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Flirting With Beast Girls! Doing Nothing but Copulation! Chaper 13: Graceful Tutte and Doki Doki Yukata time!

"Huh... I never thought, it would become like that."

"It felt good, right?"

"That, well..."

"I did it, Tutte-chan, Papi felt good too."

"Kora~, do not cling!"

"Eh?... Even though Papi likes Tutte-chan this much?"

"That's why I am saying, if you kept on clinging to me, I will get tired."

"Is that so?"

"That's right, that's why while I am drying my hair, you go play with him."

Papi happily came to me, she just got out of the bath, since her hair is still wet, I wiped her hair with 'goshi goshi' while watching Tv in the living room.

Meanwhile, Tutte carefully dries her long dark brown hair and makes it into a twin tail. Her loose hair figure also looks good but this twin tails looks good and is cute.

"Tutte, twin tails suits you well."

"Tsu~! If you say such a thing, from now on..."

"papi also! Papi also think so! Tutte-chan is cute. Sukisuki." (Suki= love)

"Kora~, you again clinging."

"Eh? Is not it good, let's do suri suri." (suri= sound of rubbing cheek with cheek.)

"Ah, you are already annoying."

Until the clothes in the laundry are dried, both of them playing while wearing my white T-shirts and shorts. Tutte says she does not like it but her facial expression do not seem to be against it. I hope she gets used to it little by little.

Also, there are only few clothes, should I buy some? But I have no choice but to pay. While I was thinking and looking at both of them who are in living room are looking at the TV, From the television, the special number of the riverside fireworks are displaying.

Local television casting the scenery of the decorations and few uncles open stalls and flower fireworks which draws the feeling of festival was displayed.

Well, it is the biggest fireworks festival in the local area, it is natural that they will put the emphasis on the TV station as well. While I am thinking that suddenly Puppy who was clinging to Tutte suddenly stared at the screen, suddenly ran towards me and said: "Onii-san, let's go to festival! Festival Iko!" Hugging me with ha ha ha ha hugs and rubs her soft skin.

Papi is curious towards everything, if it seems fun she will jump at everything. There was also one case at the sea and Puppy is very active in making memories.

Even I, if she pleads that much, there was no reason to refuse. It's close so even we go there is no problem, but how about Tutte? I tried turning my face and...

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"No, I was thinking, what Tutte want to do?"

"Well, if you say that I really want to come, I may think of going."

"Un, un. Let's go! I want to go to the festival with Tutte-chan and onii-san! I want to go to the fireworks display."

"Wait, Kora~! Do not lick my face for every thing. Besides, from his mouth..."

"I want to make memories with Tutte, so let's go together."

Standing up from the chair, I reached out to Tutte who is covered with Papi and smiled at her, she said "If you ask me that much, it cannot be helped." blushes her face and holds my hand.

"Tutte-chan and onii-san are love love! Papi, everyone are good friends and I'm glad."

"That's why I said, you should stop clinging to me."

"Can we hold hands together at the festival?"

"...Well, if it's that."

"Yatta! I love Tutte-chan!"

"That's why, I am saying do not cling to me, you idiot dog."

"Kyau kyau! I love Tutte-chan!"

Tutte trying to desperately peel off Papi who is clinging with a smile on her face, even she tried to resist was over powered by Papi in the end.
By saying yareyare and turned towards me, but she seems to not against it, cute. Well, it looks like it's decided to go to the riverside...

"Keisuke a little!"


"What 'Hmm'?" That's not it. You do not intend to take us dressed like, do you?"

"Papi is fine with anything, if we 3 can go together."

"Even you are fine, but I do not like it."

"Is that so? Tutte-chan."

"That's right, it's not Tutte-chan, please call me, Tutte-san."

"I understand! Tutte-chan."

"You are doing it on purpose, right?"

"No, ...Tutte-chan suki suki."

"Ah, hey, stop it! Hi-ya~!"

Papi pushes down forcefully while swinging her tail and Tutte blushes with red cheeks. By the both lovely funny play I ended up smiling, but I remembered [That's right] suddenly. 

After all speaking of fireworks there should be. As I thought, I search for a nearby tailor's number in my smartphone and made a call while both of them are playing together. And when I made a phone call... it connected to a sister who seems to be calm type.

I told about the 2 beast girls, it seemed like luckily there are few that could fit them, so I asked for them and succeeded in taking the reservation.

I hope that Tutte will be pleased....

In the living room (Papi overpowered unilaterally), I embraced the two who looked happily playing and I whispered gently 'let's go'.

Papi seems to not understand anything, saying excited "fireworks fireworks", Tutte said: "Where are we going? No way, I do not to go there like this." So I responded "It's fine, it's fine".

She looked at me with doubtful eyes by saying "Is it true?" But, since it's really okay so it's no problem. I want to surprise her.

We readied with 'Sosokusa' and left the house with light clothing. Papi has a full smile and only says "fireworks fireworks", but Tutte's face is a bit dark.

After all, maybe she do not like walking with men's clothes very much. However, the clothes were not dried and if we wait for them to dry, we could not make it in time for the reservation. I also had confidence that I could make Tutte happy, so I made her to have a little patience.

Because speaking of fireworks and festival means a yukata.

Even Tutte, who was worried, had a big smile every time onee-san prepares a cute yukata, she said: "You can do something like this" in a full smile. Honestly she was too cute and made Kyun. (made heart skip a beat)

Papi wears a lovely flower-patterned yukata with red and pink combination and joyfully jumping 'Pyon pyon' with pretty pink geta(slippers made of wood). And Tutte is wearing a purple with a calm feeling white a floral pattern yukata. As for geta she was wearing black geta with pictures on it, looking at she asked: "How is it?" and showed me a pretty appearance.

I said "pretty", I said my real intention what I thought in my heart, when I stroked her head, she turned her face away while blushing with a smile, so it cannot be helped me say cute. Tutte, which is usually high and proud, has been getting quite honest at the moment as she wears it and normally does not show it.

I normally dressed lightly in summer with denim jeans all the time with a rough T-shirt, since it's a good opportunity, so I wore old yukata with different kinds of geta.

By the time we get ready and get out of the store, the time is already at dusk, as we approached the riverbed, the stalls increased and it will be wrapped in a fun crowd with couples and families. "Come on, let's have fun too". I pulled both of their hands and headed towards the festival.


Thank you for reading.

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