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IUSAP07 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 07 [Part 1]

Shakti and Lina who arrived at the village that was beyond the forest where Dee was in. They have finished fighting the goblins at the center square of the village and the number of corpses lying there are over 100.

"Fuu~, I was actually surprised by these numbers! "

"Right! Where did they come out from?"

Normally goblins hunt in groups but in small numbers, but this time the number that attacked this village was unnatural large.

"That's right, because goblins have low intelligence, they cannot do things like team work. Also, however I look at this was pretty unnatural, is not it?"

"Well then, what will it be? No way! Does that mean an upper rank species of goblins exist?"

That's right goblins have low intelligence, so it is hard for them to hunt by themselves, but if they are instructed by the upper species, they will obediently become like soldiers.

"There is that possibility! If it's good a hobgoblin and at bad an ogre!"

Hobgoblin is an evolved tribe of goblins about 170cm tall and in terms of intelligence is a bit above goblins and it's ability is a bit higher than goblins. And Ogre evolves rarely from Hobgoblin, it is a demon with horns on it's head. Ogre is more than 2m in height and also has a high intelligence and a high physical ability and to subjugate one ogre need at least 3 C-rank adventurers. (Read this at

"That's right, hob may be good but ogre... with our current strength even 2 of us together, it will be hard to defeat one ogre, is not it?"

"That's right, more than that I am worried about Karen and villagers. I cannot see one figure, are they safe? Well that person can not die easily. Right!"

"That's right! If Karen no anego(sister) dies easily, I can easily defeat the auger! Wahaha! De~!"

"Eh? Am I same as an Ogre? It's really funny♪ ~ ♪."

Before they knew it, behind Shakti and Lina...
Karen and Dee were standing behind them.

"Ge~! Karen no anego!..."

"Karen is safe, is not you? It was good and Dee! Why are you with Karen? We said for you to wait in the forest!"

"Un~, I'm sorry! I was worried about you two and I also wanted to help you somehow!"

"Is that so... but... but goblins have already been killed by us, so be relieved♪."

"That's right Dee! There's nothing to be worried about! Since I am here, things like goblins will never harm you♪!"

"Eh? Shakti, when did you got so strong? You were frightened just because you saw a hobgoblin in the past♪."

"Anego(sister), do not tell about such past..."

When Karen teases Shakti and everyone was laughing aside from Shakti.

"By the way Karen. What happened to the other villagers and your husband? And Karen, I want to ask you why I get the smell of Dee from you?"

"Oh, Lina that..."

"Dee it's fine! From here I will speak... Thank you."

By thanking Dee, Karen talked about things so far.

"Is that so?... Arth-san was... "

"Ah, but thanks to Dee, Arth rested in peace without worried, so it was a good thing."

"Now that I think about it, that Dee's equipment has changed, perhaps it is?"

"That's eight! These belong to Arth! With this Arth will protect Dee from now on..."

Karen kept silent and looked up at the sky and had some lonely face. 
(Read this at

"But it's amazing! It's amazing that Dee can use the magic of the release system♪. It was pretty hard for me, until I was able to use it!"

"That's right! Even I cannot do a release system, Dee can now do it in just one day."

"Please do not compare with yourself, Shakti! Dee is not like a muscle brain like you! Because he is a triple!"

For some reason Lina boasted her breasts like she was saying about herself to Shakti. On the other hand Shakti also.

"Aa~! I know such a thing! It's not about you! You do not boast your breasts which you do not have!"

"What do you say? You gorilla girl!"

"Teme~e, you flat chested girl!"

Shakti and Lina glaring at each other, that looks like that they might jump at each other at any thime. Even Karen who spits out a sigh by seeing those two.

"Haa~ yare yare... as usual you two... will you stop it."

"That's right! Shakti! Lina! If you do only fighting, I... I will hate you!"

Dee said to Shakti and Lina, goes to Karen and holds her arms, headed to the mountain of Goblin's corpses, that were defeated Shakti and Lina.

"Please wait! We will not fight! Do not hate me ..."

"That's right, I will not fight too!"

"Kuku! Really they stopped the fight! It's as Dee said ..."

Karen remembered what Dee said in the forest and was laughing.

"Good♪ Karen-san laughed♪, After all, smiling face looks best on Karen-san♪♪."

"Dee... You, maybe it was on purpose, those two?... Ahaha♪ It's awesome, Dee♪." (TL: She mean that those two started to fight in order to distract her. "
Karen kept silent and looked up at the sky and had some lonely face.")

Karen laughed with a loud voice


Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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