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IMWMT06 Part 2

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 06  [Part 2]

"Well then, Elmire, I will teach you magic circles from now on."

"Yard-sama, please call me El, I feel like I was called like that before."

"I see, then call me mentor or master."

"Yes, master. Please take care of me."

I stopped her who was about to seiza (sit on the floor) and let her sit on the bed. It is hard for me because of her etiquette she learned in the Empire was left behind.

"For you the 4th kind, that is, you have to learn and understand the techniques using magic circles. In the first place, the magic circle is used to activate a manipulation formula that which has the information amount which is too huge to express by action or by voice. So if you do, you can use a technique that can destroy even this world."

"Master, I do not understand well, that the story is too difficult to understand."

"It's fine, if you can use the magic circle, you will be able to use amazing magic."

"Yes, I understand well."

"First let me show you the 4th type of technique, follow me."

I come to where I can see the outside. The outside has already become dark and the distant scenery is hard to see. This would be okay.

"I heard that the elves can see even at night, but can you see that far mountain?"

"It's a little dark, but I can see."

"Yoshi, do not take your eyes off from that."

I draw a magic circle on the ground with a small branch of the tree nearby. It took me about 10 minutes to complete and the magic circle was about 5 meters in diameter. So I started it immediately.
When the magic circle is activated, the vicinity of the top of the mountain shown above disappeared quietly.
This is the effect of 4th type tactical grade technique, lower gravity ball. It is a technique to create a very small black hole at the target point.
Surprised by the sudden mountain disappearance, El looked back at me and the mountain, back and forth many times. To see these reactions are worth for my teachings.

"Ma, Master! The mountain disappeared!"

"Oh, that's right, this is the usefulness of using magic circles. Keep this a secret."

"Ye, yes!"

With this she would have understood the strength of the magic circles. Next, I need to just teach her properly.
El, since she saw the previous technique, she hold her voice down but was excited like a small child. With this much, no one will notice her excitement. So, it is good.

After the demonstration, I taught her some basic knowledge. Since I am sleepy, I decided to sleep and stop it here for this day.
When I was sleeping on the bed, I felt the weight of someone pressing against my body and I jumped up in a hurry.
Ten there was not an assassin, but El. As I am asleep, both me and her are obviously wearing pants. Her breasts are in full view.

"What are you doing...?"

"Oh, master, master, you really exercised your body..."

When she noticed that I woke up, she turned her face away. Her face is reddish and her breathing is rough. Is she in heat?
Since I have no idea, I tried to send telepathy call to Margarete, but I have no response. She do not seems to be asleep, but she may be concentrating on something. Since there is no choice, I sent a telepathy call to Tia, it got connected.

(Tia, I'd like to ask you a little question, but is it fine?)

(This voice is master-sama! It's fine. What kind of question is it?)

For the time being, I talked about the circumstances about El and told about the actions up to this point and asked her if there is something wrong with estrus. In the meantime El is rubbing her face on my chest.

(I think that it was probably because she saw the master's magic. Elf originally has a much longer longevity and is not very aggressive in breeding. As a result, they leave descendants when they saw individuals stronger than themselves. And their body seems to go into heat without permission)

(Is that so?... No, I understood. I am sorry to call you so late at night.)

(No, please call me anytime. I am waiting for you.)

I stopped telepathy call and looked at El. It would have been serious in the army, if she went into heat to see a strong. Was she a pretty powerful magician, so she did not estrus to another man?
However, I am not in mood to do it now, so I peeled her off and hold her down. It seems she did not know what I am trying to do. So, she was looking at me with uneasy eyes.

"You are just reacting your body without permission, do not imitate that you will regret later."

"No such thing, I like Master..."

"I am sorry, but my and your relationship cannot go beyond teacher-student relationship. I do not love you as much as love between men and women."

