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Isekai Cheat Extra 04

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 04: New ruler

"Lord, what do you mean?"

"As I said, I will make contracts with Divine beasts and mythological organisms and place them here. So I will create mythical world using my "World creation" and "Space creation". Here I will lay a barrier so that I and the beings that was recognized by only will enter. There will be no food problems because of my "World creation" to produce. There will be no other creatures in this mythical world. OK? "

"I, I understand"

"And I want everyone to cooperate with something. Is it OK, if you all have to merge with me?"


"Yes. Fusion, I want to merge mine and Shenlong's power."

"Lord, what do you mean?"

"To put it simply, I will copy the power of Shenlong, which is like a fusion of everyone with me."

"In short, Lord is saying that you would be able to use our powers?"

"Correct! Well, can I do it?"

"It's fine. Right?"

"""I'm honored!! Big brother!!"""

Conclusion ............ Further became a bug.

The status got too dangerous.

Akatsuki Yuki

Sex: M
Age: 10
Race: God Human (Mythology Human, Transcendent)

Lv 528
Civil service: Divine beast... 99999 +, Spirit gods, Spirit... 99999 +
In case of
HP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
MP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
STR 99999 + / 99999 +
AGI 99999 + / 99999 +
VIT 99999 + / 99999 +
INT 99999 + / 99999 +

Job: The transcendent of the sword God, the transcendent of the magic god, the transcendent of the gods, the strongest, the brave?: What is that, is it delicious?, Masterpiece, best tamer, god dragon warrior, god wolf use, god animals use, god of the beasts, rulers of mythology organisms, gods of the gods, rulers of the mythology forest, rulers of the mythology type, rulers of the god area , Ruler of the mythical world,
Concept level top high swordsman Lv.15 +
Conception level top sword technique Lv.15 +
Conceptual top level sword technique Lv.15 +
Concept-level top-of-body technique Lv.15 +
Conceptual top level archery Lv 15+
Conceptual top spears Lv 15
Conceptual top grade dentist surgery Lv.15 +
Conceptual top-level assassination technique Lv.15 +
Top marked shutdown Lv.15 +
Top mark detection Lv 15+
Topmost precision magical power sensing Lv 15+
Top-level precision magical power operation Lv 15+
No chant
Concept level top level monster Tame Lv 15+
Top level appraisal Lv 15+
Top hiding Lv 15+
Creating top level magic tool Lv 15+
Create the highest magic guide Lv 15+
Create Top Level Weapon Lv 15+
Cooking Lv 15+
Top level magician art Lv 15+
Top body strengthening Lv 15+
Top magical body strengthening Lv 15+
Top smith Lv 15+
<Unique skill>
Limit breaking
Yuuki flow Lv 15+
True Yuuki flow Lv 15+
Sakurami Kazari Art Lv 15+
Myth Akatsuki Lv 15+
Sword less Lv 15+
Mineral separation & fusion
Metal separation & fusion
Special creation
Basic Attribute Magical Suitability: Fire Feng Shui Tempo Dark Ice Crime
Concept Top level fire attribute magic
Concept Top level wind attribute magic
Concept top level water attribute magic
Concept Top level earth attribute magic
Concept Top level light attribute magic
Concept Top level dark attribute magic
Concept Top level thunder attribute magic
Concept Top level ice attribute magic
Concept top level no-attribute magic
Concept top granting magic
Concept top healing magic
Concept top level recovery magic
Concept top-of-the-top spirit magic
Concept top spatial magic
Concept top level sacred magic
Concept top dark magic
Conception Top summoning magic - Sammon
Concept top level spirit magic
Concept Top level ancient magic
<Unique magic>
Divine magic
Poison magic
Wood attribute magic
Alchemy magic
Decomposition magic
Creative magic
Play magic
Emptiness magic
Dimensional magic
Time magic
Space-time magic
Gravity magic
Transition magic
Concept magic
Causal interference magic
True eye
Evil eye
Magic creation
Skill creation
Complete memory
Complete grasp
Complete learning
Structural analysis
Structure understanding
Parallel thinking
Parallel processing
Mind reading
True magic
Extreme magic
World memory connection
All language acquisition
Top level
Fusion (full capacity copy)
Concept level top level physical attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all magic attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all mental attacks invalidation Lv 15+
Concept level top level all state error invalidation Lv 15+
<All derivatives>
Pain blocking
HP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
MP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
Superior attack power Lv 15+
Attack power is doubled Lv 15+
Moving speed super high rise Lv 15+
A person who is a reincarnation, a transcendent, a person who seees everything, a person who leads to the truth, a genius, a natural disaster, the strongest, the one who controls all, the superior of the gods, the creator of the gods, those who obey the gods, those who read the world, myths Ruler of the Lord, ruler of the whole spirit
Protection of Creator God, Protection of Gods, Respect of Creation God, Respect of Gods, Intention of Submission of Creator God, Intention of Submission of Gods, Protection of Spirit Gods, Submission Spirit Gods


What's this? When did I encountered God of spirit? Before that what does it mean by Protection of Spirit Gods?

[Protection of Spirit Gods]
Even if you do not use the spirit magic, the spirits will help you further increase the power. No, please let me help you.
【Submission of Spirit Gods】
Please give me an order!

I cannot keep up with this! But, I want to see Spirit God?

"Spirit God, come out."


Oh, she came out. Beautiful girl! Come to think of it I did not heard her name. Let's ask her name.

"What is your name?"
"I do not have, please call me as you like."

Even if she said as I like... Titania? But, it is the name of the Spirit Queen. But it's fine? Let's call her [Nia].

"Well then, Nia."

"I understand."

After this I talked to her a little and I did Fusion. Apparently the power is going to rise further.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
I returned Nia, I was preparing for the contracts with mythological creatures here. Incidentally there is no goblins. It seems that the one which was killed by me, when I came was the last one. I'm really sorry.

And then, the preparation for the contracts is ready. I made a contract in one full swing. I do not care about how I did it.

I built the mythical world in one stroke. Also, a barrier was created for the Mythology Forest and I summoned the monsters which can be summoned only by the great summon magic and placed them as guardians. I built a house in the back of the Mythology Forest. I will use it as my villa from today.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
"Mythical world."

I built a house in the Mythical world as well. It was a castle rather than a house.

And I was in front of Mythical creatures that I used.

"From today, this is your house! All of us getting along! The guy who cannot keep this will have a punishment!"

Everyone bowed their heads to me.

Well then, next, that egg.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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