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IUSAP09 Part 2

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 09 [Part 2]

"Nn~? It's heavy?"

Karen woke up and remembered yesterday's thing while feeling weight on her body.

"Well? Yesterday... That's right, I asked Dee to make me his wife and Dee hold me. And then, Shakti and Lina also mixed with us? I felt like I was embraced by many things at the same time. Were not I?"

Karen managed to remember a little, so when she tried to raise her body, she then noticed what was the weight on her body.

"Fuu♪ I see, I slept like that as it was yesterday. he is really a mysterious child this kid, anyway... what is the amount of this semen?

By saying that Karen got up and sat down on the bed and gave knee pillow so as not to wake Dee. When she looked at the bed and it's surroundings there is a lot of semen scattered around.

"This is Dee's semen, is not it? Isn't the amount a little too much? And also, the thickness is somewhat tine, is not it?"

Karen drank the semen that was near on the bed. And then

"Nn~? Surely it is slight, but it feels like Dee's sperm? I can feel that my body recovering a little, but it is somewhat thin... Is it because it's been passed some time?"

When Karen was thinking about the details of semen, bed sheet felt like moving a little. Karen who felt that turned her eyes, there was Lina and Shakti who awoke.

"Good morning sister!"

"Good morning, Karen."

"Shhh! Be quiet! Dee will wake up!"

Karen talked to the two in a small voice, who greeted her and looked at the Dee who is still sleeping with 'Suyasuya' on her knee pillow.

"Fuu~ he did not woken up, I'd like to let him sleep for a while♪."

"That's right, Anego♪."

"That's right, yesterday he used that much of magic power, it would be better to let him sleep for a while♪♪."

Lina said that he used the magic power, which was caught up by Shakti and said.

Hmm? Did he used magic power? With semen?

"That's right! I was surprised yesterday, suddenly Dee used water magic and take care of us with those slimy things♪♪."

"That's right♪! Initially, it's something I do not understand well, so I was scared at first, but it's fine since it made me feel that good."

"Eh? What do you mean? Dee used water magic, it cannot be possible. Dee is a triple of fire, light and earth, is not it?"

"That's right, but certainly Dee gave us pleasure with water magic yesterday! Karen, did you not remember?"

That's surely, I also felt something aside from Dee's had been put big thing inside my mouth... but I did not think that it was a thing that Dee created with water magic!

"Surely I also felt something else but is it a thing that Dee made with water magic?"

"Yes, Dee uses spells that we do not even think about. And also, why Dee could use water magic would be understood if we try Magic Aptitude again later!"

"That's right! First of all, we must do something about this situation... ... Hahaha."

Karen looked around the room and was laughed at herself with Shakti and Lina.

"Well then, I will leave clean up the room to you two, I will make breakfast! Anyway Dee will be hungry by spending too much magic power, right? And also collect as much of that splashed semen as much as possible. It seems to have the same effect as Dee's Sperm. Well, it would be enough to use as a recovery medicine!"

"Let's see, certainly it is thinner than the real thing of Dee, but surely have recovery effect! I understand, I will collect it and put it in the magic bag of Lina."

"That's right! If we put it in the magic bag, it will not deteriorate."

"Well then, for the time being, let's collect it into magic bag."

Shakti unexpectedly brought an empty barrel from the kitchen.

"Anego is this good, is not it?"

"Yes, collect it in it. Okay then, I will leave rest to you! I will put Dee in the living room."

Then the three of them started to work by hand. Except Dee, who is sleeping with 'Suyasuya' on the sofa in the living room.


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