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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 7: 7-yrs old (1)

A year has passed since I began to training with Oracle notes.
I am now 7-yrs old and Giselle 5-yrs old.

Now, when I cast while watching the back of the Oracle note, the image of the front side comes into my mind.
For Oracle notes my results will always be 100% accurate.
Apparently it seems that no one can easily do this even for Maren tribal adults.
I am glad that I continued my training from young age. It may have been my born natural talent.

However, this is because the Oracle notes themselves have magical powers, and it is impossible to see through the walls.(TL: peeping)
It is not practicality but just as to practice magic.

Peeping into the bath or changing clothes... I cannot do something like that now.
There seems to be some means to make it possible by using spells and magic circles, but I cannot handle such magic as yet.

"েতরআঁক আঁকা" (Tl: In Bengali(India) it means ghost drawing)

I reach out to the air with one hand while another hand holding a magic book.
This is a spirit language called a spell that calls upon the spirits in the atmosphere to help me to cast magic.

It seems that some complicated magics need their own magical power to drive as motive power, by calling spirits with spells and by giving spirits some complex instructions with magic circles to establish final magic.

Roughly speaking, there are many simple things that can be done with magic power alone.
By communicating with the spirits using spells, it can cause a phenomenon such as ignition.
Furthermore, by drawing a magic circle, we can manipulate that phenomenon freely.

There are exceptions, but basically this way.
Speaking briefly, magical power will be a fuel, spells are oral instructions, magic circles are design drawings.

The current spell is a spell to draw a magic circle.
I can transcribe the figure in my mind to the air by borrowing the help of the spirits.
As this is a simple magic that gathers light, magic circle is unnecessary.

Even if drawn normally with ink, there is effect. But this one is much faster if get used to it.
However, practice is indispensable because its accuracy and speed depend on the competence of the user.

However this time it was just an exercise, so it is not a magic circle I draw.
It is the face of Giselle.
It took about ten minutes, I drew it from the gloss of the cheeks to the texture of the hair, quite the details in the air.

I am glad that I succeeded.
When I draw Giselle's face before in the air with a spell, it stretched sideways and became a fat, and Giselle cried.
Although she was good to be a model of Otem, but she dislike to be drawn as a fat girl.
It may have been frustrating because the prototype remains at the end.

Fuu, being my sister's playing partner and training, both of which must be done is the hard part of being an Onii-chan.
No, it's fun for me too, so I do not mind.

"Wow, it looks like me!"

Giselle is happily making 'Kyakya'.
I will stop magical powers after I see the situation.
Painfully, the painting of Giselle that was floating in the air disappears as it dissolves in the air.


Giselle murmurs lonely.
Forgive me, Giselle. I also used a lot of magical power to keep the shape.

But, it was enough to draw Giselle's face.
Of course, simple figures can be transcribed in about ten seconds, but even if magic is used for this, it was not practical enough.

It takes considerable time to fire one fireball.
I must cast a spell to cast a magic circle in the air and cast a spell to make a fireball again.

"েতরআঁক আঁকা"

I hold my right hand towards the air while chanting and look at the magic circle drawn on the magic book.
It is a magic circle that keeps the fire spherically and shoots it.
It is not to create a fire, but to make a path for fire to the last. It is necessary to cast another spell to ignite.

Spirits are an inflexible one.
Although they seems to understand the spell, but it is doubtful whether they can be called as an organism.
I do not think they have their own will. Are not they only conditionally or Reflectively obeying orders?

According to the book the spirit seems to be a mixture of ideas of living things and fragments of the soul of the creatures that living in the land.
Although there were slight differences in the writings, in every book was written that there is no place where there are no spirits.

"খিখা হ তাত" (TL: In Bengali(India) it means Flame this hand.)

I have to keep the power to a minimum so as not to catch fire on the trees.

The flames born from my hand got into a spherical shape. I will shoot it straight.
After landing on the ground, it broke its shape and exploded and disappeared at once.

"Wow, wow! It is amazing!"

This is my first time to show the exercise of magic shooting fireballs to Giselle.
It was difficult to control the direction, so far I was practicing only when I could get the time by myself. I was afraid to injure Giselle.

Giselle looked at my magic and was excited, but I was not satisfied with this magic.


At my current level, it takes almost 20 seconds for the whole process.

With my fantasy view, while chanting spells it seems to be lynched(Killed) by goblin type guys.
I do not have a concrete dream if I think about it.
It seems practical to use bow and arrows.

I could shoot more quickly if I build up training, but maybe it's enough for a bow and arrow, if it is necessary for hunting in the first place.
There seems to have wars in the past, but as far as I look at the current village, there is not even a shadow of the past wars.
It seems there are no duels to shoot magic between people in this village.
Besides, if anyone can use it normally, it will not become even a magic trick.
A-re? By any chance, is it why that everyone are not working on their magic?

No, no, it can't be.
Because it's magic, the magic.
I am putting my all into it.

... Do not think too deeply.
No, I'm sure it will useful for something.
Anyway, I cannot go back anymore.
There is no choice but to rely on magic.

But it seems that my limit is nearing with the books at home alone.
It is nice to consolidate the foundation, but I would like to do more various things.
There are many parts and doubts that cannot be fully understood(solved) only by books. I'd like a magic master soon.
Should I talk to my father?

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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