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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 10: 7-yrs old (4)

The chief is sitting in a chair and reading a book and was surrounded by Otems.

He had hair that did not lost it's luster, deeply carved wrinkles.
Nevertheless, considering him being 150yrs old, no matter how I think about it he looks too young.
By seeing his big body, I do not think that the muscles are so weak.
Even though he do not leave the mansion unless it was an emergency, it is well maintained muscular body.
For me who refused my father when invited me for the hunting and put most of the effort in magic training. It is something that I would like to refer from, because I have a frail constitution.

The chief is now 150-yrs old, but Maren tribe is not special longevity race.
He only takes advantage of magic and sorcery in delaying his age progression.
Maintaining muscle strength is also part of that.

Maren-tribe's average life span is usually about 80-yrs if it is normal.
It is no different from my former world.
Although the civilization of this settlement is underdeveloped, it is a simple magic and can maintain a certain level of health, so the standard of life span is high.
There are diseases that cannot be dealt with by magic, but there are also damage from monsters and disasters.
Compared with the average life expectancy, it is much lower than Japan.

The chief raises his face from the thick book, and stares at me while pressing the upper part of the glasses with his fingers.

"... Philo and who was it?"

The tyrant narrowed his eyes, and he said sweetly.
I only had a formal greeting at the event before, so it seems he do not remember me.
It was already half a year ago since he saw my face in the ritual, and that would be natural as well.

"I am Abel Belek-desu, this girl is my sister Giselle Belek-desu, please excuse me for a sudden visit, there is something I really want to ask."

When I bow my head all the time, Giselle in a panic imitates me.

"Fuun~, is it the son of Zere-bou, I heard often about you from Philo. You are quite good friends with my granddaughter..."

"That, grandfather-sama!"

Philo interrupts the chief in a hurry, by calling him.
The chief narrows his eyes and looks at Philo.
As Philo retracted a half step as if she was conscious to that gaze, he said "Well, good." and switches the story.

"Then Abel, what do you want to ask me?"

"In fact, I am stuck with magic practice, when chief-sama had some time, I would like you to give me lectures..."

"Fuun~, kid seems to think that I seems to have lot of free time."

Chief says with angrily and shakes his head slowly.

He do not have to interpret that in a mean way against a child like that...
What's this? By any chance, he might have a bad impression about me.
Because of my life style until now, I know that there are many bad rumors spread about me.
Besides, it is not strange that Philo bends it twisting in many ways.

"Haha! Because you said you wanted to see my grandfather-sama. What's this do you wanted to learn magic? Though you are not even acquainted with grandfather-sama, suddenly you asked him to teach you, you are too shameless. Whatever, I could learn magic from grandfather-sama and teach it to Abel. But... well, well, it depends on your attitude and sincerity..."

What do she think of herself?

But indeed from this feeling I might have failed by rushing things.
Since her mother welcomed me with smiling face, I took her offer.
But I should have come after asking the convenient time by telling them beforehand.
The sense of Maren tribe was still I could not grasped well.


Chief opens his mouth.

"Yes, grandfather-sama!"

"Leave the seat for a while."

With 'Gakutto' sound, Philo fall down.
She managed to recover her body and said with pain to the chief.

"What?... but ... Hora... Abel might be rude towards grandfather-sama! Also, Abel... Abel is..."



Philo drove her neck down and went out of the room with dark face.
Although she looked back here about a couple of times, as the chief wrinkled between his brows, she quickened her feet.

Well, if there is Philo, the story will not progress...
Naturally it is a natural judgment of course.
To see this result, in the end she was not useful enough to surprise me in the sense of softening the attitude of the chief.

"Fuun~... You want to learn magic from me, my waist is not light enough to move when asked by a little boy."

"Is it useless...?"

"It will be a waste of time if you gave up easily, I do not think that you have enough guts boy. For me, it is a short old age."

Ge~e... baring his hostility towards me.

Clearly, I will be troubled by the reactions, even if I get caught by his age.
Such a thing, if I lived for 150-yrs too, I might understand.
If it's position point of view, it is still a chief and a brat.

Because I am saying the life expectancy rather than my age, should I say that no such a thing.
However, even if I follow up poorly, he might interpret it by twisting it into a sarcasm.

Isn't this old man intentionally trying to push me into corner.
No, I am thinking too much.
Because there are no good rumors about his appearance was a little scary, do not stand too much.

"No, no, chief-sama is still doing fine and healthy."

I smile while smiling.
Yes, it can go. It is a full mark.
I did not mention the point that he is old and I did it well.

That's what I thought,

"Fuun~, considering my age as being an old man."

It's because of you that I had to consider it, Though the words came to my throat, I swallowed them back.
When I thought that I had came to forcibly kill(with answer), he avoided it simply.
If I answered it normally he would say I am a rude fellow, even if I had avoided it and this is what I get.
What kind of answer were you expecting, this old man.

Because he drove Philo away, I thought that he thought quite well... this condition seems to be difficult.
Rather, he did not want his granddaughter to see the place where he was bullying a child, so he kicked her out.
It might be better for me find another master.

"Well then... Ano, this story(about chief become his master), is it useless...?"

"Fuun~, short-tempered guy, I did not say it's useless."

you are saying that.
The grandpa's attitude speaks eloquently.

"Then, will you teach me?"

"I did not say that I will teach... boy do not rush it."

What is this palm returns.
Well then, which one?

"... That's right, let me see, how serious you are. Boy come back tomorrow morning."

... It is practically a disciple accreditation.
It is only a story that he will teach me exactly what he originally teach me. When he think that I was not serious enough, he will cut ties with me.

I wonder why?
Although I was able to achieve my goal and it was a sunny day tomorrow and I became an apprentice of the chief. I felt something that I could not understand for some reason.

For the time being our talks have finished, so we decided to leave for today.
We left the chief's mansion, both I and Giselle head towards our house.

"Ano(Hey), Nii-sama..."

"Perhaps there are a lot of tsundere in Chief's house."


"No, nothing"

Perhaps, it is not a concept in this world.
By the way the Tsundere grandfather taught magic as if nothing had happened the next day.
When I visited the mansion, I was surprised by the great preparation.
Actually, I wonder if chief wanted a disciple to teach.

accreditation: noun
    1. the action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity.
    2. an acknowledgement of a person's responsibility for or achievement of something.
eloquently: adverb
    1. in a fluent or persuasive manner.  

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