I just kept her as a disciple and I do not want to have a physical relationship. Apart from that, sexual desire does not rise up with an experiment object. Also, if I do it with her here, I will be hung up by the female team. I do not want that trouble.
She noticed that she was rejected by me at once, clinging to her feet while making his face red.

"It's different! I just want to stay with master! You do not have to love me!"

"Calm down, I understood your feelings..."

Suddenly the door knocked, as somehow interrupting my words trying to calm her down.

"I am really sorry! The commander is calling! It is a matter of a hurry, so please hurry up!"

Whether the timing is good or bad, at this time urgent call, don't tell me Demon empire attacked? Anyway, when I tried to go out with clothes in a hurry, El came to me.

"Please! Do not abandon me, master!"

"I understand, do not worry. Because, you are my disciple. I do not think of abandoning you of this thing, I do not even want to give you any punishment for your previous behavior. I also forgotten, so go to sleep for now."

"I don't want to! Please take me along! I will not do such a thing anymore!"

"Do not say unreasonable, I will return soon, so stay calmly in the room."

No matter what I say she will not get off, so I asked the soldier to help me and forcibly pulled her off. As the soldier holding her, I ran into the target room. El keeps crying behind. The obsession to me so far is because the disappearance of her memories. I do not regret what I did but from now on I have to do things so that there will be nothing like this again.

When I entered the room, there were two men besides the other braves and Margarete. If I recall correctly he was a Deputy commander and his follower.

"Have you gathered together, let's start the meeting immediately."

When I get to the seat, Margarete cuts out. She have a nervous face. Don't tell me Demon Empire really attacked already. While others are having a dignified face, I was drinking water because I ran and thirsty.

"What happened?"

"Well, actually this evening, the watchtower in the north was attacked by an unknown identity and mountain itself was erased away. In the vicinity[Buho]." "... What is it? do not interrupt when I am talking."

"I, I am sorry, please continue."

Oh crap, it was me. I did not know that there was a watchtower at all.
I sprang out the water I was drinking without thinking. Fairlis in front of was immersed in water and glaring at me. I apologized to her who is removing her wet veil, my head was full because of how I should surmounted this situation.

"......Continue.... It seems that there were no debris left in the vicinity and it seemed like it was scooped up by something. I think that this is due to the enemy's new magic act."

"Damn it! It is a new magic in such a time!"

"I have never heard of magic enough to blow off the mountain... that the enemy had such a horrible trump card... Is there any counter measure...."

Everyone except me is discussing about that magic. Should I confess honestly. No, then, the strength of my technique becomes conspicuous. Any difficult excuses will be fine, so I have to fool them.

"Ah, is it okay?"

"What is it, Yard-sama?"

"I know something about that phenomenon..."

Listening to my words, I can see that everyone's eyes were pointed at me. Alright, I thought of an excuse. I only have to keep a dignified attitude so as not to be suspected later.

"Yard-sama, is it true?"

"Oh, it's not an enemy's attack in the first place."

"Is, is that true?"

"Ah, the principle is left out because it is difficult to explain, but that is just a natural phenomenon. Although it is a very unusual thing, even if you live billions of years, I do not know if you can see it or not. Also, I know a counter measure to deal with it, it will not cause damage here by any chance."

Although, it is a shady explanation. But, it seems that everyone trusted me, because of my way of talking. I can see that the tension in the past is loose like a lie.

"Yuusha-sama, what kind of phenomenon was it?"

"Perhaps, Sagami-dono might have heard, but that was a black hole. It's like an inhalation of everything, although it's a very small one."

"Was it so, was it a black hole... I never thought that such a phenomenon would occur...?"

It seems Sagami knew about it. It seems that everyone completely believed, since Sagami knew it. Somehow, I managed to fool them.
Decided to tell the soldiers about this early tomorrow morning to avoid any unnecessary panic, the meeting came to an end at once.

When I got back to the room in a hurry. El hugged me at the moment I opened the door. As she never let go off me, I had to sleep on the same bed today. It will be nice, if she will be back to normal by tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.
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