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Different World Dungeon Life Chapter: 25

Chapter: 25

2-hrs have already passed since Karen defeated the first goblin.
After that, she defeated several goblins and the level of Karen was also rising.

"Karen, do not push yourself."

"I am fine, it's gotten much easier to move now."

"If so, that's fine, just do not push yourself."


Although, she says that she is fine, since I am worried about her, I will check the status of Karen.

Hoshizaki Karen

LV 9
HP 60/160
Magical power 50/50

Attack power 16 + 10
Defense power 24 + 10
Power 16 + 10
Endurance 17 + 10
Dexterity 14 + 10
Quickness 13 + 10
Intelligence 18 + 10
Luck 9

Skill: Spear Lv 1

It was the same LV as Kuon that was a while ago, Kuon's overall status was slightly higher.
If this is the case, she should be fine against Orcs.
It will be OK, because her HP is decreasing from purely tiredness, after that time we were hunting while moving without a break.
Perhaps it was tough for people who were not used to it.
In addition, I will check the status of Kuon and mine.(Read this at [])

Aoba Kyosuke

LV 25
HP 730/730
Magical power 220/220

Attack power 47 + 10
Defense power 40 + 10
Power 32 + 10
Endurance 25 + 10
Dexterity 22 + 10
Rapidness 21 + 10
Intelligence 17 + 10
Luck 8 + 10
Skill: Dungeon Maker, Goddess's Love, Swordsmanship Lv1, Slave Training.


LV 27
HP 800/800
Magical power 170/170

Attack power 49 + 10
Defense power 40 + 10
Power 34 + 10
Endurance 25 + 10
Dexterity 21 + 10
Quickness 26 + 10
Intellect 14 + 10
Luck 5 + 10
Skill: Swordsmanship Lv2, Light Magic LV2

Mine and Kuon's Lv upped a lot and gotten a lot stronger, this status would be B-rank adventurer equivalent, I would like to raise the Lv a bit more as it is.

"Kyosuke-san, did something happened?"

"No, it is scary because somehow it's going too well..."

"That's right, also there are no orcs..."

I am watching at Karen's fight against the last goblin, she was able to fight without the help of [Clay binding] already.
If it's with this level of goblin opponent, she was able to defeat without much problem. 

"Good Job."

"Thank you."

"Karen-san, those are really beautiful moves, I would like to fight just like you."

"Kuon-san, you also use pretty beautiful moves. If mine is called dance, then Kuon-san uses sword dance."

"That's right, even if I look at you two, the movements of you both are really beautiful and enviable, because I only use force to swing my sword."

Leaving the surrounding vigilance to Ellis and Iris, when 3 of us are talking with each other, I clearly sensed a killing intent that I never felt before was closing in this way.

(Translated by Novel44 [])

"Everyone! Escape to the city!"


"What about Kyosuke-san?"

"I will earn some time here... So Kuon, believe me and wait in the city."


"Please listen to me..."

"I understood, it's a promise, right?"

"Ah, I surely will return..."

"I will be waiting for you."

Kuon takes the hand of Karen and starts running towards the city, I confirmed that Iris and Ellis safely headed towards the city. I pulled out my sword to earn some time, I should earn enough time for Kuon and others to escape...
Orc lord appeared along with a roar shaking the earth.

"Unlike my familiar monster, I had a feeling that the wild ones to be strong..."

Lord swings it's sword sideways, I avoided it and took distance. By my  avoiding the sword several orcs around the Lord were dead by lord's sword.

"It do not care about it's friends... I will buy enough time for Kuon and others to escape..."

I closed the distance between myself and Lord and released a rough cut towards it. Just like me Lord jumps back and takes advantage of longer reach than me and attacks me. I took the attack with my sword as a shield, but the power of lord is above me so I was pushed back gradually back and finally I was on my knees.(Read this at [])

"Ku~... this brute!"


At the moment when Lord tried to put more power, I slide the sword diagonally and avoided it.
The lord's sword pierced the ground with the momentum as it is.

"I will lose by force, but it seems my speed is faster!"

I went around to behind the lord who lost it's balance and I swung down the sword. The sword burst into the shoulder of the lord, but that was it. Due to lord's broad muscles the sword was struck and stopped halfway without cutting it's arm.
Well, the right hand should have been unusable, but my sword was struck and lost my only weapon.

"Oi oi..."


I took distance from the lord and saw how things will go from here.
Lord's arm was cut till middle, but it will be more advantageous than me without weapons.
Even if I escape like this, if I do it wrong, I may lead the lord to the town.
There was only one thing I could do now.

"Kuon... I'm sorry if I cannot return..."


At the same time as I ran, the lord also runs towards me and swings down the sword aiming at me.
I tried to avoid by jumping and landed on the sword the was remained on it's arm. With that impact the sword further poked into it and it came just before the arm was torn.
At that moment I was blown away with a tremendous shock, lord used it's arm that was sliced off by swinging it's body and the arm that sliced hit me and I was blown away. When I was blown away, I hit few trees and every time I hit a tree, the impact was be slow, I will likely let go of my consciousness.
The moment I thought it was over, I felt my body falling and I lost my consciousness ......

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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