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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 24: 15-yrs Old (2)

15-yrs old (2)

Gon, Gon, Gon.

An Otem holding a tree moves on the road of my village.

This Otem is a bit big and rugged, so it is eye-catching, but it is useful because of it's high magical capacity.

Boasting power is it's selling point and my favorite Otem.

It was the Otem we abandoned 2 years ago near the forest entrance after we used it as a ride to bring our fathers back. Later I recovered it and carved it again by taking some time.

I and Giselle following that Otem slowly behind it.

The villagers looked at the Otem with strange faces and after getting a glimpse of me and then they pass by as if there had been nothing strange about it, as if they are saying "what if it isn't Abel". 

In order to let Otem carry heavy things, it consumes magical power accordingly.

 From an ordinary person view, it seems that the person who carry things by himself is quicker than let the Otem carry things.

The one who accompanied by the Otem to walk around the village everyday was only me. 
The tree is called Futel, which was being carried by Otem.
It has high magic power and have many trees near the forest entrance, so this tree is popular for making Otem.

Because it is still young, it is thin and it is not long.

It is about 2 meters long, I cut it off from the upper side to 1 meter. 

With this size, it is about four years old since buds sprout out.

Futel tree's trunk thickens and grows steadily from the 5th year onwards.

What I wanted this time is this fair just before it's trunk becomes thick.

Rather... rather than soil, everything remains.

On the way, it leaves the path of the soil. 

There is a small purpose, I am trying to plant this Futel tree in my garden.

And a girl comes out from the side of the road, blocking the course of Otem.

The thick hair that is being carefully groomed swayed according to her movements.

 Looking at me with squinted eyes, intentionally braced her arms as if being amazed.

It was Philo. 

"Truly, when I thought there were 'Don don don' annoying sounds, as I thought, it was you, this time what are you going to do..."

Bad, I added Otem a function to detect the surroundings and avoid obstacles.

I did add it, but it cannot react enough if she jumped out like that suddenly.

Originally, it was not installed with agile movements.

"Stop, stop!"

I shouted and gave instructions to Otem.

Otem slows down, but it did not stop.


Philo raises a stupid voice and stands on the spot.

"No, no, I did not tell you to stop! You get back! Ah, oi! You are in danger..."

A dull sound was heard, Philo and Otem collided.


Philo received the thrust by Otem's body weight and falls down on the ground.
Otem will stop as if nothing had happened since it hit Philo down.

"Before... it stopped..."

Philo blushes and speaks in a low voice and looks at Otem with hate.

Come to think of it, there was an incident before when she suddenly jumped out and Otem stopped in the last minute.

Are you a cat who wants to run before the car?

"Oi, are you OK?"

"... My hand broken, it surely broken."

I did not see that the load on her hand to be that hard when she fell.

"No, no, I guess that's probably a sprain."

As I crouched to see her arm, Philo turned her face down.

"... Are you crying?"

"That's not it!"

It was a tearful voice.

I think it is probably a sprain, but it probably hurts so much.

I took Philo's right hand, take out the small cane and point it towards Philo's wrist.

It was supposed to be the hand which came to contact the ground.

A small magic circle floated in the air.

「ব্যথা痛みよ উবা去れ」 (pain pain fly away)

Light coming out of the tip of the cane is going all the way into Philo's wrist.

It will temporarily relieves pain.

Whether it is broken or not, I can check it slowly from now on.

Philo raised her face slightly and turned her eyes with tears towards me.

As I thought she was crying.

After staying for about 2 seconds, she pulls her hand back as if saying return my her hand back.

"Do, do not touch my hand casually! True, truly... this is why... That's right, thank you anyway..."

Philo says it with blush on her face and stands up.

Then wipes her tears with her other hand sleeve... suddenly stops her movement.

"What's wrong?"

"This here... this is the one..."

Philo sits on the ground again.

Tears fell from her eyes.

"No, you were fine until just now!"

"Because my consciousness was on the hand of being held, I was paralyzed and it's not that I was nervous because you held my hand like that, separately!"

"I understand! I got it, give me the other hand! Oh! Why are you hiding it!?"

For some reason Philo hides the left hand quickly under her belly.

"I, I did not say that because I want you to hold my hand or I want you to worry about me, I am saying not because of that! It really hurts! It is true! This is something to make it clear...!"

"I understand, I really understand! Because I just want to hold it! Please lend it to me, okay?"

Philo's voice and shoulder are trembling.

It is not an acting.

It surely was not when she fall on the ground, but when she collided with Otem, she must have twisted her wrist.

I some grasped the hand that Philo is trying to hide under her body and apply pain reducing magic as before.

I checked it after she calm down, but it looked like there was nothing wrong.

It seems that it was completely just a sprain.


I also got a cold last week, "I will die this time. Please forgive my previous infidelity", as I cried before my mother and sister, I cannot say about other people.

"... I, I will not say thanks, because you just wanted me to hold my hand! Because you said so!"

"Oh... oh, that's OK, it was my Otem that pushed you back."

"No, no, I'm regretting that I jumped before it as I thought it will stop anyway, but... that Otem, is not it a bit dull?"

Perhaps, Philo did not plan to say that.

However, by her saying, my pride as an Otem maker triggered.

"There is enough magic power that could move this heavy Otem. To move it a lot of magic power is needed that means, naturally to stop it needs enough magic power to stop it. The magic that needs to move this heavy Otem needs to be canceled.

It's not just stopping the supply, but after stopping it at once, it's necessary to release the residual magic power that is used to move it and vent it towards the sky. Besides, the amount of inertial force proportional to weight, also must apply a force in the opposite direction.

This time, the order of the magic circles that I incorporated in this Otem, such a sudden stop has become needs such process. So, compared to a light Otem, the lag to absolutely stop will increase."

"Ah... aah, is that so."

 Nonetheless, in this village except me and chief no one can move such a heavy Otem. I think ordinary people can just ignore it. 

"Improvement can be made depending on the structure, but it was postponed because cost and return do not match. From now on, increase the reaction speed to moving objects, incorporate the approach to stop with the other approach in the future, so that the brake works sooner. From now on jump in with confidence. I will put my pride on it and let it stop absolutely."

"... No, no, do not worry, probably I will not do it again."

"No, it's okay to jump before the Otem again I will make it safe, I will never let you say that it was 'dull' next time."

"Is that it! I thought it was strange for you to be worried, were you concerned with that!? I apologize for what I said. So, please let it slide!"

 Philo covered covered her left hand with her right hand and step backed a half step.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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