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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 23: 15-yrs Old (1)

15-yrs Old (1)

Another two years have passed.

I became 15-yrs old, and Giselle became 13-yrs old now.

If I add 2 more years to my previous life.

I wonder if those 2 members of the Black Magic Research Division were around 30's already.

Or the time flow of that world is different from here? 

Is Ii-chan and Yama-san well?

Especially Ii-chan, it would be better if she do not have a prolonged shock of my death. 

No, it's fine.

It is unavoidable to think about such a thing.

While watching the moon, I kept thinking about my past life.

To be precise, this is not the Earth, there is no moon in the sky.

However, I call a big star as moon that come at the night just like similar to my previous life's moon. 

The books and people in the settlement called it Ding, it seemed there are many myths and hypotheses around this star.

"What's the matter, looking up at the sky in a daze?"

Shibi stopped the hands carving the otem and saw me.

From the day 2 years ago when we came across Greater Bear at the forest, Shibi had been visiting my house regularly.  
I was delighted to accept that he wanted to learn how to carve an Otem, but he was not improving.

He stops work hal way and when I asked for more improvements, he often makes tired expressions on his face.

Perhaps it is too much for me to say few fine precise...

"Nii-sama likes to look at Din from long ago."

Giselle smiled and said so.

When Shibi left, like always "It's nice we two to be alone." or "It's good that he left let's put a barrier again from now." saying Giselle. I cannot think she was the same person.

"I like watching the Nii-sama watching Ding! Of course I like usual Nii-sama as well but now Nii-sama looks a little far away from usual, like lonely face... As for me, are you say that it will be a long way to go?"

As Giselle excited her talking speeded up, she gently blushes with speed talking.

Oh, ooh.

She observed me well.

When watching the appearance of Giselle, there are occasions when I feel uneasy.

 It is nice to be liked, but there are times when I feel that when Giselle's bro-con is like a narrow field of vision.

 One of the reasons I went to few ceremonies and festivals that I have been skipping till now was because I want Giselle to socialize with others. 

No, of course I feel that I cannot crush my father's face too much.

"Is, is that so, I want to hear more stories about Abel-san's stories, I want to hear so much, if possible, from Giselle-san's mouth!"

"Wa haa..."

Giselle makes her facial expression slightly fear and gets away from him.

Shibi inclined forward by the amount that Gisele withdraws.

... What is it, the composition of this three-men pose.

Perhaps this fellow Shibi, maybe he became my pupil of carving Otems for the purpose of Giselle from the beginning.

 If so, if Giselle does not think so much about it, it may be better to say once to Shibi once.

However, Giselle has extremely few contacts with non-family members.

 I am actively seeking interaction with other people by looking at festivals and others, but in many cases Giselle is reluctant and ended in an adversary-only opponent in many cases.

If Shibi frequently comes, it should be a good experience for Giselle.

 Just because I like Giselle too much, I kept keeping it far apart, maybe that is not good.

...... I think that these things are supposed to be thought by my father and mother for a while.

 It seems that they does not seem to have any problems.

 Is it the difference between the values ​​of pure Maren tribe and former Japanese people?

 Because of the stereotype cultivated in the previous life, there are still many parts that cannot be fully adapted to the culture and customs of Maren tribe.

 It seems that in the Maren tribe it will be recognized as an adult at the age of sixteen.

 Role in the village, such as preparation of rituals, will also increase.

 As usual it will not be possible to go on to practice magic skills and it may be better to ask the father various questions and fill in the difference of values.

"Giselle, you can cook, I would like to eat it, I want to eat so much, see, I like to eat, you know by seeing my body, but I do not know, just kidding!"

Shibi talks while raising his voice.

It hurts a place somewhat caught self-stuttering.

Giselle had an amiable smile like she was in trouble.

"... Shibi, why don't you move your hands soon?"

Although it doubles as a break, it takes time for magic training and watching Shibi's Otem carvings.

 I do not know where his motivation is, but it is not fun to me as siblings are squatting with my sister.

 I am serious about magic and my little sister.

 I was frustrated a little.

"And, sorry, Onii-san."

After Shibi said, let his face blue as if he slipped his tongue.

"So, who is your brother!"

"It is wrong! Just because my mouth slipped a bit, I intended to do that..."

It is not an excuse for anything.

I get up and run around behind Shibi and twisted my fists onto the head on both sides.

"I'm sorry, sorry! It hurts! ... Well, is not that painful?"

...... My frail constitution remained as usual.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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