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IUSAP06 Part 2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 06 (Part 2)

TL: Sorry for the late release. 

I see... After requesting Shakti and Lina to exterminate the goblins, since then until today nothing had happened. But, today in the morning from the opposite direction where Shakti and Lina went, a mass of goblins attacked the village. Karen and her husband, who were former adventurers came to buy time against goblins till the villagers escape. Once the villagers were escaped, they escaped towards the opposite side but were caught up by the goblins. When they were in pinch with husband was deeply wounded and Karen-san's magic power run out, it seems that I made an entrance there.

"I see! I understand! Then, the villagers are safe, were not they?"

"probably, we were desperately fighting.
I do not know. How many people managed to escape? Sorry..."

"No, there is no need to for Karen-san to apologize! It was hard on Karen-san also, but it is good that Karen-san was safe♪."

Here, Dee unconsciously made an angel smile towards Karen.

(Juku) Wa uun~♪, what is that smile? If I look at that smile, my womb will start aching again♪.

"A~, that's right, Karen-san can use magic, right? Then, what kind of magic can you use? "

"... Eh? Oh, yes, I am a water magic user! Even I look like this, I am a D-rank adventurer before! I quit as an adventurer after getting married, so there was a period of blank."

"Is that so? So then, emission system or support system, which one are you?"

"Well, I'm a supportive type, if have to choose. But I can use a bit of emission magic, but the attack power was a bit low."

"He~e, it is possible to do something like that! Then♪, I'm going to the village now, but what will you do, Karen-san?""

"Well! Of course, I will go too! Because, it's a village where I am living! Also, those girls are fighting, are not they? Then, I need to go there!"

"Eh? Do you know Shakti and Lina?"

"Well! Of course, we were in the same party before. This time also, after a long time they came to see me for the first time in a while. But, they heard about the goblins and took the request before meeting me!"

"I see, indeed! Because they did not talk that far, so I did not know."

"Are not they same as usual, are they still quarreling?"

"Un~... well, it's a little, but they listen to what I say, so it ends soon♪."

"What, those two? By any chance Dee ate them both?"

"Eh! Un~... I guess, if you look at the result..."

"I see. Those two♪... Yoshi, then let's hurry up and go to support them♪."

"Are not you enjoying Karen-san? Somehow you have a different way of speaking?"

"Yeah! Because this is my mother tongue♪. When I got married rather than I changed, I was putting up an act in front of my husband. Also, I acted like a elegant woman in the village♪."

"Is that so? Well, look at that figure until a while ago♪. I can guess somehow..."

"That's right! My husband's face was good and his personality was good.
However! At night was a fresher and was not enough! That's why, after meeting you, I feel like something inside me had became unleashed♪."

"Is that a good thing? Right, let's hurry up. Well then I'll solve this magic! Because the enemy may come, please be on alert!"

"Yeah! I got it! I am ready!"

When Karen says so, De returns the soil's dome to the soil
Then, when you check around, goblins and other monsters were not there. Just the corpse of Karen-san's husband was lying down there.


"Was that your husband's name?"

"Yes, that's right, this was my husband... Arth... In reality he was weak, but he had strong sense of justice... Until now thanks Arth... To devote yourself for me till the end... gusu~..."

Karen approached and sat down beside the Arth, she hold his hands and shed her tears. And Dee standing next to Karen somehow cuddled up against Karen. When Dee hugged Karen's stomach, she began to cry loudly. And after about five minutes later, Karen showed a smile to Dee, as if she did not cry until now.

"Dee! Thank you..."

Karen said to Dee while blushing. Dee also said.

"Un~! I'll lend you anytime, if it's okay♪."

Karen was surprised by Dee's words, but Karen said with mischievous face.

"Yeah♪. Then, I will borrow again♪."

What? Did I said something wrong?

"Well then Dee, please use these!"

While saying, Karen gave me 2 short swords, leather gauntlet, leather boots and a leather armor.

"Oh! These are... maybe?"

"Yes, that's right! These belong to Arth, because it is inconvenient to throw away as they are, and because Dee will be a little safe with these! It's just a little blooded, but do not worry♪."

"Yeah, I don't mind. But is it okay if I use them?"

"Yeah good! I would rather you use it♪. I feel that Arth will protect Dee even a little..."

"Thank you Karen! I'll use them carefully!
Is it a short sword? Can I swing it? Moreover two of them? Maybe Arth-san was a dual-swordsman?"

"Yes, Arth was a dual-swordsman. But, he normally carry them as if one is a spare, if one broke!"

"I see that a good thinking, I also do the same!"

""It might be okay ♪ There is no oil, so it can not be helped. Dee, please cut Arth to pieces!"

"Huh? Why?"

"If we leave him as it is, he will become a zombie. We must made sure he would not become like that. It may be good if there is any oil or a fire magic. But now I have no oil and I cannot use the magic of fire."

"Eh? Fire magic? I can use it. Then I will burn him with magic! But as it is, the fire may move to the surrounding trees...! That's right! I will make a hole with Earth magic and burn his corpse as it is!"

"Eh? Can you use Fire magic also? But Dee can use Earth magic and Light... That's amazing, then that make you a triple!"

"Un~, it seems, Lina was also surprised by it. Then I'll do it for the time being."

By saying Dee, sank Arth into a 2m hole and stretched his hands from above the hole.

Un~! Something like this, the image of the fire bullets are hard to burn. Then, I should use an image of flamethrower... It must be like breath from my mouth and with a flame, was it? Well, it should be fine♪.

"Well then, I will do it, please make room!... Fire-flare!"


Then a flame came out from Dee's palm, and the earth in the hole was burned.

"Un~ it was done! How is it? I think it was good enough."

"Eh? Yeah! It's amazing! You truly a triple..."

Karen was watching Dee with amazement.


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