dangerous one.
Characters fighting while laughing are strong characters. No doubt about it. I knew it when I read Shonen Jump.

"Hii, Noo!"

Shibi loosed his back and sat down on the spot.
As for this, it cant be helped. I cannot laugh at him or to blame.
It is such a situation, I also probably did so if the mental age was around twelve years old.

"Chi! Please Abel! Take Shibi and run away!"

Gallia shoot's an arrow.
It was supposed to have cleanly penetrated the eye of greater bear, but it was flicked by the blink.
The arrowhead did not get stuck in the eyelids.

"Gua ha ha ha!"

As I suspected with my eyes.
That sharp metal could not penetrate such a thin skin.

"... Listen carefully, by any chance we did not return, please report to the chief that a big Greater Bear appeared."

"Father... Father... that... that..."

Shibi keeps crying on the ground and tears are accumulated in his eyes.

「প্রেত光よ আঁকা描け」

I cast a magic circle in the air and aimed my finger towards Greater Bear.
It was said that magic is not used, but now it will be another story.

「ঘুম眠りを」 (Sleep)

The light emitted from my finger tip captures the head of the Greater Bear.

"Gwa ha!?"

Greater Bear, kneels on the spot.
I felt relieved and made a sigh. 

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