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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 08: 7-yrs old (2)


I returned back to home with Giselle and I went upstairs secretly.
My parents will scold me, if they found out that I took Oracle cards without permission.
After placed them in the original position, I descended to the first floor and waited for my father's return.

My father is busy with hunting, pest control, village board meetings, etc,. So basically he will not return home until evening.
While watching Giselle piling up building blocks, I caught the fruits of Eve.
Eve trees are growing side by side in the village. These trees were used for the magic training.

The fruits of Eve tree are sweet and delicious.
I do not have dinner yet. My mother may get get angry if she finds out, but I want her to forgive for this.
Maren tribe people eat only in the morning and evening.
I was not able to sync with the 2 meals/day system yet.

"Nii-sama, I also want to eat it too."

Giselle stops her hands with the block and asks me.

"No, dinner will not enter. I will leave some for you, so eat them after dinner."

Giselle had a face that wants to say something, but she nodded her head slowly.

"... Yes"

Umu, it's good she is honest. (straight forward)

We heard the sound of the entrance gate opening.
It seems that my father is back. Should I consult about magic teacher immediately?

I stood up and walked towards the entrance.
Giselle comes with me behind.

"Father-sama, welcome back."
"Father-sama, Welcome back."

"Umu, Abel, Giselle, I'm sorry to be late. Let's go to dinner."

"Father-sama, I want to ask you something."

"What is it?"

I opened a certain page inside a magic book and showed it to my father.

"The magic circle that casts the fireball and the magic circle that casts the water-ball are partially similar in shape, so I'd like to know the semantic difference between these different parts." (TL: semantic- relating to meaning in language or logic.)(Read this novel at novel44.blogspot.in)

I did not want to know this separately, but I wanted to measure the degree of my father's understanding of magic by whether he could answer this or not.

"Recently Otem making has settled down and heard that you often plays in the forest, so I thought that Abel became more like a child, but... Never thought that, you still practicing magic."

My father murmurs and holds his head.
In the past he was glad that I took interest in making Otems, but since when has it been treated like this?
Certainly I may be a bit worried if my child who is 7-yrs old only doing studies but nothing else.

"So, what is the difference?"

"Abel, for you that book is still early, it was said that to deal with spells and magic circles from around the time of adulthood, until then, you should not read such things."

My father reaches out for the book.
I avoid it quickly and embraced it in my chest.

"Father-sama, Nii-sama already can spells and magic circle..."

I hurriedly covered the mouth of Giselle with my hands.
It's a close call.
My father does not encourage me to train magic is because I remember abnormal things in my enthusiasm for magic.
If I say that I can use spells and magic circles already here, my father's suspicious feeling worsens unnecessarily.

"I want to be a leading magician in the future."

"It's okay, because you can make that many Otems at your age. There is plenty of quality, so you do not have to rush."

Well, it is frustrating.
It is useless to use my father as a magical master.
He usually go out to hunt and do not have enough time, and I think that the level of magic of my father is not so different from me.

"... Also, you do not have to understand the meaning of the magic circles, etc. It is only what we call wise-men with huge amount of knowledge to invent and refine the magic circles. Also many magicians will just remembers existing magic circles and uses magic."

... As for me, I would like them to teach me that.

Just by the amount of knowledge now, training that can be done will be limited.
For example, it seems that I am reading only a textbook of mathematics endlessly. I want a more solid mathematical book.

"Is there no one in this village who can be called a wise man?"

"It's not that there is no one... There is only the chief of village, and the chief also says that it is better to use the traditional one (already drawn magic circle) rather than organizing the magic circle with magic. That way we get stabilized and the magic power. There is also an advantage of less consumption magic power."

Of all people the chief...
He is a scary grandfather.
He seems to be 150-yrs old, but he seems to be only the look of about 70-yrs old.
He also boasts that he is the longest lived of this village. Apparently he seems to delay aging with magic.
The body is still energetic and constantly shouting at yelling.(Read this novel at novel44.blogspot.in)

Chief rarely leave the residence except for events such as village meetings and ceremonies.
However, when dangerous monsters came in near the village nearly ten years ago, I heard rumors that he accompanied with other adults and headed to the forest and instantaneously killed that monster.
It is true that he is most familiar with magic in the village.

Besides, I'm not good with Philo who is the granddaughter of the chief (precisely descendant, I do not know how many generations granddaughter).
If I showed mt face to her, she will come to me in a rush.
I am already full with magic training and as my sister's playmate.

No, but if it's that chief is certainly. He could take time for me.
Besides, he may have many books. He also had knowledge of living for 150-yrs.
He seemed to be quite suitable as a teacher.
I will head to the chief's mansion tomorrow.

"What this? Is that kind of thing, I was wondering if I can do more various things."

I told him to be disappointed and shake the head a little.

"Oh, that's right."

"I thought that I can create a meat pie...?"

I said it with my hands rubbing, then I dropped my shoulder deliberately.

"Ha~a.... Unfortunately, what is the use of magic? Is it enough to end the ceremony without delay?"

My father is looking at me with his eyes wide.
If I said this far, will I get scolded later?
But I do not want suspicions left in halfway, so it's better to do it thoroughly here.
Let's push a bit more.(Read this novel at novel44.blogspot.in)

"Oh, father-sama, you were going to take this a little while ago, are you going to use it for something? Well, I'm glad that I can save the time and effort I have to put it back."

I forced magic book to my father hand.
As my father returned to me, he told me "Put it back yourself" and walked to the living room. I felt that his back was somehow smaller than usual.

He may be disappointed that his son who was keen on magic suddenly turned a new leaf.
He is a difficult father to handle.

Well, it's fine.
With this I can deceive my father for a while.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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