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IUSAP10 Part4

Is my elixir due to brainwashing effect? I wander in a different world Chapter: 10 [Part 4]

10 [Part 4]

Although at first, I had a lot of troubles. For the time being in the morning after breakfast with Karen and Shakti close combat training. After lunch studying magic with Lina. And at night was to be enjoyed by everyone.

{And now three days from that day}

Shakti attacked Dee's stomach and he was blown back towards a tree.

"Dee! Are you OK?"

Shakti asked Dee

"I am still fine! Shakti! Please do not hesitate to train me!"

Dee said to Shakti while using wooden sword to stand up from the ground.

"I see! Well then I will not hold back!"

Shakti closes up on Dee and strikes at him. To that, Dee uses wooden sword in his left hand to protect himself..... and then used wooden sword of the right hand to strike towards Shakti left side gap.


"I did it! I took a point from Shakti!"

Finally Dee was able to take one point from Shakti after started training since 3 days.

"Oh damn it! You got me! I thought to make it hard for you to hit me! Dee you are amazing! And your twin sword technique somehow got into shape."

That's right, Dee was training with 2 swords. At the beginning of the training he used only one sword, but Shakti said that it would be a pity to not to train since there are 2 swords. Dee started training with 2 swords.

"Un, some how I was able to use it, but it's still a long way ahead, so please train me more! Shakti!"

Dee said to Shakti with a full angel smile, Shakti hugged Dee.

"Un~, Dee so cute."

Embraced Dee was suffocated with his face buried in the cleavage of Shakti's boobs.

"Can't... breath...."


"It hurts!"

"What are you doing!"

Lina do not know when she came hit Shakti's head and Shakti releases Dee.

"It hurts, you know?"

"Naturally! During training time, when you 2 are alone, what are you doing?"

Lina glared at Shakti and Shakti glared back. Dee was laughing at the sight of such two women.

"Hahaha, really you two get along well. Before that, since Lina came here that means is it already noon?"

When Dee asked Lina, Lina replied in a panic.

"Who will get along with such a muscle idiot! ... Before that Karen made lunch so I came call you."

"Who, who will get along with this no breasts... Fuun!"

"But, in my country there is a saying that [they are close enough to fight each other]."

When they heard Shakti and Lina turned their faces towards each other while turning their faces red.

These 2 are not honest at all.

Dee while laughing went between Lina and Shakti and hold their arms and walked into Karen's house together.

"Hora hora, let's go! If we do not go quickly, Karen-san's cooking will cool down."

Shakti and Lina look at each other



"Hahaha looking forward to Karen-san's food."


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