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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 22: 13-yrs old (7)

13-yrs old (7)

We got on to the otems and moved through the forest.

It was bumpy than I thought and I ended up vomiting and took a break, Shimuparrot awoke and tried to run away, we frantically lined up Otems while supporting the fathers who seemed to fall out of Otems on a rough road. It was a busy way to home. 

However, it was worth it, at a distance our village settlement was visible.

Finally I can return to my home.

The time was already twilight and the sky was red.

"Abel-san, thank you! ... That, I'm really sorry I said rude things."

"No, it's fine, I also bothered a lot of troubles, I got help too. Ah! You do not have to do that cutting the cross."

"Oh, is that so?"

Shibi lowers his raised hand and scratches his head cheekily.

"Actually I... I thought that it would be a love rival with Abel-san, so it was just... I would like to bully..."

"Love rival?"

"But, by I look at you defeating such tremendous monster at ease and you using healing magic skillfully, I cannot be compared with you..."

Shibi said that love rival, far from having a girlfriend, I do not have any close acquaintance.

By any chance Philo?

I was not conscious of such thought....

But in such a country side, marriage seems to be premature, in fact both my father and mother are pretty young.

Perhaps it would be better for me to think about it soon.

Basically I who was an shut-in have few friends.

Also, recently, I heard through circulated rumors that the Beleke family has a devil that turns humans into otems.

I think that there would be no one who believes those rumors, but there is no difference that my peculiar personality is known to them.

There will be many suitors for beautiful Giselle, but there will not be many girls who will like me. 

On that point Philo, there is also a relationship between me and the chieftain, there are many contact points from a long time ago. 

When I think a lot about it she's a nuisance girl, but I do not dislike.

Maren's colony is not wide there.

Compared to the previous life, it is a quite closed community.

Given that the rumors of my pecularity are twisted and spreading, if there is a prospect of marrying me in the future, there is none other than Philo?

Well, well, I do not have to think heavily so far.

I am still thirteen years old in this world. It will come to be if the time comes.

... However, it might be better to behave by considering others.

"Philo and I..."

"Aa I thought, Giselle-san was an unattainable flower..."


No, wait a moment.

I do not really understand what you are saying.

"I was asked to carry the magical appliances during the time when fire spiritual ceremony was held, but I dropped a part of the decoration... At that time, Giselle-san looked for it together."

Fire spiritual ceremony is a festival celebration for the beginning of the summer called "Fire Dragon Season" in Japan.

The seasons of this world are divided into two categories: the fire dragon season and the ice dragon season.

"Come to think of it, that day... I did not see Abel-san, Giselle-san also hurried home quite early."

"What? Oh, Aaa~, un, that day I am a bit busy."

"At that time, right, I skipped that day because I was busy taking care of the four squirrels."

Chimera is difficult to maintain life.

Sometimes it will develop sudden problems in it's body and it will die as it is.

The multi-headed mouse named Jan garian. I kept watching carefully even after the fire spirit festival. It was worthwhile to succeed in watching until the age of safety. Although it was originally a short-lived species. 

Jan garian was fighting with it's other 5 heads when feeding, I wonder if it was giving up on some days. It was pretty cute.

I cried when it died. I have also made a grave in the garden.

My thinking diverted, it was a fire spirit festival.

I remembered that my mother said that if atleast one of us do not go then there will be no face to my father, so Giselle went alone on that day. 

In the end, Giselle just helped with preparations and showed her face and came back immediately by making excuse of poor physical condition.

Truely, Who did she look like?

... From now on, let's try to attend all the major ceremonies.

"I and Giselle are brother and sister, it is not that kind of relationship."

"What? Oh, a-re, is that different?"

"Aa, it's different."

Oh, I guess he must have misunderstood seeing us from the distance that Giselle is sticking with me outside.

In this settlement, surname envelopes are not uncommon.

Surely, I and Gissele are too close in distance.

It may not have been seen as a sibilings.

I should have been careful, I was just beginning to think so recently.

"Well, then, may I call you as my brother!?"

Shibi's love interest was Giselle.

Then what I say is decided.

"It's a no!"

I am Syscon.

It will be time to get married to Gissele, but now I still do not want to think about such a thing.

I have confidence in shedding bloody tears at her wedding.

"Ughugu, muu..."

"Uwah, ... What, what? Oi, where is this!?"

As if to respond to my scream, I heard two voices from my back.

It seems that my father and Gallia got up because I raised my voice.


When I make a voice, the four otems stop at once.

I and Shibi descended from Otem, standing in front of our fathers, told them that I had subdued Greater Bear.

"Greater Bear... that, an oversized.... By any chance, could not that be a Greater Bear?"

Gallia twists his neck.

It seems that it is too incredible to beat Greater Bear.

"What, what are you talking about, Father! Abel-san, 'zapatt~to' blown it through the trees and trees... already, that was truly amazing!"

"... It seems that when I was fallen, you 2 seemed to get along well all together."

Shibi became my subordinate.

"If I remember correctly, I should have my stomach...."

While saying that, my father strokes his body from the torn part of his clothes.

It is the part ripped by the nail of Greater Bear.

"I closed it with the flesh of that monster, since it was successful there was almost no traces left. So if there is smething wrong or inconvenient. I can also peel off and adjust again so that something happens, please be sure to tell me soon. As the number of days goes by, the more it will become part of your father's body... as soon as possible..."

"Mum, mu..."

From there we abandoned Otems and we decided to walk home.

Later, we returned home safely.

At the entrance of the village, Giselle was waiting with an anxious expression.

When she saw me, her face shined and she came running.

"Were you safe? Nii-sama!"

I put Shimparotto on the ground, hugged Giselle and stroked her head.

By feeling a sight and looked back, Shibi was looking at me anxiously.

No, this is just a skinship...

When I heard the story, Apparently Giselle seemed to have been waiting here for a long time since she knew that I headed for hunting.

I guess she was so lonely.

Sorry, I did not mean to leave the village for such a long time.

"It's good... I am worried and uneasy as to whether my brother went down on the way..."

... As I thought, you are looking at me like that.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.
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