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Different world dungeon life Chapter: 21

Without encountering any orcs we went into the depths of the forest. Although it looked like the calm before the storm, but it would be good if it did not really become...

"What should we do Kyosuke-sama?"

"Let's see, we cannot do anything if we do not encounter any, well let's go back now."

"I understand."

I decided to return back after checking some more around the surroundings a little. When we are checking the surroundings, Kuon has noticed something and notified me.

"Kyosuke-san there is something!"

"What happened?"

"This is what..."

"Footprints... is not it bigger than general?"

"It seems like that..."

"Ellis, what do you think?"

"This is?... Probably, it may be the one of Orc lord..."

"He~e, a Lord... is not it bad?"

"Yes, Kyosuke-sama does not have blessing may..."

"Yoshi, let's run away!"


We immediately started moving towards the town.
The orcs that we had not been able to meet until now started to encounter in mass numbers.
It is quite an annoyance, as we run towards the town, encountered orcs were killed by us.
It seems that the orcs killed by I or Kuon disappeared as light, and it was written in the guild plate.

"They are in the way!"

"Kyosuke-san there are 3 on the right!"

"Kyosuke-san, 2 from behind."

"Kuon take care of behind 2, I will do the front, Ellis and Iris will be support!"


I head for the right orcs.


Listen to the voice of Ellis and move a little to the left, as soon as I moved from the place where I was, Ellis's arrow hit the forehead of an orc. That orc stopped moving instantly and the other 2 orcs startled, I did not missed the opportunity and narrowed the distance between me and the orcs. As I used my sword to cut those 2 orcs, the orcs collapsed and became a light as it was.
When I look at the Kuon's side, where she just beat the 2nd orc. It was at the time when Kuon's Kodachi cut the neck of the orc.

"Good job Kuon, Ellis also good support."

"Thank you."

"I cannot get tired at this level~."

I sheathed the sword and head towards everyone. Even though orcs were defeated, I had a bad feeling and I forced Kuon by holding her dodged sideways.
In the next moment the sword was swung down where I and Kuon was standing.
Dozun! With a sound the ground collapses. By seeing that alone I know the power of the current sword...


"Kuon get back... Chi... a general..."

"I will!"

With Ellis's voice an arrow was released, it stuck into the arm of the general. But that was it, hindered by orc general's muscles, it seems that it is not big deal even if an arrow stuck.
Following Ellis's attack, I also narrowed the distance and aimed at the arm with no arrow.
With a certain response, I succeed in cutting off the arm of General. General goes on a rampage with rage when his arm was severed.


"Yes! ... Clay bind!"

With Iris's earth magic, the feet of the general was binded with soil. It becomes impossible to move, as the head of the General who moves the upper body only intensely.
I swung my sword and the general's neck fell to the ground as it was and the general faded away as light.
When the battle with general was over with it's death, a roar echoed from the way we escaped(returned from).

"Just as I thought, it came..."

"It seems better to go back soon."

"That's right, let's hurry."


After that, even though some orcs attacked us, without having to meet a monster like general we safely arrived at the town.
By the time we arrived at the town it was already night. We hurried to the guild as it is. Since the guild is open all the time, even at night there is no problem. When we entered Debosu is at the reception, so I talked to him.

"Oh, you are quick to arrive, have you already beaten orcs?"

"Well... but, it's not time for that."

"Did something happened?"

"At the depths of the forest, we found an orc lord. I want you to mobilize a number of adventurers to respond quickly."

"What did you say? It's bad with current strength..."

"What happened?"

"Unfortunately, there are no adventurers in this town who can fight the lord..."

"what did you say?"

"I will make my move soon, I also ban adventurers to enter Shinrin forest. Thanks for the information."

"It's fine..."

"Oh, show me your guild plate, I will confirm the subjugation."

"N~? This one..."

We gave our 4 plates to Debosu and let him check our status of this request.

"With 4 people... an orc general and orcs 17 bodies, amazing..."

"Is it so?"

"You guys are made for adventurers. If all four people are not in the C rank, it should be tough... Well this is your reward."

Debosu handed over 1 GC(Gold coin) and 340 SC(Silver coin), each general 1 gold coin and for each orc 20 silver coins.
I do not know if it is more or less...
Once I informed Debosu about orc lord, I left the guild. It's already night, so we walked towards the Inn.

"But I got tired- I ran for the first time in a while..."

"Kyosuke-san, good job."

"When the general came out I was surprised, as expected of Kyosuke-sama."

"Thanks to Iris's magic."

"No, even if there is no magic of mine, Kyosuke-sama able to defeat it."

"Even so, I could easily win because thanks to that magic."

When we are talking and walking, a person jumps out of the street shadow and bumps into me. The person who bumped into me lost consciousness.
Looking at the collapsed person, she was a girl with same height as Kuon, with black hair and her face was close to a Japanese.
When I was looking at the girl, someone appears from the back and grabs the girl's hair and drags her back.

"No, someone help me!"

"She is shouting something, did a slave escape?"

"It is a word I have never heard~."

"It is not an elf's word either."


It is natural that Kuon and others never heard that language, because the girl who is shouting now. Those words are familiar to me, it was Japanese...
The next moment my body move on it's own and stopped the man who grabs the girl's hair.



"What are you going to do with that girl?"

"It has nothing to do with you, quickly get lost."

"It's fine just answer..."

Towards the man, I let out my full killing intent and pursued further.

"Chit... we will gang rape and enjoy her to the fullest, then sell her as a slave. With this face she would be sold at a high price..."



The man's head fell on the ground, fortunately the girl has lost consciousness with my killing intent and has not seen anything.
I opened the hand that holding the girl's hair as it is and wiped off the blood on the girl and returned to the Kuon and others while carrying the girl.

"Thanks for the good work!"

"He was a scum..."

"It's unpleasant..."

"I did something with my momentum, is it OK?"


"No problem"

"If there is something, we just need return to the dungeon."

"That's right..."

"Before that, let's go back to the Inn quickly."

"That's right, dinner will go away unless we hurry..."

All of us look at each other and returned to the Inn. To the land lady we notified that there will be one more person and ordered hot water to wipe our bodies. Once we get back to the room, I wiped Kuon's body and let Kuon wipe my body.
The girl's change of the clothes are fine with Kuon's clothes in terms of size. So I let Kuon to give her spare clothes. I let Kuon to wipe her body and change her clothes.
For the time being, I left the girl who did not woke up and went down to the cafeteria to have dinner

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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