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DWDL23 (Part 02)

Different world dungeon life Chapter: 23 (Part 2)

"It was good... they did not find out, right?"

They thought that I was asleep, Kyosuke-san and Kuon-san started SEX.
Because I am indebted to them, I cannot say anything to them.
It was really intense... I am still a virgin but I do have knowledge about sex. There are time when I have musterbated...
But, when I listened to the voice near me having sex, I got turned on by those voices.
I could not stand it, I secretly touched my breasts, I put my finger in my vagina and started consoling myself...
Kuon-san's voice in the middle of SEX, she seems to be feeling very good...(Translated by Novel44

"Oh, it would be the worst if they noticed me..."

By saying that, I wiped my body like Kuon-san.
Also I wiped my vagina which became 'guchogucho' with my love juice and then I dressed up.
Since there was no substitute for the panties, I had to wear what I was wearing before but it was damp.
Leave the room as it is, head towards the dining hall and joined with Kyosuke-san.

"Sorry for being late!"

"Did you come, Karen? You better sit here."


I sat on his left side where Kyousuke-san pointed. Kuon-san is sitting on the right side of Kyosuke-san and 2 women who I do not know were sitting on the opposite side.

"Karen, they are Ellis and Iris you better remember."

"Karen-desu, please to meet you!"

"Ellis, nice to meet you."

"Iris-desu, please to meet you."

Ellis-san feels like a little cool type and Iris looks like a gentle older-sister?
Both of them looks like good people, but what kind of relationship they have with Kyosuke-san?

"This is my party, Karen is also one of us from today."


"If there is something troubling you, I will help you."


"Oh, you have woken up!"

"Good Morning Okami-san."

"Come eat a lot, if you do not eat properly in the morning you will not have energy to work."


The lady called Okami-san brought breakfast.
The menu is 2 breads, bacon eggs and vegetable soup.
Even compared to what I ate in Japan, it tastes as good as comparable. (Read this at

"After breakfast, let's go to the adventurer guild."


"To adventurer guild?"

"We need to register Karen as an adventurer."

"Ha hai!"

After breakfast, we went to adventurer's guild by following Kyosuke-san.
When he opened the door made of wood, there were a lot of scary people looking towards us.
I went behind Kyosuke-san not to look at their eyes and Kyosuke-san stopped in front of a single person.(Read this at

"Debosu-san, I'd like to ask for the registration of this girl. I am the nominee."

"N~? This again..."

"Something wrong?"

"No, then please use this." (Gave a plate)

"Karen, it hurts a little but please endure it."


I borrowed Kodachi from Kuon-san and made a little cut on my finger and put my blood on the plate that Debosu-san gave me, immediately Kuon-san cured the wound.
Is this what they say recovery magic?(Read this at

"Wait a moment."

Debosu-san moved to the back and came back after a while.
In his hand the same plate that was held by Kyosuke-san was holding

"Kept you waiting, you start from the E-rank, do your best!"

"Ha hai!"

"That's right, Kyosuke and Kuon little lady are D rank, and when it comes to ability they can be said above C-rank. Well, if I promote them to C-rank after joining only 2 days will be bad, so I cannot help it."

"Aa~ it's fine."


"Then, what are you going to do today?"

"We will also do the oak extermination today."

"Do not go too far, we do not know where lord is."

"Well, I will not overdo it."

"Be careful"


We said goodbye to Debosu-san and left the guild.
Kyosuke-san handed me a plate, this seems to be an adventurer's certificate.
I have to work hard like everyone else....

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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