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IUSAP07 Part 2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 07 [Part 2]


"This is... well... too many..."

Karen thinks by looking at the number of dead bodies of goblins.

"Shakti, what should we do with the goblin corpses? If we left them like this they will turn into zombies, is not it?"

"That's right, but before that we need to gather left ear the proof of goblin's subjugation! So Dee you also help!"

When Shakti said that, Dee started collecting goblin left ears together with Shakti. And after collecting left ears, Lina digs a large hole on the ground with magic. Karen and Lina throws the goblins with no left ear into that big hole.

"With this it is the last, is not it?

"Dee! Wait a bit, use this."

Karen stops Dee who was trying to put the fire on and gives a pot with height of 50cm and width of 30 cm.

"Is this... oil?"

"That's right! If you use it too, the firepower will rise. "

"I see, thank you♪."

Dee tried to lift that jar, but it was too heavy to lift it for him.

"What is it Dee? You cannot even carry that weight? It cannot be helped, I will teach you body strengthening of fire magic♪."

By saying that, Shakti embraces Dee and uses body strengthening on her body as it is.

"What is this muscle idiot woman doing!
In the confusion hugging Dee. I will not forgive you, get away from him soon! "

"Lina! You should also understand, right?
The trick to remember the magic of the support system  is to feel the flow of magical power in the body? So in order to feel the flow of magic power it is fast to keep my body in close contact. It is easier to understand. How is it? Dee? Do you feel the flow?"

What does it mean to feel the flow in the body? So my
How to feel the flow of magical power in Dee
, It is easier to understand if you were in close contact with your body
. How is it? Dee? Do you feel the flow? "

Certainly, I feel like something moves in the body of Shakti... This is magic power... It is different from the release system? It was a feeling that I should concentrate magic in one place when it was a release system, but this body strengthening is a feeling that should spread magic power on the whole! Well, is it something like this?

When Dee uses magic of physical strengthening. Lina forcible separates the arms that was hugged by Shakti.



Dee who dispelled his arms gently lifted the previous pot and threw it to the center of the mountain of dead bodies.


"I did it♪."

"It's amazing♪ Dee!"

"Oh, great Dee! You learned faster than me! "

"This was surprising! Does Dee have magical sense?"

And then Dee used the magic of fire emission system as it is.

Alright this time I will use a slightly different release system fire.
Let's try it... image, image!

Then Dee stretched his right hand forward, a big fireball appeared in front of the palm, and the ball deformed and formed a shape of a bird about 1 m.


The fire bird flew directly to the mountain of the dead bodies of the goblins, and with the help of the oil, which increased firepower. The dead bodies were burned all the way.

"What is that magic? I have not seen it!"

"Oh, is that so? I just imagined just as I heard from Lina."

"What was it just now? It looked like a bird of fire to me, I have never seen such a magic..."

"My attribute is fire! But, this is my first time seeing it..."

"Oh, is that so? I just asked Lina
You just imaged it? "

"What was it for now? It's a fire bird
It looked like, I have never seen such a magic
Yo ... "

"I am also an attribute of fire!
What ... "

When three people were surprised at the magic of Dee, suddenly Dee fallen down.


"Shakti... I am hungry..."

As he said, Dee lost his consciousness.

"Mou! Dee, do not make me worry!... It can not be helped♪."

"Maybe Dee gets hungry when he used magic power, is not it? Dee got hungry so far, after he did it with us and after he used magic. That semen must be same as a chunk of magic powers! That's why, I think it recovers our physical strength and magical power and heals our injuries!"

"Aa~, that's right, if that's the case it's convincing! As Shakti said, it would be the identity of that semen! Let's go to my house for the time being! I will make something, also two of you should be hungry."


By replying that, with Shakti carries Dee on her back and head towards Karen's house.


Thank you for reading.
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