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IMWMT05 part 1

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Episode 5 [Part 1]


"Boring, is not there anything that can kill time?"

Two days after departing for the fortress. We entered an area where there might already be dangerous monsters or soldiers of the Empire, but there were no attacks till now.
Before departure I thought that I do not want any raids to happen, but as soon as the day was over by only being shaken in a carriage, I want at least one event to happen.

"I thought that the magicians were someone who work hard for magic training everyday, but it was the first time I met a slacking person like you." (Marg)

"That's right, Yard-dono, I will not neglect my day-to-day training in order to raise myself. I cannot keep you company with the magic training, but if you want to train your body I will join you."(Alec)

Among the carriages there are two annoying people(Heroes) and one who is praying prayers forever(Fairlis).
Since there is no one who I can talk about the magic techniques, my time spent without doing anything will naturally increasing.
As Margarete said, I also want to research about human beings and techniques in this world, but I do not have any data or specimens so I can not investigate. I also tried thinking about attacking some people and get them. Oh, anyone is fine just get rid of my boredom.

"It's an enemy attack!"

The moment I heard those words, all four people in the carriage jumps out. And
check around right away. Apparently it was an ambush, and a carriage in front of us was destroyed. I can hear a gunshot mixed with the sound of swordsmanship and the groan of demons. Apparently Sagami was in battle.

"Yuusha-samas, the enemy seems to have more than 10 soldiers of the Empire and 2 black wolves, because Sagami-sama was in the battle, so please hurry."


Alec runs out in response to the word of Margarete, as expected of a former knight. I was a little late but followed him as well. It seems that Fairlis remains because she may get in the way of battle because she cannot fight. When we reached the place the battle was taking place, there are many soldiers that have been collapsed. It seems that they were still alive, they are groaning. It will be bad to forsake allies, so for the time being I used senior healing by passing them. Alec and Sagami were fighting 2 huge wolves. Were they already cleared the enemy soldiers, there seemed to be like enemy soldiers are rolling around.

"Yard-dono! We keep these monsters! In the meantime I would like you to have prepared magic that can defeat these monsters!"


Because they keep wolves down, I begin to draw magic circle with peace of mind. Since it seems as if I was scribbling on the ground from the side, it was a boring scene to see.
To begin with, this level of enemies cannot be defeat with a breather, but it will be a trouble for me if they do not have the ability to beat them without borrowing my power. Of course, in my labor-intensive sense.

"It's done, please get away."

When they heard my words, they immediately distanced from the wolves. I aimed at the instant moment, I activated 4th attack type technique [Decomposition] towards the wolves.
The wolves twists their bodies trying to dodge the light emitted from the magic circle, but they got scratched lightly. At the next moment 2 wolves died and disappeared like a fog.

"...I was surprised, your magic was beyond my imagination, Yard-dono."

"Aa~, I never thought that you could use this level of magic."

By the power of this technique both of them are surprised and started praising me. But in my original world this level of technique is natural to be used. To be surprised by this extent of technique, that means it is the proof of their lack of knowledge and training until now was not enough.
Well since I am not their master, so I will not say such a thing to them.

"Everyone, are you okay?"

Fairlis came running to here. I guess she came here because the sound of battle has calm down. When she confirm that we are safe, she began to heal the injured soldiers.
Since the treatment of casualties can be left to Fairlis, I decided to fulfill my purpose.

Among the enemy dead soldiers, I want to pick up a corpse with full state ones. If possible, I would like to choose a young magician who do not have any bruises on their heads are good.

"Yard-sama, what are you doing?"

When I am choosing a corpse, Margarete came closer to me. Looking at the corpse without using recovering magic, I seems only to be a suspicious person by all means.

"Ah, I'm securing a human body for specimens and for dissections, thinking of studying the technique you said before."

"Do you use even a kind of spirit magic?"

"No, since these two people have pulses slightly, I just open up their heads while they are alive and check the structure of their brains, and at the same time I could get their information."

"Well, is that so..."

With my story, Margarete made her face somewhat blue. Well these two people are completely dead bodies.

"Excuse me, it was not a story to tell a woman, forget about the story now."

"... The story about the brains I make as did not listen to it, so if you find any information from the enemy soldiers please tell us."

"Oh, I got it. Well then."

It's bad to the soldiers who are transferring the cargo of the attacked carriage to another carriage. I carried those two corpses and entered the nearby forest. From here onward I cannot show it to others.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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