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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 19: 13-yrs Old (4) [Part 2]

13-yrs Old 4 [Part 2]

Greater Bear, kneels on the spot.
I feel relieved and sigh.

"No, it's good..."


My father's voice sounds, I raise my face.
Greater Bear got up and jumped towards me.

My magic did not effect it fully.
The magic of the mental interference type is hard to effect with those with magic power.

I let my gaurd down just by seeing it on the knees.
It was a foolish mistake in judging because there was no actual experience.


I stepped back, but there is no time.
Greater Bear moved to the front of me and shook the nail with a big swing.

Will be killed.
The moment I thought so, my father pushed me.

I threw the bow and Shimuparrot in my hands and rolled and stopped by a tree by hitting it.
I managed to get my upper body up and saw in front.

My father spurt blood from his belly and fallen.
My father became my substitute and received the blow by Greater Bear.

At first sight, my father's injury is quite deep.
I do not know how long he could hold on.
Treatment is necessary for him right now.

Vaguely, I remembered about my magician father who was killed in my past life.

"Fa, Father-sama!"

Greater Bear stands in front of my fallen father.

"Gua ha ha!"

"Come over here you big head!"

Gallia takes out a ball wrapped in cloth from the pocket and throws it to the ground.
The ball cracked and smoked a strange smell.

Greater Bear transfers it's interest to Gallia and rushes to him.
Apparently, that ball seems to be a tool to draw monsters with a smell.

I ran over to my father and raised his shoulder.

"Father-sama, hang in there!"

My father lifts his hand weakly and touches the scar of his belly.
He took the blooded hand in front of his face, opened his eyes thinly, then laughed without strength.
He probably noticed that the wound was deep.
Then my father tightens his face and sees me.

"... I have never been able to show you a figure that looks like a father."

"No such thing! Such a thing, please stop this way of saying like it's the end!"

"Abel, a lot of times I was angry because you do not listen to what I said... But you were a clever boy... There were times when you asked something, but almost it was like a confirmation. When I look at your facial expression. It was uneasy. Therefore, I also had a prosperous appearance. Sometimes I was idle. After scolding, I also knew that you had hidden facial expressions that you were amazed with it. I did not know what to do."

My father shakes his head faintly.

My father was worried in his own way.
I have memories of the previous life, there was a part of me that did not recognized Zereroto as my father.
Like some created thing, may be I thought like that.

However, there is no such thing.
My father was happy when I was born and he was suffered seriously with every single move.
Everything that I thought was able to hide it was all clumsy.
Zereroto is indeed my father.
Although I often thought absurdly, I did not think that was the reason, but finally I felt like I understood it with my own feeling.

"It's not that I have no regrets, at least I wanted to see you being a groom and Giselle's being a bride, but... At the very least I am glad that I could do something like a father."

Blood fells from the father's shivering loose lips.
Red-black blood. It is an evidence that internal organs are damaged.

"Take Shibi and run away, Abel. I cannot last long. Take care of Giselle and mother."

Ah, I see.
I felt like my father would come back if magic was found to exist. So, that's why I kept clinging to magic for a long time in my past life.

In this world even with magic losing my father... I will not let such a foolish thing.
Like this, I do not know the reason why I have trained magic until now.

I got up and stared at the Greater Bear.

Gallia receives the attack of the nail of Greater Bear with his knife.
The blade of the knife breaks and the fingers of Gaulia who grabbed the knife bend to distortion.

Nevertheless, Gallia was confronting Greater Bear.

Gallia casts a spell and made a floating magic circle and attacked the face of Greater Bear with flame spears.
Greater Bear scratches it off by using it's nails.
By seeing that, it seems that the attack on surface will not damage it.
While Gallia was casting the spell it stopped attacking.
Greater Bear seemed to be playing with us by knowing we are below it's level.

"... I will not run away by leaving my father alone."

"Oi, Abel!"

Greater Bear is sturdy so that the eyelids do not pass through the arrows.
Even so, I have magic.

「প্রেত光よ আঁকা描け」

I used all my magic in me.
I never tried to use all my magic at once.
There is a danger of exploding and I do not have confidence in my control. In addition, wasting magic power reduces the amount of time I can practice.
But right now, I use as much magic power as I can.

Still, I do not think I can defeat such a stubborn monster.
However, I just want the power that can let the Greater Bear surprised by it and escapes.

I took my time to draw magic circle in the air.
Attacking normally on Greater Bear's sturdy skin is useless.
I will use every knowledge I have and remodel my existing magic circle and release it with maximum power.

However, I have never heard of development of magic circle during battle.
Originally the magic circle is that the magician strives to improve the performance by multiplying the months and days.
Although it is a partial adjustment according to the situation this time, the risk of failing if it is done in a short time is high.
However, even if I hit it with existing magic, I do not think it will get through the Greater Bear.

What I use is magic that cuts with wind blades.
In my hand, this should have the most power at the moment.

I changed the magic circle greatly from existing ones, decided to devote all the magical power used for control to strengthening the power, and to make the blade of the wind thin to the limit.
I do not know how much it will be enough to do this.

It has such a strong skin.
Until now, Greater Bear may not have suffered a decent damage.
If so, if it gets scratched no matter how small. It may flee and run away.
It is a wishful thinking, but I have no choice but to bet on it.


Shibi shouts in pain.
Greater Bear was just reaching for the neck of the Gallia who lost his consciousness.
Bad, I will not make it. Gallia-san will be killed.

"Gwa-ha ha ha............ ha?"

At that time, Greater Bear trembled it's body like it felt something and stopped moving.
The expression of Greater Bear changed.
Thin squat is opened(It stands up). The expression of laughter changes to the face of anger.
Then, it lowered it's posture and aligned it's eyes with mine.


For some reason Greater Bear seemed to be excited abruptly.
He shook his head and raised his cries and jumped over to me.

It is a tremendous speed.
Unlike before, it's like a different way.
On the way, it broke the trees touching it's arms. It did not even slow down.

"বায়ুWind ফলক"(Elephant blade)

I turn my hands towards the Greater Bear.
Please, please withdraw with this!


For a moment, I felt like hearing the cry of Greater Bear.
The dirt smoke gets rolled, covering the whole area.

I cover my eyes with my arms.
Greater Bear does not jump in.
I felt relieved, when I thought I managed to get rid of it.

"... ... Un~?"

When the clouds were cleared, there were trees lined cut cleanly at a height.
It is not one or two.
At least, it seems that fifty of them have been cut.

I have never used my full magic.
No way, I did not expect it to be far.

"...... Ah."

The lower body of Greater Bear was just standing there along the trees that were cut.
Obviously it was an overkill.
'Potento' the lower body of Greater Bear collapses as if it had fulfilled its role.

I only feel overkill.
Er... It was a good feeling now.
Did I do everything when I was fighting life and dead match with Greater Bear?
Honestly, if it is like this I may have let Greater Bear to sleep normally by putting more power into it.

No, this is OK... Un(nod).
What is this feeling that I can not quite understand?
Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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