Sunday, 4 June 2017


As The Spirit-Sama Says Chapter 19: Fire princess's special sausage

Today I came to play in the country of Fire.

Princess of this country of Fire had red hair like it burns, Enki-chan is a cute Fire magician with a little hard-cut eyes.

For that Enki-chan, today I prepared this gigantic thick sausage to try to bake sausage.

Cooking methods is quite simple.

I thrust this specially made sausage inside of Enki-chan's pussy and burn it with fire magic.

Enki-chan was waiting for the special sausage to be thrust into her pussy with excited face.

It seems she want me to thrust it right now, so I need to respond to her expectations and quickly thrust sausage into her.

As soon as I put it in, she used fire magic to burn sausage.

Along with panting voice, the sound of sausage burning was heard.
A little later, a fragrant smell starts to drift from one side.

From the Enki-chan's pussy's love juice was 'botabota' leaking.

Since it was time, so I pulled out sausage from Enki-chan's pussy, and the burned sausage revealed its appearance.

Enki-chan's specially made sausage seasoned with love juice was very delicious.
On Enki-chan's boobs, I can probably put meat to make a special grilled meat.

When I was thinking that, to Enki-chan may be convenient to be a (pettanko) flat-chested girl.

(Just like Ice-chan for Ice, Enki-chan is immune to fire).

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