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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 20: 13-yrs Old (5)

13-yrs Old 5

I laid my father and Gallia-san on the ground and started treatment.
First, I used treatment(healing) magic to restore the life force of the 2 people and then suppressed their bleeding.
Because my father's injury was too deep, I could not completely stop his bleeding just by treatment magic. 

For me, treatment magic was an unfamiliar field.
I am interested in it, but there were only few opportunities to practice.
At best I experimented on rats by capturing them at home.

"Abel-san, as you told me, I sut out the meat of Greater Bear... that father-sama would be saved?"

A voice came from behind, I looked back by turning my neck alone. 
Shibi was standing with red meat on his hands. 

"... Gallia-san is okay now."

Listening to my words, Shibi sighs as if relieved.

Gallia seemed to loose his consciousness by suffering a concussion when he was beaten on to the ground.
There is no conspicuous trauma and even the head where he was hit was not bleeding.
I also strengthened life force, so he should wake up soon.
Just to be sure, it would be better to check his vision and grip strength again after getting up.

The problem is the father.
The abdomen is largely scooped out with the claws of the Greater Bear.
Need to transplant and adapt alternate meat.

I have never done such a treatment for major injuries.
Once I read it in an archive and I built a magic circle to try it. I tried it on a mouse to stick it and release it, but that's it.

But, taking him back to the village is unlikely to have his body endure it.
There is no choice but to do treatment in this forest.

"That flesh meat... to some extent, cut it to the shape of the wound."

"Yes, I'm sorry, I thought it would be a bit bigger..."

"Stop! It's too small!"

"Yes, sorry!"

Anyway, I was using Shibi as an assistant.
Although there are many he is lacking, but still quite helpful.
I cannot do any work which requires power.

Shibi became quite docile may be because of the shock that his father fainted, or because he saw that I had cut down trees with magic.
Looking at him not looking down on me, it may be such a personality he has in nature.

"I currented it, Abel-san, but is this really OK?"

"Oh, oh, as long as I read it in books, it should succeed, it would be better for meat that is closer to human..."

Transplanting monster's meat into the human body is classified as a chimera in a broad sense.
In fact, experiments were carried out to transplant organs, skin and eyeballs of demons to human beings. And it seems that they were actually used as soldiers in the war.
Normally it should be accepted if it is within the scope of medical purpose, but if it is exceeded there is a possibility that it will be off limits.
However, since my father will not come out of this settlement, there is no problem.

Also, there is concern about rejection.
Even though it seems to have been successful at first glance, but there are possibilities that problems will come out later.

Because there is a possibility that such an urgent necessity comes out. I should have studied treatment magic more.

On top of magic that I have not used with so much. My subjects is my immediate family and my hands will end up shivering.

"Ah, then you can have my abdomen meat..."

Shibi holds the greater bear meat with his left hand and picks his belly with his right hand.
I thought that he tried to joke to make the atmosphere more pleasant, but he had a serious look.

"... I accept your feelings alone, but first please take the flesh of that Greater Bear, it may be bad if it takes too long."

"Sorry, sorry ...."

I put the meat of Greater Bear received from Shibi on the stump.
Then pull out the wood carving knife that was in the the knife cover. I cut about ten father's hair, and put it on the meat.

I open the cap of the water bag and pour it on the meat and then a magic cirlce float on the meat.
Using biological magic, I changed the flesh of Greater Bear to meat close to human beings.
Then pick up the meat and place it on the part of the father's injury, cast the spell again with the magic circle on and fuse it.
At first, the colors were slightly different, but as it went through repeated overlapping of different biological magics, it gradually became same.

Beside, the definitions of alchemy and biological magic are both magics that builds things using existing substances, or magic that becomes an extension of them. The difference between them depends only on whether it relates to living things or not.
However, although that one point is big.

Nonetheless, as long as reading the book, there seemed to be slight delays in the definition due to the era, place, and translation, as far as the fine definition of magic... If it is a modern book, it is unified accordingly should.

As I did earlier, it is within the range of biomagic to change the body part of a corpse into a shape that fits to the other.
It is part of treatment magic, it is also the basis for making chimera.
If I have not recently been interested in chimera and not doing research or experimenting with it, this transplant may not have been succeeded.

My father's face color has improved much better.
Anyway, we could overcome the uneasy part safely.
I wiped the forehead's sweat and made a sigh of relief.
Finally, reinforce life force with treatment magic once more.

Later, I just hope that no after effects will occur.
When I return to the settlement, let me fish the library again and consult the chief.

The force in my body is missing, I fall down on my back.
My feet are worn out and magical power is at it's end.
Today is probably the day of my life that I worked hard.
It is likely that I will be asleep at home all day without doing magical training tomorrow.
It seemed to be crushed by the feeling of tiredness, but thanks to the hard work, the sky looked more beautiful than usual.

"With this, it should be okay now"

"Thank you, Thank you Abel-san!"

Siby got tears and said that while swelling his eyes.

"No, I was saved, thank you for cutting meat. If I was alone, I could not cut such hard flesh, maybe I may have lost my father."

"No! I cannot thank you enough for Abel-san! For what I said, I really am sorry!"

Shibi closes his eyes and cuts the cross with his hand.
I want him to stop because it does not convey the feeling of apologizing.

Oh, already! You do not have to do 2nd time as well!
By any chance that cut that cross, is it better to have more frequent times?
For me it seemed just to be joking.

Maybe there are still values ​​in the previous life, there are things that still do not mesh with the Maren's mystery custom.
Even if I read the picture book. "Why was it settled there?" I feel like I want to say it.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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