Monday, 5 February 2018

DWDL26 part1

Different world dungeon life Chapter: 26 [Part 1]

26 [Part 1]

With pain I regained consciousness.

"Ugh... it hurts... Where am I..."

When I look around there is a cliff visible in front of my eyes, perhaps I have fallen from the cliff after blown away by the lord's attack, I admire myself for being alive. When I explored the source of my pain, there are several ribs broken and my left hand does not move.

"I'm beat, I should have learned recovery magic... "

At a time like this if only Kuon was beside me... I think so, but I cannot help it. I picked up tree twigs to fix my arm.

"My sword was stuck in the lord..."

For the time being I started walking by picking a direction, if it is like this I am sure I will die in couple of days because there is no food and no water.

"Well then, it would be great if I do not come across any demons..."

I used my all five senses to proceed carefully, after walking a while I heard the sound of running water.

"A river, with this I will be able to secure some water... if I walk along side the river, I may find a village."

While walking along side the river, I meet people they seemed to wash clothes.

"Excuse me."

"Yes? Oh my, what an injury!"

"I am an adventurer, I got hurt when I am fighting with a monster."

"Is that so, I will give you treatment at my home, please come with me."

"It would help."

"Onii-chan are you alright?"

"Yes I am fine, Onii-chan is strong."

"I see then it's good. My name is Liz and what's your name Onii-chan?"

"My name is Kyosuke. I am an adventurer from near by town."

"It's Kyosuke Onii-chan then."

"Liz talk later."

"Ha~ai." (yes)

"I'm sorry, it is because we rarely meet people here."

"No, she a healthy girl."

"Yes she is my treasure, I am sorry for late introduction my name is Yuri."

"Please to meet you, Yuri-san."

And then Yuri-san guided me to their house. Yuri-san seem she can use a little bit of recovery magic and my injury had been well in 2 days.

"Thank you very much, thanks to you my wound is healed."

"No, no, please be careful."


"Kyosuke onii-chan, are you going now?"

"I'm sorry Liz, there are people waiting for me so I need to go."

"Un~, will you come again to see me?"

"Ah ofcourse, it's a promise."

"Un~, promise! "

"Well then, I'm going."

"Have a nice day."

"Onii-chan~ see you again."

I waved my hand to Liz who waves her hands greatly and I started walking towards the town. Yuri-san showed me the location of the town in a map all I need to do is just walk. On the way I found and hunted a large wild boar if I returned to Yuri-san's house it will not take an hour, so I decided to take it back. I need to show my thanks for treating my wounds... 

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+

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  1. I thought you stopped translating this...

  2. Welcome Back! Im glad you didnt drop the novel on us, that last cliffhanger couldve ended worse than it did. Im looking forward to how the Dungeon will look when he comes back with the girls, Lumidora seems capable so she should have made a few extra layers by now. Now the next half will probably have the Orc Lord attack Liz and Yuri but i dont think they will be added to the harem this time..

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/