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IUSAP08 Part 2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 08 (Part 2)

"Woah! Karen-san? what happened suddenly?"

"Un♪! I cannot hold it anymore, I will eat Dee as it is♪♪."

Karen, who brought Dee to her bedroom while she holding Dee in princess carry hold. Karen thrown Dee onto the bed. When Dee was lying on his back, she straddled around the waist of Dee and stripped off upper body clothing of Dee and when she tried to peel off lower body.(Read this at

"Ah, Anego it's unfair! I also want to do it with Dee."

"That's right! I want to do it too! Also, we are Dee's wife! It's no good to do it before his wives!"

With tremendous speed Shakti and Lina came into the bedroom and Karen who thought of something with Lina's words.

"I see! If I am Dee's wife there will be no complains right? In that case."

When Karen said that, Lina and Shakti thought 'you will not say that...'.

"Karen, you don't say?"

"Are you serious?"

Karen nods with a serious face by looking Lina and Shakti.

"Chi! It cannot be helped! If Anego feels that way, I cannot say anything."

"That's right! If Karen decided to... Also it should be decided by Dee himself right?"

Dee did not know what the three were saying. Just, he did not thought about what to do in this situation.

Uun~... how did this happen? Why did it suddenly became Karen-san holding me like a princess and ended up on the bed? And when I thought Lina and Shakti came to help? They are only talking to Karen-san about something? What shall I do? As it is, Karen-san will do it with me, right? But since I already done it with Karen-san, I will not resist. At that time, it is to help Karen-san, right? I will do it, but... but right now Karen-san may be lonely because she became a widow? Does she want to be hugged by me? Uun~? I do not know... 

(Read this at

Karen who finished talking with Lina and Shakti to Dee who had thought such a thing. She opened her mouth looking at Dee while on top of him.

"Dee... Ano... If Dee is okay with me, I want you to become Dee's wife... I wonder if it's useless, surely I am a bit above Lina and Shakti(age), and I am other man's wife before, but now all my feelings are full of Dee's..."

"Eh? Eh? This means Karen likes me. I thought that Karen-san still likes Arth-san."

"That's right! I do think that I still like Arth... but it seems like it is getting drunk in memories, but more than that I feel that I like you, Dee! This feeling is bigger than when I liked Arth!"

Well, I never thought that Karen-san would confess to me. But, myself was curious about Karen-san! Especially I do not want to let go of those boobs♪. I guess♪, of course, this is a matter of course.(Read this at

"Un~ I understand! Karen-san! I also, I really will be lonely if I have to leave Karen-san! That's why Karen-san, I make you my wife♪."

Dee lifted his upper body and kissed Karen-san as it is. At the beginning it was just a light kiss by touhing lips with lips, then slowly it became a deep kiss that entangles the tongues with each other.

(Translated by Novel44

"Nn~! Nn~nn~, un~!"

Dee and Karen continued deep kiss while making 'necho' sounds of saliva which entangled their tongues. Karen's face gradually turned into dazed face.

"Puha! Un~, that turned out to be a nice face, Karen-san♪."

"Un~, it felt good Dee! I want you to do more!"

By saying that Karen holds Dee around his neck with her 2 hands and kept deep kissing while embracing Dee. Then, Dee while kissing, he removed skillfully the buttons of the blouse and removed it, there was Karen's 100cm over tits and he began to massaging them.

"Ah, there it feels nice. Please tease them more."

When Dee teased Karen's breasts, she released her lips and started to moan with loud voice. Dee who saw it, he rubbed the soft breast with his left hand, and then he hold the hardened nipple aiming at the large circle along the contour as if he was writing a circle with the palm of his hand.
(Contour means: an outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something.)

"Aaa~♪ my nipples, Aan~♪ it feels good..."

Dee licked the nipple of the other boob by putting it in his mouth and then sweet chewed while he continued attacking. In addition, Dee as it is, turned his right arm around Karen's back, he pushed Karen down on the bed while supporting her back.(Translated by Novel44 group.)

Ni~chu ni~chu kori~chu

"Aa~♪ don't, iya~a Aan~♪."


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