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IMWMT06 Part 1

Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 06 [Part1]

From the Elmire's memory, there was information about the unit's arrangement of the Demon Empire. After the first raid, we were able to avoid the enemies ambush, so we were able to reach the fortress on the fourth day as planned.

Due to the arrival of awaited supplies, the atmosphere of the soldiers still in battle are bright enough to fit the battlefield. Since we(braves) arrived.
There might be expectations that this situation can be broken down.

"Then Yuusha-samas, it's fortunate that you were able to arrive here safely. Now we have to endure until the evil Empire retreats, so let's do our best, but I guess everyone must be tired after the escort. So, for today please slowly rest your body."

Today's work seems to be done by the soldiers, so I will take up on his words.
Although the guided room is supposed to be a double room, it is much narrower than the room in the castle, reminds me of the former laboratory. Somehow I can calm down because may be I like narrow spaces.

"Ano~, is it really okay for me to stay here?"

"Ah, no problem."

I replied to the Elmire, who followed me to the same room and asked me being afraid.
It was me who proposed that she would live with me in the first place.
At first it was opposed by the 2 women, but later I convinced them by persuading them that it was for teaching magic secrets and I do not want outsiders to watch this.
It's not that there will be secret things, but there is no doubt that it will be troublesome if seen by other people. People in this world seem to think that it is a taboo to fiddle around with the bodies.

I will teach her my magic skills and eventually I will let her move on behalf of myself.
Although since I came to this world and acted freely like I want, I should avoid being high profile. It is because it becomes easy to get caught up with troublesome things, if it is too conspicuous.
If I showed moderate skills and let people think that other braves are more capable. I being targeted as an important person will also be reduced.

However, if a situation arises that I have to move, it is better to keep a person who will become my substitute. There I will use her.
Well, if she do not have capabilities to a certain extent she will be suspected. She needs to have a higher ability than the standard of this world.

"I will say this first, what you did in this room everything is a secret, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand, I will never tell anyone."

"Yoshi, then I have a bit of a business, so you wait in this room."

It might be painful for her to be left behind in an unknown place, but as I said to her that 'you do not have to worry as I will come back soon'. She nodded with a smile. Probably it should be fine.

I left the room and went to Sagami's room. It seems to be a single room here. When I entered the room, my eyes met with Sagami who is doing muscle training. Although it is a holiday, it is hard work.

"Sagami-dono, is it alright I have something to talk about?"

"Oh, that's fine. Please get in."

As I sat on the only chair, Sagami sat on the bed. I want to get out as soon as possible, such as two men in a tight room and it is hot because of his muscle training.

"I will get straight to the point, please teach the princess about the importance of information gathering."

"May I hear the reason?"

"In this kingdom losing with a simple strategy, you should know that technology and information becomes more important than normal. In the other day's ambush, even though the army here did not grasp the movements of the opponent. If this kingdom does not fight during the winter at the latest, this country will lose after the end of winter."

"Oh, that possibility is fully conceivable."

"The princess as it is, this country only taken on spot countermeasures, our summoning is a nice example for that, but what I call a fight is knowing the movement of the opponent and let him not take the lead. Otherwise it will be difficult to win. This country lacks such judgment materials."

"I am almost the same view, but what is the reason for letting me know?"

"This is awfully private matter, I am totally disliked by her. Because I thought that she would obediently listen you rather than I said it to her."

"... I understand, I will tell her."

"Aa~, please take care of it. Carelessly do not mention about me. Then I will take my leave."

I left the room in a hurry as the matter was over. Because winter has come near, it is cool outside the room. I should go back to my room as soon as possible and look at the face of Elmire.

After that there was nothing, I returned to my room when I finish dinner at the dining room with Elmire.
Even though Margarete told the soldiers for the time being about Elmire, but she is hated by humans because of enmity, there were few soldiers glaring at her, so she is clinging to my arm. It is bad for her, but I enjoyed her large and soft breast that hits my arm.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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