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IUSAP09 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 09 [Part 1][18+]

I am doing something amazing now! How should I say, I am on Karen-san's bed, she was on four and I have inserted my penis inside her pussy from the back. If it is only that it's same as usual, but now on Karen-san's right Shakti was on four and on Karen-san's left side Lina was on four. I am fingering both with my index and middle fingers of my both hands in their pussies! That's right, I who have never done a 3P, but doing a sudden 4P.

"Aah♪ Dee♪ feels good♪ this penis is the best♪ please give me more♪ Aah♪."

Karen gave a lustrous voice while asking Dee to beat her pussy vigorously with a bang. It seems like it cannot be helped because Karen's pussy is feeling so much that, it gets white with love juice.

"Dee ... I also want your penis inside me! Just fingering is not enough!"

"That's right! I also want your penis inside! I will go crazy when I remain like this!"

Shakti and Lina started complaining of their dissatisfaction with only fingering. In the first place, why we decided to do 4P was because... At the beginning Dee partner was only Karen, but the two who were looking at it, their pussies started to ache and unable to endure and asked Dee.

"Uun~ but, I only have one penis. I can only put it in one, that's why I told you to do it one by one. But you two..."

"That cannot be helped! My pussy is aching this much, I cannot stand it!"

"That's right! Dee, I also cannot stand it! If you make that much erotic smell... once I sniff that smell, I..."

Uun~ Well it seems true... But, I only have one penis... Will not it split into three?... Wait a second! That makes me mentally traumatic. That's right, will not magic useful? Now, I can use three kinds of fire, light and earth magic, right? For the time being, fire is excluded and the rest is light, earth two types of magic... What can be done first with light?

Other than brightening... Uun! I don't really understand! Well light also excluded, is not it? The rest is the soil. I have some images, but... how is it? All I can imagine is tentacles that often appear in different erotic animes and ero mangas. But... it is not hygienic to make them with soil, is not it? Well... That's right... If I could use Karen's water attribute magic, with water magic I could have created things like slime tentacles!!

"Wait, what is this?"

"Uwa! What are these?"

"Ah Dee♪ more♪."

When Dee was thinking while moving his waist. A lot of nyoronyoro tentacles came out from the feet of Dee. Moreover, the tentacles were made of something like water.

For example, the tentacles entangle the bodies of Shakti and Lina while massage their boobs. In that way I would Like the sense of the tentacles to be linked with my body♪.

"What is this? It's cold! I thought that they came to entangle with my body but suddenly rub my tits. Ah don't!"

"What's happening!? Oh no... Aaa~♪h."

Ah! That's right, I guess cold is cruel to them so it is better to be warm? Then, put the tentacles one by one in their mouths. I want them to eat♪. I'm linking the feelings♪.

"No, but it feels♪ I feel good♪ Ah♪, so much♪!"

"Wha, gumo!"

"Aaa~♪ No♪♪ gumomo♪ Aaa~♪!"

"Ah! What is it? It feels really good? It feels like, I'm feeling it from my whole body??? Karen squeezes her pussy♪. It feels good♪."


Hmm? What happened? Karen as is it? Shakti and Lina also got so wet?

"Ah! What!"

Dee stopped thinking and looked at Karen and there were dozens of tentacle-like objects in there.

"Is this... possibly... this is my work... is not it?" Even if I look at it... I certainly thought about it but, why? I cannot use water magic, is not it? I can feel comfortable sense is also linked with me. Rather than making everyone feel good, I want to feel good."

Dee was trying to freely manipulate the tentacles to make the three women feel satisfied. He pushed his big penis into Karen's pussy, rubbed her vaginal wall and gave a stimulus, further inserted a tentacle into her anal and rubbed it against the vaginal wall, rubbing it with his big penis gave him further stimulation.

"Au~n♪ uan♪ don't♪ it's first♪... time like♪... this♪."

Karen leaked her voice while holding his tentacles in her mouth and her eyes became white with Ahegao♪ face.

"Au~n♪ it's too big♪, my pussy is breaking♪. Aah♪ too intense♪."

To Shakti, I increased the thickness of the tentacle and inserted into her pussy and a thin tentacle approached her clitoris and sucked it. Shakti leaked lustful voices.

"Offuo♪ aa~un aa~n♪ it feels too good aa~n♪ cumming♪."

Shakti was unable to endure the stimulation of clitoris like never before. Furthermore, a narrow tentacle gathered around the entrance of anal, gradually spreading out her anal and a thick tentacle entered the hole.

"Aaa~♪ not there aa~n♪ don't♪."

Lina was suspended in the air by the tentacles and was made to make a M leg in front of Dee's eyes while lying on her back. Her head was lifted up and a tentacle was inserted into her mouth. While the nipples were pulled with thin tentacles and the root of the clitoris was tightened with a thin tentacle and her body was slightly cramping with the stimulation throughout her body

"uun~♪ Aaa~♪ bo~o♪."

Tentacles of the same thickness as Dee's cock were moving in and out of Lina's pussy and anal in that state.

"Aau~un♪ aa~n♪ Ikuu♪."

It feels too good, something amazing was happening to my senses. I want to cum semen out from the tentacles♪. Can I do it?

Dee was serving 3 while thinking such a thing, but as expected of the linking sense of tentacles. The stimulation to him was 3 times or even more, so it became easy to climax.

"Aaa~♪ no... I will cum."

"Uun~ I too cumming♪."

"I also cumming♪."

"Aaa~♪ Iku♪."

Four people climaxed at the same time, a large amount of semen was sprayed from Dee's cock in Karen's pussy and semen was also released from the tentacles.

Lina was slowly dropped on the bed, the tentacles slowly disappeared. Dee fell into Karen's big tits, lost consciousness and went to sleep as it is. And three females also fainted and fell asleep.


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