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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 22


I went to the dining room and sat at the vacant table.
Iris and Ellis came a bit late and took the seat.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

"I just arrived."

"How is that girl?"

"She was still sleeping, I will ask the
Okami-san to make something light that can be eaten easily."

"That's right, it would be nice if she woke up early..."

"That's right..."

"What are you talking that seriously? Dish will get bad!" (Land lady)

As we are talking, the Okami-san(hostess, land lady) comes to blow away the darkened air.
It seems she carried four dishes with both hands.

"I kept you waiting, today it is a plate of beef steaks!"

"Thank you, O~o looks delicious..."

"It is a good smell~, this sauce seems to be very delicious."

"This sauce is a pride of our Inn, come eat it now!"

"Thank you, that's right... I'm asking but I would like to ask for something to eat lightly like sandwiches."

"Okay, I will claim money tomorrow together with the rent of the one's increased."

"Yes, please."

Okami-san returns to the back and everyone of us starts to eat. On the plate, rice and beef steak, a salad on board garnish, the sauce hanging on the steak is accompanied with salad and garnish, Kuon's cooking also delicious, but I admire that it as a cook's cooking.
I took sandwiches from the Okami-san after finishing our meals and returned to the room because we were concerned about the girl.
When we returned to the room, the girl raised her body and looking at us who opened the door, she pulled her back and while trembling.

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"Aa... I do not want it..."

"It's okay~."

"Kuon, she does not understand our words."

"Is that so?"

"Please leave it to me for now."


I gave sandwich to Kuon and approached the girl.
Every step I take towards the girl, she started to tremble as she see me, shedding tears from her eyes.
I wonder how much she suffered till now...

"No! Don't! "

"Do you understand my words? "

"Hii! I understand..."

"I am a Japanese named Aoba Kyosuke, are you Japanese too?"

"Ha hai!" (yes)

"I think you are aware, but this place is not Japan... why are you here? "

"When I was walking with my friends, the scenery suddenly changed when we were surrounded by the light..."

"Is that so... What about your friends? "

"There was only one person, but in front of me... Ku~! "

Saying that she started to cry loudly, by seeing this may be her friend was killed in front of her and she was caught as a slave to sell, it might be such a thing.
I decided, I will wait for her to stop crying and then to speak. I need to explain this to Kuon first, it looks like that I made this girl cry with unfamiliar words... Kuon's looking eyes are hurting me... (Read this at

"Kuon, this girl seems to be from the world where I was from."

"Is that so?"

"Kuon, you saw that I was talking in an unfamiliar language, they are the words of my formal world?"

"Was that so, but why did she burst into tears?"

"When I heard the circumstances when she came here, I heard that her friend died. Was my consideration insufficient...? "

"is it so... I hope she will recover soon."

"That's right."

I explained Kuon about the circumstances, I talked to the girl who stopped crying.

"I let you remember something sad... I'm sorry."

"No... It got easier just by having a person who can understand..."

"If so, it's good."

"I am sorry, I still did not named my-self. My name is Karen... Hoshizaki Karen..."

"Karen, it's a good name."

"Thank you, you... Kyosuke-san, why are you in this world?"

"I came to this world when I died by car accident, when I was trying to help a child who was about to run over by a car in my previous world..."

"It was very brave...."

"After all I could not help her, I'm just an idiot."

"There is not such a thing! I am sorry..."

"Thank you, Karen-san what will you do from now?"

"Karen is fine, after coming to this world and it got caught soon... I do not know anything about this world..."

"That's right... if you're fine will you come with us?"

"Is it fine? I'm going to bother you if I stay..."

"No, when I helped your... already... do not say that now..."

"Really sorry..."

"Do not mind, I just wanted to help you."

"But, is it really fine?"

"Of course, I welcome you."

"But, I feel bad for your girl friend..."


Following Karen's eyes, I can see Kuon who puts a sandwich on the table and makes her legs fluttering on the chair, yeah cute...
Was it different... Karen was concerned about Kuon...

"She'll be fine."

"Is that so?"

"Oh, well, even if it's not forever, you can stay with us to some extent."


Since the talk with Karen wrapped and called Kuon.
Kuon hurried to me and I stroked her head and started to talk.

"Kuon, this girl's name is Karen, I decided to take care of her."

"I thought it would be something like that, Kyosuke-san is so kind."

"Is that so? I am the one who raped Tia, Kuon, Iris and Ellis, too."

"Still, if not, nobody would comes with you."


Karen, who does not understand our words and do not understand what to do was looking at us anxiously, such her figure is also cute.
If it's Tia will not it somehow manage, I called for Tia.

"Tia! Come if you hear my voice!"

Somehow I shouted towards the sky, Tia appears by becoming light in the room.
When she saw that sight, Karen pulled her back and was sitting down.(Read this at novel44 blogspot)

"What Kyosuke? I'm also busy?"


"Long time no see, Tia-sama."

"Long time no see Kuon, congrats... but, No.1 is me?"


"Tia, I am sorry for calling you, can you fix this girl's words?"

"Totally, using God roughly... what this girl? There are Japanese people besides Kyosuke!"

"Did not even Tia know about it?"

"I do not know... what do you mean...?"

"I decided to protect her for the time being, because conversation is inconvenient if it is as it is now, I want you do something about it."

"Eh? Ah, the word... wait a moment."

Tia approaches Karen and holds her hand over Karen's head, emits a thin light and eventually the light goes out.

"All right!"


"Karen, do you understand our words?"

"Ah yes..."

"Thank you Tia, it helps a lot."

"It's a Kyosuke's request, besides why are you not in dungeon and in the town?"

"I am trying to raise LV for me and Kuon, trying to raise LV by hunting demons."

"That's right, my blessing is ineffective to the town... Is it better to do something?"

"Well certainly it seems better to have a little protection, but it should not be too strong..."

"Surely, I'll give you all the protection of the status all +10."

"It helps, that's right will you put it on Karen?"

"I am already did it, I am sorry but I have to go back because I have alot of work left."

"It was bad of me when you are busy, then next time slowly..."


I embraced the waist of Tia and kissed her, when I released her, Tia's body lifts up into the air slowly and disappeared. Watching that Karen further surprised by it.

"With this, Karen will not be troubled by words."


"It is an evidence that Karen can speak with Kuon."

"Yes, I am Kuon. Take care of me from now on."

"Ah hai! Karen-desu~, please take of me."

"Karen, are you hungry?"

"Ah yes! In fact I have not eaten so far..."

"By thinking that, I have Okami-san made this for you to eat it."

Karen sat at the table and started eating sandwich. Karen was eating sandwiches by shedding tears. Kuon is taking care of Karen by putting water in the glass and wiping Karen's tears.

"I am sorry..."

"Don't mind it."

"That's right~."

"Well, let's go to sleep."


"Ah, I am fine on the floor!"

"What are you talking about, Karen use that bed?"

"Eh?... what about Kuon-san?"

"I'm fine, as I go to bed with Kyosuke-san."

"Aa I thought you two... but the girl just before..."

"Then sleep there. Yoshi Kuon let's sleep."

"Yes, Karen-san, good night."

"Ah! Yes, good night."

When Karen was thinking something, I let her sit on the bed. I and Kuon lie on the bed and because somehow I am sleepy, I went to sleep...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. Next time 18+.

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