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DWDL23 (Part 01)

Different world dungeon life Chapter: 23 ☆(Part 1)[18+]

Morning... I wake up with the voice of birds and I tried to raise my body.
However, I could not move my body well. I looked down by lowering my head, there is Kuon sleeping while hugging me. Her stomach which is not big hitting my hand as she breaths. Now that I think about it, I forgot about last night Kuon gave her bed to Karen and slept together with me.
Karen and Kuon are sleeping deeply.
my did not move my body well, but when I moved only the neck, Konoe hugged me
Big inflation is hitting Hunyun and arm




"Is she sleep talking..."

Kuon, who is sleeping by hugging my arm and was calling my name with sleep talk... She looks very happy.
When I look at such a face, I want to do a little mischief towards her.
Gently pulled out my arm and opened Kuon's top of Miko-fuku.
Then, I used my mouth over her small cute breasts and rolled my tongue over center nipple.

"Wha... Ha~a ... Aa~..."

With natural Kuon's panting voice leaked and she holds my head naturally.
I moved my tongue over her nipple and brought my hand to her lower abdomen and loosened the cords of her hakama(lower part of Miko-fuku) to make a gap and let my hand slide in.  The inside of the hakama was already wet and shift my hand inside her panties, there her love juice was over flowing, I put my fingers over her vagina and attacked her nipple with my tongue.

This is for those who don't know about Miko clothes

"Uu~... Wha... Ha~a ... Aa~... ha~a ha~a..."

Kuon's panting voice became intense and int the room could hear the sound of water with 'Picha Picha' sound.
I stopped my hand that is rubbing her vagina and put my finger inside.
Inside is already wet and I moves my fingers to further attack her.
Bend my fingers slightly and intensified the movements of my finger.

"Ha~a ha~a Kyosuke-san... too fast... Aa~n..."

"Are you excited, Kuon? ..."

"Ha~a ha~a... yes... don't... aa~... ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

While licking her nipples, I attacked her G-spot violently.
Kuon bends her waist into a character and blows vigorously a tide of love juice at same time as she came.
When I stopped my hands she squat down with cramping.
Kuon breathes roughly, I take out my cock and insert into Kuon.

"Uu~... I just... Ahh!..."

"I will move now."

"Wai... Nn~... Ha~a..."

Kuon who just came and still sensitive, I put my son inside her sensitive vagina.
Inside her is already filled with love juices and I reached deep inside smoothly.
My tip reached uterus of Kuon and knocks her womb mouth intensely.

"Ah! ... good... Kyosuke-san... it feels too good..."

Listen to the cute panting voice of Kuon, I know that my thing gets bigger inside her.
I raised my speed of shaking hips and I went to the last sprint.

"Nn~... Fuu~... cumming..."

"Ku~... Aa~..."

Kuon cums intensely and her inside of the vagina contracts.
I also shoots by that pressure inside her vagina. The cum that shoot by my penis was sucked intently by Kuon's vagina, as if it wants to squeeze to the last drop of my sperm.

"Wa~a ha~a ha~a..."

"Ha~a... Kyosuke-san..."

"Kun~..." (Third person in the room.)


"What's wrong?"

"No, it might be my imagination, Come here Kuon." (TL: He can sense Someone in the room (^o^).)


I embraced Kuon, who is still breathing roughly and from her vagina my semen is flowing out. I gave I gave her a kiss and patted her head.

"Let's get ready to get up."

"Yes, what should we do about Karen-san?"

"Let's wake her up after some time, we need to take care of Kuon's that."

I pointed at the semen flowing out of the vagina of Kuon. I took fresh water to wipe the body of Kuon, at the same time I used my fingers in Kuon's vagina to dig out semen from her vagina.


"Yoshi, have you become beautiful?"


After wiping Kuon's body cleanly and I let her wipe my body, we changed to our usual clothes.
As I thought, these clothes are light and easy to move, good clothes.

"Well then, I'm going to wake Karen-san up."

"I leave it to you."

"Karen-san, it's morning."

"N~? Kuon-san, good morning."

"Good morning, it time for breakfast."

"Ah yes! I will get ready quickly."

"That's right, Kuon we go ahead. If I stay here, Karen will not be able to change clothes."

"Yes, then we are waiting at the cafeteria."

"Ah yes, I will go right away."

Kuon and I went to the dining hall. It seems Karen thinks that I did not found out, but I did. Karen, I am looking forward to next time.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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