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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 09: 7-yrs old (3)

The next day, I went to Chief's house together with Giselle.

It's not that I do not have a sense of resistance to ask chief to become a master. To be honest, I am not acquainted with the chief.

Still, as a master of magic, there was no qualified candidate other than the chief in this settlement.
Teachings might be pretty tough, but I came here for that with 'Don'.

When I tried to enter the fence made of wood, a voice called me from my back.

"Oya, what is this? it isn't Abel of Otem fanatic. What in the world going on? Coming to my mansion?"

When I looked at the direction of the voice, it is a girl of Maren tribe of same age as me standing there.
A sharp red eyes that seems to have strong will, looking at me.
Both arms folding in front of her breast that seemed to reflect her self-confidence and temperamental character.
Her braided long hair, which was braid to the end was shaking with the wind.

She is the Chief's granddaughter Philo.
A troublesome person found me.

"Please take those words back! Onii-chan is not an Otem fanatic. With father-sama's persuasion, recently he only making 1 or 2 Otems per day! He also plays with me properly! Is not it, onii-chan!"

No, if I look into those words, you mean until recently I was an Otem fanatic.
You, did you saw me like that until now?
Onii-chan... a bit shocked.

"It's called Otem fanatic."

Philo said with cold eyes.

"Do not worry. I have no intention of coming to see you."

"What? I was not expecting such a thing separately, I do not want it! I do not mean that kind of meaning, do not say strange things!"

Philo makes her face red when saying.
She solved her arms which were folded and points her forefinger against me.
It's good that kids are easy to be teased.

"Besides, I know that Abel is a pervert who gets excited only by Otem, do you think that I will get flustered with those words?"

Shall I give her a hit?
What's this? Am I being seen like that?
Who is it? A big idiot that spread such a terrible big lie.

"I came to see your grandpa."

"Do not call my grandfather-sama lightly, Otem fanatic! Call him chief-sama!"

"It's fine, I will properly call him in front of others as grandfather-sama, okay."

In Maren-tribe, they are also polite towards their immediate family, and it is suffocating. I want to speak casually at-least around other kids.

"You, you do not call my grandfather-sama as grandfather-sama! What, what do you think of yourself? I do not have a little bit of feelings towards and I do not want to become your wife! I do not like even a little bit! So, do not say any strange things!"

"I do not mean that! Ironically it looked like that by the saying goes!"

I'm having trouble with that reaction, so I'd like her to stop reading deeply in a strange way.
Alright, at-least let's call him the chief in front of Philo.
I get tired, when I talk to Philo.

"That's why, I will go to see the chief-sama."

"Fuun~ well, well, I do not understand what you want to do... Well, it's fine, besides I am not interested in what Abel want to do. At best, take care not to trip."

I turned towards the mansion and lightly waved my hand 'shisshi' towards Philo as if to chase away Philo.
Then when I started walking, for some reason I heard footsteps of 3 people.
When I turned back, it's Philo who followed us.

"... Philo, you do not have anything to do with me, right?"

"What? I am just going back home! Eh, what's with those eyes, I'm not trying to follow Abel! Do not say it like that! Listen! This is my home! I am free to return whenever I want!"

She is not a bad girl, but what should I say...

However, I have not seen the face of the chief.
Perhaps if there is Philo, it might be somewhat easier to talk.

Even she was there it's fine. Besides there is no need to forcibly chase her away by force.
No, if she went somewhere, I do not wish for anymore than that.

We entered the mansion.
At the entrance, Philo's mother was there.
After completing a simple greeting, told her my intention of seeing the chief.

"Please, come in. Chief-sama is free today, Philo guide them to the chief-sama.

"Is it me? Mother-sama, Well, it cannot be helped, with this follow up it would happen like this. I cannot help it, I really do not want to do it, but I will guide you anyway. I really do not want do it!"

Philo sighs a little, and says it meaningfully.

"I'm sorry to let you take the trouble, Philo-sama. Please guide us, thank you."

I changed my attitude and said it to her by lowering my head.

"Wait... what is this attitude..."

I am consistent in this attitude when I am in front of adults.
This one is better to be received.

"I am sorry, Abel-kun, Philo is not honest. This girl, normally she is a good girl, please get along with her..."


Philo turns her cheeks red and ruffles her voice while gulping her teeth.
While giggling, Philo's mother went to another room.
Philo clears her throat and starts walking.

"Hey! Hora! What are you standing there in a daze!?"

Walking through the corridor with Philo in front, we aimed at the room at the back where the chief stays.

I remember that the chief was a pretty casual person.
Today I intended to take only appointment, but it seems that such things are unnecessary in order to see the chief.

Even though the chief is the head, hunting will be done by young ones.
Recently, no major incidents have happened. I do not think he is busy any longer.
Besides, I am a 7-yrs old child.
It is not a big village here, and it may be the feeling that his relatives grandchild came to visit.

"Well, my mother-sama is taking it light. Well, I am accompanying you. I bother to take my time and accompany you, thank me for what I have done. I do not know what you want to ask my grandfather-sama. Please do not imitate that will bring shame to my face? If you are rude, I will knock you out, so do you understand? "

Philo looks back and speaks quickly and returns her face immediately after finishing.

You did not say that you just want to return home?
Well, let's stop putting the stupid tsukkomi. (TL:)

A chief is also a human being.
If he was in front of his own granddaughter, his attitude might be softened a little.
I think, it will not work in a negative way.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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