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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 13: 9-yrs old (2)

9 years old (2)

One day, I was shivering on my own bed.
It was around the time that the sun had risen high in the sky, but I do not think I will leave from here.
While I clung to the blanket, I put my hand on my forehead.

My head is hot. It's a sensation that my brain is melting.
First time since 9-yrs, I tasted a dense death sign.
My consciousness is not clear.

"Nii-sama, get it together, Nii-sama!"

Giselle calls out to me.
However, it is useless.
Giselle's pretty beautiful face also looks blurry now.

I was not feeling well this morning and I could not eat breakfast.
I told my mother about that and made her prepare goat's milk to warm, but as soon as I drank it, the inside of my stomach came up and vomited.
I fell down as it is, I was carried to the bed and that's how now the situation.

As I thought, I was a little sick a few days ago.
Everything might have been a sign of this.

In the meantime, it was a mistake that I continued magic research for 3 days and nights trying to get back the time taken by my helping hand with hunting and agriculture.
No, I should think that it was upto now and that all of it was the cause. All nighter, it is not unusual.

Maybe, my own nutritional drink was useless?
After all, I should not have used that herb.
Maybe poison removing was not perfect.

No, may be I was cursed because I made 3 squirrels with biological magic?
As I thought, I should not have placed my hands on that magic after all. That was a blasphemy to the creature, it was rebellion against God.
It was not a good range that humans should place hands.

Sorry, God, I will never use biological magic.
So, please forgive me already.

"... Wow, spirit of our ancestors, forgive me."

I lift my heavy arms and cut a cross in the air.


Giselle cries and embraces my shoulder.

"Giselle...... I'm sorry, I... when I thought now... I am selfish about myself, I could not do anything like a brother... I was an useless brother ..."

If I had a little sister in my previous life, I wonder if it was a bit different?
No, that's not all.
I also think about my father and mother.
The existence of parents who stay at home all the time for me to watch over me more than Maren's culture was hardly familiar to me.
Even ordinary baby do not know such things, but it was natural for me.
As there are existing values, it was a start from minus instead of zero.
Perhaps it was because this my ideal is different from my father, if I think about it.

"It's not like that! Please do not say such a thing as giving up!"

"Because it's about my body, I understand. I will die."

"Nii-sama, nii-sama! Please get it together!"

However, my parents were unexpectedly cold, although I was in such a condition.

"It's only a cold, that's why I said to you, you should train your body from day-to-day."

My father stands up by saying that, sighing as he was amazed.

Is this, just a cold?
There cannot be such a thing.

My body is so hot, painful,

"Goho ggoho!"

Yes, I also have a cough.

"It is serious! Father-sama, Nii-sama!"

"Umu, it's a cold."

Will not he say other than that, my father.
Far from cold, I am going to become wind.

"It's because you pushed yourself in this cold period."

I just doped with medicine and stayed up all night for three days.
The room was also properly warmed by magic.
Anyway, just a cold cannot be this painful so far.

"But, father-sama.... I have properly placed Otem which avoids sickness, it cannot be a cold."

"It is because you depend solely on Otem, it is just a prevention, but after catching a cold it will be useless. Your body will be weakened, because you always confined in your room."

"I placed 10 Otems that avoids sickness, this is not a sickness, it must be someone who is jealous of my talent.... It seems, it is a curse from around Philo. I surely is."

Philo was a grandpa's girl.
Because the chief taught to me by chance, it is possible that there is a line that jealous of me.
Yes, I cannot think of anything else.
If I can recover safely, let's study seriously about protection techniques against magic.

"So many Otems that avoids sickness... Well, but, that was beyond that and it was probable that you were intolerant."

"That's why, this is... not just a cold..."

"Umu, I see, then I go hunting, for the time being rest well for now."

"If I stay as it is, I am going to be resting under the soil all the while."

"The art of sickness scattering is already hung up, and you will be recovered to some extent by the sun goes down. Let's have a little white soup of ingredients for tonight"

"Father-sama... When the sun goes down, I will be already gone forever..."

"If you learned from this, you should be a little more mature."

By saying that father, left the room.

How cold, is that what you called a family?
Even though your son was in the depths of death, was not those eyes that looked like a brat after caught a cold into stirring excessively?

No, I was magic crazy up to now.
For my parents who saw magic as part of ceremonies and education, only substitute for electric appliances, I guess I was such a strange existence.
My father also did not show such a thing, but it seems that he might have been creepy about me.

Unexpectedly, tears came out.
I spent too much time trying to master magic, which was not useful in this peaceful times and I may have lost something important.

"What happened? Nii-sama! Do you have a headache? Shall I change the wet towel?"

No, only Giselle will take care of me like this, even if I was in the edge of death.
Even with that, I bet that I am very happy person.
Without Giselle, I should have been lonely and dead alone in this world.
She was a nice little sister to me.

"I am fine, I am sorry for making you feel bad. But, when I thought that I was about to die... Suddenly, I am getting lonely."
(TL: Where do you(Abel) get this much stamina to speak...(T-T))

"Please do not say that you will die. What should I do, if Nii-sama dies!"

I reached out to stroke Giselle's head, but my hand was strangely heavy.
The head of Giselle, right there, seemed much far away.
Oh, I will die. This time, I will die.

"Hand.... can I hold your hand?"

"Yes! Yes! Please!"

Giselle takes my hand.
Giselle's hand was a small pretty hand as her age.
I grasped the hand of Giselle weakly and stroked her hand back with my thumb.

"I am sorry for only cared about magic... Giselle, I love you..."

I say so, lose to the weight of the eyelids and closed my eyes.

"Hii... Nii-sama! Nii-sama! No, noo!"

The scream of Giselle reverberates in the room.
While listening to that, my consciousness went off.


After 10 hours, I was sitting on the dining table chair.

"Are you able to eat?"

My father asks me.

"... Yes, I am fine, I still have little feverish."

In conclusion, it was just a cold.
Apparently the Maren tribe seems to have a immune tendency towards weak constitution.
Although they are rarely sick because they have prevention with magic, it seems that even if just happens to caught cold, it will be quite effective.

"It's good that Nii-sama seems to have recovered... I... Mou, mou if by any chance if something happened, what should I do..."

My chest pains.
I completely made Giselle worried about me.
Should I say, I feel like I said some strange things with fever.

"Ah... when I think about it, Philo-sama came to visit, at that time Nii-sama was asleep, so I made her leave..."

"Ah, un, I see..."

Philo, I am sorry to doubt you.
To be honest I do not remember much, but I feel like I made many false charges with my headache.

I am really sorry father and mother for various things.
It seems before curse, as I thought I should work on sick and disease countermeasures firmly.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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