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IUSAP08 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 08 (Part 1)

Ton ton ton ton ton koto koto juwaan. (Sounds of cooking)

Hmm? It's a nice smell~♪.

"... wake... up."

"Mmm~ I'm still sleepy~. Mom, let me sleep 5 more minutes... Zzzz...!"

Dee went to sleep as it is, when he got hungry because of his magic power had run out. Although he was asleep, he felt nostalgic and started sleep talking.

"Ah! Good morning everyone! ..."

"Oh good morning Dee♪."

"Good morning♪ Dee♪. But it is still in the evening"

"Fufu♪. Dee is a sleep-talker♪. Come food is ready for you to eat a lot♪. This is Karen's special stamina meal♪.

"Eh? Is this made by Karen-san?
You made a lot of food and varieties.
Also, it smells delicious♪."

"Oh! That's right! My cuisine is not just smell, it's delicious to eat and increases stamina♪. Come, eat it without any reservation!"

Dee sits on the seat of table for 4 people, Karen sat next to Dee. Shakti on the opposite side of Dee and Lina sat next to Shakti.
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"Well then, 'itadakimasu'♪..."

"How is it, my dish? Did it suit your tongue?"

".... Oh, delicious♪. Woah very delicious♪ Karen-san♪."

"I see♪, that's great♪. I might loose to Dee's mother, but I can do anything for you♪. For example, like waking you up every morning♪."

Karen looks like a naughty child, as she said.

"Ah!... Did you hear that after all?"

Dee shyly looks away.

Karen who saw that, casually hugged Dee and rubs her cheeks on him.

"Mou~! Dee looks so cute♪, I want to eat you as it is♪."

"Mou~! Please do not say I am cute! I am a boy!"

The more Dee protest with his rebellious voice. Karen said, Dee is too cute that I could not help it. And rubbed his cheeks with her cheeks.
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"Anego! Get away from Dee!" (Anego= Big sister)


Shakti could not stand it and hits Karen's head.

"What, it hurts? Shakti? What are you doing all of a sudden?"

Karen asks Shakti, as if she did not do anything wrong.

"Do not ask what I am doing? You do not see Dee dislikes it! So! Get away!"

Shakti gets between Dee and Karen. Pulls apart Karen and Dee with her hands inserting in between.

"Fuu~! Finally pulled away!"

"Thank you Shakti♪."

While saying Dee made an Angel smile towards Shakti. Then
"Ugh! Dee! I cannot hold back."

Shakti, who was struck by Dee's Angel Smile, she hugged him tightly and started to rub her cheek against his cheek.

"Truly! What will you do, when a mummy hunter becomes a mummy?"

"Lina... Please help me..."

When Dee said that, Lina comes next to Dee with a dash and hit's the head of Shakti with a cane.


"It hurt's! What are you doing Lina?'


Lina gives Shakti another hit on her head.

"It hurts! You hit it again!"

"That's right! You do not understand from a single hit! That's why I hit you again!"

"Lina♪ Thank you♪."

Then, Dee again gave an Angel smile towards Lina.

"Dee♪... "

Lina approaches Dee as if being dragged by something. When she did, she suddenly felt a killing intent from behind.
When she looked back, Karen got a thick book in her hand and raised it. Shakti took a sword which is in sheathed state in her hand, where she looked like she would swing it any moment.(Translated by Novel44

"What are you two doing?"

""Oh no, no?""

It was dangerous! It's dangerous, dangerous! For me to forget Dee's Angel smile... It's really a close call... Dee's angel smile is really dangerous ... ha ha "

After that, three women returned to normal, so they were eating normally. And when the meal was over, Dee started talking.

"Karen-san, are the other villagers safe?"

"Aa~! After that, everyone has returned after a while. Well in honesty, some villagers have died, but damage was small..."

"When I think about it, Dee? Did you actually cast the fire magic of fire attribute earlier magic with only imagination alone? Normally, no one can cast that kind of magic only with imagination?"

"Eh? Is that so? It is my first time using that kind of magic, somehow I could do it."

"Eh? Have you done that for the first time? That is amazing! Just like I thought, is it because you came from different world or is it you are different from us?"

"Eh? Why do you?..."

Dee finally noticed and looked at Shakti and Lina.
They have a awkward face.

"Oh! Do not blame them! I forced them to tell me! But, do not worry! I also do not mind who you were! I also like Dee as you are! For me it does not change that you are my life's benefactor! That's why I... I want to stay with you, is it not good?"

With a serious face Karen looked at Dee and Dee worried at first a little. But, he thought about Karen who lost her husband and might be lonely.
He listened to her opinion.(Translated by Novel44

"Un~! It's fine! I also want to stay with Karen-san♪. Please take care of me from now on♪."

Upon receiving Dee's Angel Smile. Karen felt a violent aching in her lower body and grabbed Dee's arms as it is.

"Aa~ Dee♪ Thank you♪. Then Dee, which do you prefer♪?"

Karen asks Dee looking at him while holding Dee's arm.
But, Dee do not have any clues, what Karen is talking about.

"Eh? What are you talking about?"

Karen looks at Dee with a glossy face.

"That's why, current me? Or is it polite me?"

Karen started first with harsh way of saying. Later she changed her way of speaking to polite manner. Which has a glossy touch.

"I see, I do not mind either Karen-san♪. Because Karen-san is Karen-san♪."

Dee smiled further Angel smile towards Karen.
Karen who saw that, could not hold back anymore and hold Dee in princess carry hold and carried Dee into her bedroom as it is.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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