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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 21: 13-yrs Old (6)

13-yrs Old (6)

But, how should I bring home the 2 adults who lost their consciousness?

Besides, my leg hurts.

I do not want to take another step, I do not want to walk again all the way.

I would like to take rest until these two adults wake up, but I do not want to stay for a long time in the place where Greater Bear appeared.

With the magic that I cut off the Greater Bear, I used almost all of my mana.

If something like this bear comes up, I do not know if I can cope with it.

Besides, I got tired out because of many reasons in this forest.

To be honest, I want to return as soon as possible.

I want to see Giselle.

I never thought that this would be such a long trip and further more I never expected to encountered a rare monster's assault.

Giselle also should be quite uneasy as I did not get back home till now.

I'm sorry, Giselle, I did not think that it would be such a long trip.

Also, I cannot let Shibi carry them.

Right now, since we got attacked by the Greater Bear earlier and because there are injuried people, he is obedient and if I ask he would follow my instructions, but later I feel like he will make many complains.

Besides, we should somehow take my father and Gallia-san back... Ah, that's right. 

If I carve an Otem and ride on it, I do not have to walk and also I can take my father and Gallia-san home.
When I was coming here, I thought about riding an Otem.

I thought that, but I gave up because my father got angry.

He said that 'Are you stupid? While you are going to raise physical strength.'

Right now, it it not the time to think about it and there are plenty of freshly cut trees.

I heard that the woods in the forest are high in magic power. I will bring them as materials for Otem making.

Just when I tried to carve, I do not have strength in my hands and my sight is blurry.

I am tired more than I thought.

Even so with magic, I walked too much above all.

I later had to use magic to move Otem, so I asked Shibi to carve the Otem and decided to take a break for a while. 

"Sorry, Shibi."

"No, no, please let me do this!"

Somehow, I think we are getting along well.

Before entering the forest, I was planning to pay back against Shibi, but I do not know how the world will roll.

"But I'm clumsy, so I cannot carve it well, ..."

"If we move in the forest without proper road, it will be rumbled anyway, so it will be disposable. You do not have to worry about the appearance, so I ask you to to speed up the completion"


This time, irt is enough for it to move.

There is no room to add unnecessary functions, nor is it necessary.

 It seems that Shibi did not carry a woodcarving knife, so I decided to lend mine to him.

"This knife, it's easy to use, it cuts better than the one in my house.
I thought that it would be a day's work to make four otems with trees of this size... If I need to simply scrape the surface and draw a face, it will be over in few minutes."

"Oh, that knife, I carved a magic circle on it. It can cut repeatedly without letting me tired, it reduces the burden on the arm to the limit, if it is a tree around here. It should be cut like tofu."


Fufun, he noticed well.

Next time, I will also make one for Shibi.

No matter how praised, I will become proud.

"But if I use this all the time, my muscles in my arms are likely to become dull."

"Aa, Aaa~, un, un~, I also think so, un~." (Tl: un= nodding.)

I lied down thinking about things and decided to look up at the sky and wait for the completion of the Otem.

I checked the state of my father and Gallia with sufficient degree, and lightly confirm with magic wonder whether there is any signs of dangerous monsters nearby.

When I was lying I began to get somewhat drowsy, so I strongly shake my neck to be consciousness.

After all, fatigue of my body is quite intense.

I should have brought the Abel potion.

When I raised my face, Shibi had already carved the second otem.

He drawed the part of the eye with the cutting edge.

"Shibi, when carving a face do not hold the handle, but the blade just like holding a pen..."

"Oh, is there such a way of doing it, no, but you said you do not mind how it looks."

"No, as I said but at least the minimum... Ah, then, that the one you completed, scrape the places on it that remained..."

"What, no, Abel-san, you said you do not mind seeing.... If I do so carefully, our fathers will wake up first."

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry, I will refrain from speaking."

I certainly said that.

I said that, but I will certainly be worried.

"That, Shibi... That knife is one who hooked his thumb on the back of the blade... No, no, this one, this one should be working quickly!

"Ah, yes!"

"Oh, that part... No, that part, mouth part, I hope I want you to cut it and start over, I wish if you could do it, if you could, if you do not want to it's fine."

"... Yes"

"Shibi, I came up with a good idea, as I thought this Otem, do not you try making arms for it? It is not about carving separately making arms and just drilling holes in the sides..."


"A-re, Shibi? Can you hear me, Shibi? Why do you ignore me? Oi?"

"Shibi... It's hard to say... but the part there is... after all... why are you pushing the knife off and it will be redone again? Because it hurts, the knife will get hurt!"

Although I felt cracks ran between me and Shibi again on the way, we managed to finish four big otems somehow.

However, when I see Otem which is not decorated with colors, I'm fidgeting to add things to it.

The skin is not cut off, and it is in a log state with almost a face.

Though it cannot be helped because it focuses on completion speed.

This is just a big otem. There should be a variety of applications.

"... Abel-san, we cannot make arms?"

"No, no, I do understand"

I tried to carry my father with the cooperation of Shibi.

Only my side did not lift.

Shibi took my father on to the Otem.

Well, I guess I'll start with a little muscle training.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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