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Balu Fusion Fantasy ch 3

3) Goddess & Strongest

A.N.: Hi Everyone this is Balu.

(From Today onwards I will be using Japanese honorifics for the characters.)

Today I will meet the Goddess of this world.


"Stop." ( Balu said to Silvy)

A white light Surrounds Balu and Silvy.

The next second Balu is facing the Goddess.

" It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ira a Goddess.
I heard a lot about you. The one of the Strongest in the Universe."

" Hello. My name is Balu." ( Balu)

" I heard from North Goddess you were strong even with seal. But, I never thought my thunder would not even effect you."

That means Silvy is goddess Ira-sama but the appraisal skill did not show that.

" Yes, I am also surprised to hear that Silvy is Ira-sama. I thought Silvy is different from other Silver tooth."

The Appraisal skill must be blocked by my own power.

" Yes that is why your stats are not accurate. The planet system cannot calculate your true value because of your power."

Well I know that much. I noticed some irregulars in the appraisal. Wait a sec she read my mind. I know that North Goddess can read my mind. Well anyway

" Ira-sama I want to know something"(Balu)

" Yes, What is it?"

Even though my power is sealed it is still power full than I thought. It's better to put another seal on it.

" Can you put another seal on my current power?"(Balu)

" Yes I can on your current power."

" But not your entire power. Your power is too massive even for Supreme Gods. You born with the power of Universe which rivals the power of Gods."

" Ira-sama please seal my power."(Balu)

Fufu... Just as I thought this boy has pure heart than anyone. He is strength rivals his kindness.

" Balu-san I have summoned you for the very same reason."

" Thank you Ira-sama."

(Note: Balu have to stay on this planet for many years to complete his mission.)

After few hours Balu power is sealed successfully. Now time for Skill selection.

" Balu-san your power is sealed successfully congratulation. Now we need some stats and skill for you.
Balu-san please pick a card from this Ira-Box."

Ira Box which grants stats and skills to every individual who were transferred to this planet.

Balu took a card from the box. The card card vanished into Balu's Body.

Balu check his stats.

Masaba Balu Lvl 1
Age: 10
Race: Human M
Job: Universal ( Can take any Job on the planet. 3Free slots for LVL 1)

HP: 1000/1000
MP: 2000/2000

ATK: 100                
DEF: 100                
MATK: 100               ( Magic attack increase by INT)(i.e., MATK +INT = Magic power) 
MDEF: 100
AGI: 100
INT: 100
LUC: 1000000

REC: 100                (Recovers HP/MP every hour 100%)



SKILL TAKE              ( Takes or steals the Skill of opponent include Unique Skill and Divine Skills. The opponent looses the skill forever)
SKILL TRANSFER     ( Transfer any Skill to the target except Unique Skills and Divine Skills)
SKILL HIDE               ( Can set false Stats and Skills. Hides Skills even from Super Appraisal and can show false stats.)
SKILL COPY             ( Copy Skill from target include Unique Skill and Divine Skills. Can make a Copy of own skills effect original)
SKILL IMAGINATION  ( Use any Skill. Learn any Skill. Make any Skill.)
SKILL CANCEL         ( Can intercept Magic of others. Own magic need no Chant.) 
ROOM                      ( Can Make anything with magic. {Ex: Clothes, Weapons, Vehicles, etc}.)
STAT MAKER  LVL 1 ( Set stats from 1 to Max of the target. STATS (LVL, ATK, MATK, DEF, MDEF, AGI, INT, LUC, REC). Skills of user cannot be stolen by anyone.)
Divine Restore           ( Restores Health, Clears any Status abnormalities including Curse and Resurrect dead or undead.)
EXP BANK               ( EXP goes directly to EXP BANK. Stored EXP gets double rise each day. EXP transfer to target. EXP release when ever where ever.)
Appraisal                   Lvl 1

Item Box ( 100X100)

Money: 0

Introducing STAT MAKER you can manipulate any thing with numbers Like  Appraisal LVL 10 you can change it to LVL 1.

If Enemy stats are like this                                     You can change his Stats to
Enemy Lvl 50                                                       Enemy Lvl  50

HP: 1000/1000                                                      HP: 1000/1000        cannot change
MP: 1000/1000                                                     MP: 1/1000                 can change

ATK: 1000                                                            ATK: 1/1000                    1 is changed stat and 1000 is Max stat
DEF: 1000                                                           DEF: 1/1000                     
MATK: 1000                                                         MATK: 1/1000
MDEF: 1000                                                        MDEF: 1/1000
AGI: 1000                                                            AGI: 1/1000
INT: 1000                                                             INT: 1/1000
LUC: 10                                                               LUC: 1/10

REC:10                                                                REC: 10                    cannot change

 Skill Lvl 100                                                        Skill: Lvl 100                  cannot change        

Even if someone with Infinite stats becomes 1. You can change your own stat to max stat.

" Balu-san you should start your journey from scratch because you will be transferred to different location."

" Thank you Ira-Sama."

Balu is surrounded by white light once again.

Next time
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4)Guild & Exam

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