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DWDL26 part1

Different world dungeon life Chapter: 26 [Part 1]

26 [Part 1]

With pain I regained consciousness.

"Ugh... it hurts... Where am I..."

When I look around there is a cliff visible in front of my eyes, perhaps I have fallen from the cliff after blown away by the lord's attack, I admire myself for being alive. When I explored the source of my pain, there are several ribs broken and my left hand does not move.

"I'm beat, I should have learned recovery magic... "

At a time like this if only Kuon was beside me... I think so, but I cannot help it. I picked up tree twigs to fix my arm.

"My sword was stuck in the lord..."

For the time being I started walking by picking a direction, if it is like this I am sure I will die in couple of days because there is no food and no water.

"Well then, it would be great if I do not come across any demons..."

I used my all five senses to proceed carefully, after walking a while I heard the sound of running water.

"A river, with this I will be able to secure some water... if I walk along side the river, I may find a village."

While walking along side the river, I meet people they seemed to wash clothes.

"Excuse me."

"Yes? Oh my, what an injury!"

"I am an adventurer, I got hurt when I am fighting with a monster."

"Is that so, I will give you treatment at my home, please come with me."

"It would help."

"Onii-chan are you alright?"

"Yes I am fine, Onii-chan is strong."

"I see then it's good. My name is Liz and what's your name Onii-chan?"

"My name is Kyosuke. I am an adventurer from near by town."

"It's Kyosuke Onii-chan then."

"Liz talk later."

"Ha~ai." (yes)

"I'm sorry, it is because we rarely meet people here."

"No, she a healthy girl."

"Yes she is my treasure, I am sorry for late introduction my name is Yuri."

"Please to meet you, Yuri-san."

And then Yuri-san guided me to their house. Yuri-san seem she can use a little bit of recovery magic and my injury had been well in 2 days.

"Thank you very much, thanks to you my wound is healed."

"No, no, please be careful."


"Kyosuke onii-chan, are you going now?"

"I'm sorry Liz, there are people waiting for me so I need to go."

"Un~, will you come again to see me?"

"Ah ofcourse, it's a promise."

"Un~, promise! "

"Well then, I'm going."

"Have a nice day."

"Onii-chan~ see you again."

I waved my hand to Liz who waves her hands greatly and I started walking towards the town. Yuri-san showed me the location of the town in a map all I need to do is just walk. On the way I found and hunted a large wild boar if I returned to Yuri-san's house it will not take an hour, so I decided to take it back. I need to show my thanks for treating my wounds... 

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+

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